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thread by: Niheel | last post Sep 11 '10 by: MMcCarthy
http://bytes.com/images/howtos/freelance_millions.jpgAccording to India Times, there are groups of freelancers in India making over a millions dollars by providing development and IT services to their counterparts in the US. The freelancers results were intriguing enough for us to dig a bit deeper and put together a nice fact sheet for...
Death Slaught
thread by: Death Slaught | last post Feb 9 '12 by: wowo
Does anyone have a college or university in the U.S. that they would suggest going to for computer science/programming?
thread by: Niheel | last post Mar 16 '09 by: HanClinto
3 months ago we all decided it would be best to work in an actual office, instead of from home. In order to increase the level of professionalism and productivity in our day to day work, one thing we decided we wanted to do right from the start was try to track our productivity in the new work environment. We gathered our entire office into...
thread by: Bassem | last post Jul 28 '10 by: Jyoti Ballabh
The only idea in my mind is to travel and work in a better market with a better life-style! I see nowhere that does not require a dozen of money to make a travel. I'm seeking a job, and it asks me for a minimum budget!! A friend told me to travel as a student - to study - and many countries allow students to work. That is great, I can...
thread by: jobsrod | last post Mar 5 '24 by: Cyrilesther
Give me some suggestion, How do jobs sites make money?
thread by: Niheel | last post Jul 23 '10 by: Jyoti Ballabh
http://bytes.com/images/howtos/information_overloaded.jpgPaul Graham wrote an interesting article a few months back about how the internet is leading to information overload for information workers of today. He is not alone in his thinking. Similarly, In July of 2008 IBM, Intel, Microsoft and Xerox announced that they were joining forces with...
Joseph Martell
thread by: Joseph Martell | last post Mar 6 '12 by: mayalosbusiso
I am currently a programmer with 6 years of on-the-job experience, but i do not have a degree of any kind. I have taken a few courses at my local college, but that is as far as my formal education goes. I get the impression that my lack of degree will turn into a very big hindrance as I continue in my career, which leads me to my question: Is...
thread by: cppcompiler1000 | last post Jul 25 '10 by: iohos
How should i learn programming and what is the best way of learning c and c++? which is the best book of c and c++ programming language? I have been studying from the book " the complete c++ reference" written by "Mr. Herbert Schildt".
thread by: nitin070895 | last post Apr 25 '13 by: hrstissiaopai
Guys i want to ask you a question, i am 17 years old and i made 10 (2 dimensional) games in c++ language. I want to ask you that ,is it good enough?or i had to learn more at this stage.
Ajay Bhalala
thread by: Ajay Bhalala | last post Dec 12 '15 by: zmbd
Hello experts, I want to know about the online work. To do the online work from the home is safe or not? If we do the online work from the home, then we really get the payment or not? There are online job available in many different way. for example, "Clicking on the Paid Advertisement", "Online Data Entry", "Online Posting Adds",...
thread by: nilgiri | last post Nov 25 '09 by: Dheeraj Joshi
I was recruited as a software test engg in a software firm. I had/have good programming skills, know most of the programming languages.This information was also mentioned on my resume.I did my testing job wholeheartedly. I worked for quite some time and then all of a sudden I was terminated from service, reason being I had the programming skills...
thread by: jeffstl | last post Dec 8 '10 by: myusernotyours
We are a staff of 3 IT people. 2 of us handle all internal operations, and 1 handles the www application. We have end to end control from SQL Server 2008, Windows server, up to the .NET application that runs the entire company such as Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Order Processing, Inventory, Reports, etc. We manage approximately 1550+...
thread by: relaxkaro | last post Apr 2 '14 by: Carwellian
Hi, I don't know any coding language, I desperately want to learn one by one for next couple of years or whatever it takes. My question is, Where should I start from? I'm little confused should I start from Java? c? or C++? or even Basic? I have done some coding almost 6 years back in School which I have totally forgotten . I would like to...
thread by: Lysander | last post Aug 4 '13 by: Lysander
Hi, Having MAJOR issues with my employer atm and about to tell him where he can stick his job except, the only thing I know is MS-Access. Is there still any work out there for MS-Access programmers, do I have a chance at finding something else?
thread by: michaellyam | last post Jan 28 '20 by: rollerbladegirl
AI is riding waves of growing interest in web development.How prepared are you? Machines will be writing codes instead of humans by 2040. There’s a strong possibility for artificial intelligence to soon replace web developers, a report predicted by a group of members from the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Web...
thread by: michaellyam | last post Jan 22 '24 by: Cyrilesther
Major milestones will be achieved through quantum computing that a normal classical computer cannot, claims Sundar Pichai, Alphabet CEO. Speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2020, Sundar said the world needs to assemble and work under a common regulatory framework for artificial intelligence (AI). As such, to extol the benefits of new...
thread by: Arielg | last post Jun 9 '22 by: Elliefagel
I've learned and coded for fun a few apps on js, all in full stack. how much do you think it is possible to get a job, and what kind of experience/apps should i presented to even be looked at?
thread by: cj007541 | last post Jul 23 '10 by: Jyoti Ballabh
Hey guys, My names Casey. Im 17 and going to be a senior in high school this year. I have already taken a school class in python and it was a really big help for me as it taught me a lot more then i would have been able to figure out on my own. It was nice being able to have a teacher there that i could talk and ask questions to. It was also...
thread by: sravan chalikonda | last post Aug 3 '18 by: zmbd
Hi, Am sravan, a graduate in IT. i ever wanted to become a programmer but haven't had the taste of it.. but the world of technology demands logic, and thats what i miss.. i really need help.. let me explain what my experience thought me is 1.most of the programmer are good at math, logic, solving puzzles, cool minded ..then it started...
thread by: aramaram | last post Jun 16 '10 by: aramaram
hi i am interested in databasing using sql technics, i have no idea for my final year project, i would welcome any ideas and suggestions, i would appreciate it very much. thank you for your time
thread by: noob15 | last post Nov 10 '11 by: Gobi nath
I'm currently in the final year of my b.tech . I'm quite comfortable with c/c++, now i want to learn some application oriented programming language which can be used to get things done. I tried java for few days, but it didn't seem to arouse any interest...need help from experts. thanks
thread by: tharden3 | last post Nov 8 '10 by: tharden3
Hello Bytes Community, About 4 months ago I started a website/graphic design business. It has been going well, but as of yet I have not started to track any of my finances (personal or business). I am 19, so until recently I didn't have to worry about it because I wasn't paying taxes or even making that much income. But now my business is...
thread by: malka | last post Dec 28 '12 by: malka
I have an interview next week for an Analytics Specialist position, details of the position given below. I have Access and SQL certification from a local college, but have very little experience in Database Management and have been out of job for several months. I had several years of experience in reporting and analysis. I will be grateful if...
thread by: Frank1112 | last post Sep 15 '14 by: robherr
I am finishing university soon and have a job lined up in September. I have nothing to do this summer, so I feel I should spend some time trying to get a running start in the company. I have no professional programming experience! Yikes. I know that I'll be working in C/C++ on LLVM, but I don't know about their internal architecture. E.g., what...
thread by: groxas132 | last post Sep 7 '16 by: RonanODriscoll
While not everyone believes that first impressions last, there are also those who put a lot of credit on what they see on the first take. This is why jobseekers put on their best corporate regalia when showing up for screenings and interviews—to wrap nicely the gift that is their skills and qualifications. Not only that, they also follow every...

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