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thread by: leenacv | last post Jun 6 '24 by: leenacv
What is B.Tech Distance Education? B.Tech or Bachelor of Technology is a research-based engineering degree. In this course, students get to study about engineering and technology. This is a technical degree that delivers theoretical and practical information that can be used and implemented in the real world. There are various modes of education...
thread by: agi2029 | last post Apr 22 '24 by: agi2029
Let's talk about the concept of autonomous AI software engineers and no-code agents. These AIs are designed to manage the entire lifecycle of a software development projectóplanning, coding, testing, and deploymentówithout human intervention. Imagine an AI that can take a project description, break it down, write the code, debug it, and then...
thread by: SumanSingh | last post May 27 '24 by: olivasmith
Hey everyone! I'm a college student (Engineering in computer science) super eager to dive into the world of Data Science for my career. Any tips or advice from your own journey? What are some must-know things, and where should I start? Your genuine insights mean a lot! Thanks a bunch!
thread by: veera ravala | last post Dec 6 '23 by: veera ravala
ServiceNow is a powerful cloud-based platform that offers a wide range of services to help organizations manage their workflows, operations, and IT services more efficiently. At its core, ServiceNow is an enterprise IT Service Management (ITSM) platform, but its capabilities extend beyond IT to encompass various business functions. Hereís an...
thread by: shivajikobardan | last post Jan 12 '24 by: AlexBarkat
I'm in the verge of giving up programming and wondering what could I do before I give up to make sure I did what everyone did. I've a bachelors degree in computer science. I didn't do it as well as I'd have liked to do, but that degree has gave me familiarity with most terms used in basic programming. I spent last 3 months working on web...
thread by: Arthur132 | last post Jan 25 '23 by: GKJR
Hello everyone, I recently started learning to program, I have a question, is there any point in learning to program from books
thread by: accessibilitysp | last post Oct 23 '22 by: zmbd
Hello everyone! So today I will be asking some very important questions which many others might relate to. Your advice might influence my decision so its a request to answer this if you have reasonable amount of experience in the IT industry. My short intro: I am 26 year old. Completed my Bachelors in Cs with a cgpa 2.8/4 in July and now doing...
thread by: nikolaj1000 | last post Jul 24 '22 by: nikolaj1000
Hello, i'm graduating next year and cant figure out what i should do as a diploma project, i thought to create program for analyzing security of a network, and itemization of devices on this network, but it seems like there are already plenty of such solutions. So i would be glad, and thankful to hear some suggestions on my situation. Thank...
thread by: jrortl | last post Feb 12 '22 by: jrortl
Hi all, I've been in the industry 11 years. 1st few were in internal tools for a well known company. Anything from SysAdmin, Scripting, Lite Java dev, to using Docker and Apache Mesos. Then I spent a year working on a web application product for another well known company focused on performance and scalability (Some Java and Javascript...
thread by: MarcoPi | last post Nov 20 '21 by: dreamtext
Hi, dear Software Developers. Iím currently 23 years old, second year robotics engineer student. Iím finishing my second year now and I realized, that itís not what I really want to do in life. I really have a passion for software development. Currently, I have some skills in C++ oriented programming and C. Also learned HTML and CSS, before...
thread by: Arielg | last post Jun 9 '22 by: Elliefagel
I've learned and coded for fun a few apps on js, all in full stack. how much do you think it is possible to get a job, and what kind of experience/apps should i presented to even be looked at?
thread by: dementshuk | last post Sep 2 '21 by: dementshuk
How do you recommend starting the transition from R to Python programming in data science? It is not about converting code but learning tools. And how can I improve my programming skills?
thread by: jobsrod | last post Feb 18 '21 by: Naheedmir
i don't know which is the best location for job in india? if enyone know that so please give your suggestion and refrence link
thread by: Divyan | last post Feb 6 '21 by: Divyan
thread by: independentdev | last post Feb 2 '21 by: dreamtext
I have been a developer for various software companies in the NY area. I would like to go the independent route and manage my own clients and hours. I am looking for advice on how to make the transition from anyone who has done it or works independently right now. What are the requirements needed to be an independent software developer?...
thread by: Jatin4494 | last post Feb 2 '21 by: dreamtext
I am building a SaaS tool that will allow the user to convert various images and scanned material into high definition printable formats allowing the user to print any content with ease. But my team recently started facing issues while rolling out v2 for our tool. We noticed a good amount to technical debt moving forward we want to improve it. ...
thread by: jobsrod | last post Feb 7 '21 by: hamzanouali
anyone suggest me some best thing and explain why study is important in life?
thread by: Divyan | last post Feb 18 '21 by: Naheedmir
IíM trying to find a second source of income. The new source of income needs to have flexible hours, outside of my regular 9-5, and offer decent extra income. I imagine coding/programming could offer the opportunity for which Iím searching. Which skill/language might make me most marketable? What are some recommendations, as the first place...
thread by: nearlyhub | last post Sep 11 '23 by: AdmontYanko
can anyone please tell me the best option, How do I know when job openings are available?
thread by: jobsrod | last post Mar 5 '24 by: Cyrilesther
Give me some suggestion, How do jobs sites make money?
thread by: vikram77 | last post Jan 18 '21 by: vikram77
thread by: SheenaWaters | last post Nov 28 '20 by: Naheedmir
I've been working for companies for the last 10 years and would like to now embark on the journey of an independent developer. I don't know where to start. I live in the US. Where do i find work? How should I advertise my services? What tools do i use to manage clients and work? How much work should I take on? How much should I charge...
thread by: shivambhatele | last post Dec 3 '20 by: TatsianaIsakova
Hello All, I am a 2019 year passout and I want to learn coding, So i am looking for an online programming book. Can anyone suggest me which author book is best for beginner's point of view?
thread by: Sofianoren | last post Jan 3 '24 by: jacelynsia
Hi there! I'm trying to connect with developers that are skilled in working with react, python, AWS, and have an agile way of working. I'm working at Star Stable Entertainment and looking for colleagues that can help us develop the user experience of our product. I'm thankful for all tips and tricks to understand this community and not just...
thread by: chetan100 | last post Oct 7 '20 by: chetan100
Graduated two years ago, I've been working at Amazon Web Services for the last year and a half. For a number of reasons my performance has gone down (lack of interest, mental problems) and I was considering leaving at about the same time that I was informed that my manager wanted to work with me to improve my performance. Since then, I have been...

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