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thread by: wanberg | last post Jul 25 '19 by: RajeevSB
I want to understand how much it's possible to balance programming, and a few more activities, and still be substantially good. Can anyone share some personal examples of how you balance programming with some other activities. How good are you at those? Do you integrate one activity with the other, or do you have it separate like a hobby? (by...
thread by: johndillinger | last post Apr 14 '19 by: johndillinger
I've been looking at getting into exclusively software engineering for a variety of reasons (better pay, not having to climb mgmt ladder, greater work flexibility, etc). However, none of my titles really reflect the experience I have. My first job out of school I did nothing but software engineering for over a year. Since then about six years,...
thread by: Ychw | last post Mar 19 '19 by: zmbd
I'm an IT consultant so I'm not a dummie, but I'm not exactly a programmer either. We need to create an inventory/audit app for an Android tablet. I looked at the Eclipse documentation and I don't think I want to take the time to learn Java well for just this one app. Which leaves me with these options. Has anybody used Mobiforms to create...
thread by: boogiewog | last post Mar 7 '19 by: Nauticalgent
How to get visa sponsor to work in another country?
thread by: deekshamp | last post Mar 4 '19 by: deekshamp
There is a strong belief that an Employer must be working with Ďní number of vendors to de-risk their hiring needs. Well, this is a wrong belief. Engaging Recruitment Vendors One needs to understand that the entire recruitment industry (Vendor side) works based on keywords. They (Recruitment Vendors) pick up keywords in the job description,...
thread by: sabishaw | last post Jan 19 '19 by: sabishaw
hello amazing people... all my life, whatever i did so far had a definite goal afront and a plan behind it.....but i find it difficult in coding....how should i plan my this year .....should i say, by the end of this year i want to be an expert of python....may be by working on particular project.....but how do you keep checking your skills...
thread by: Sutsswan | last post Jan 9 '19 by: Sutsswan
Help me please! I'm in need for a company that would make me an outsource favor. Please, if you actually had an experience with any company related, give me a hint. I'm grateful in advance.
thread by: Palaksinghla | last post Jan 9 '19 by: jaygummers
So you wish to become a web developer. The one dilemma? You are a complete newbie with no experience of working in the industry. You have taken a lot of courses and spent hours on building projects. But regardless of these efforts, your resume stands blank under the 'experience' section. Shifting to an absolute new field is never easy. You...
thread by: penchant | last post Dec 20 '18 by: penchant
Does anyone have an extra invitation to Mixnode? Do you know of a similar alternative?
thread by: GeneNode | last post Dec 3 '18 by: GeneNode
1、IPSec VPN (1) IPSec itself does not specify which algorithm to use, but only provides the framework. Users can choose any algorithm supported, and if the algorithm is cracked, it can be replaced at any time. The parameters used are as follows: <1> hash function: MD5, SHA1; <2> encryption algorithm: DES, 3DES, AES; <3> encapsulation...
thread by: GeneNode | last post Nov 21 '18 by: GeneNode
Many students will ask before they take CCIE tests: What should I prepare? What ability should I have? What on earth should I do? Now, I'd like to give u my personal advice on some big aspects. First of all, theoretically, you need to read as many books as you can. TCP/IP volume one, volume two must be read at least 2 times. You must completely...
thread by: nighteyeext | last post Nov 19 '18 by: janeoftrades
We are all working more than we should an preserving our health is and should be a big concern. Posture, weight, eyes and even sanity suffer from the excessive workload we are facing on a daily basis. Modern day intellectual workers spend more than 8-12-14 hours a day sitting in front of the screen. We need to do something to prevent losing the...
thread by: Firegrow | last post Nov 17 '18 by: Luuk
I'm from Russia. At the moment I am studying at the Faculty of Applied Informatics. At programming lessons we write programs for solving some tasks. For example, the construction of mathematical models or graphs, work with one-dimensional and multidimensional arrays and simple databases. I donít think Google wants to see me writing code to...
thread by: BaltoRob | last post Oct 6 '18 by: BaltoRob
A new but growing social media/news site is looking for a second developer. Knowledge of PHP, Mysql, SEO, and app knowledge is required. Compensation is a percentage of the company's profits and shares. We are already making a profit, though presently spending it on improving our infrastructure. Please email Robert922_99@yahoo.com for more...
thread by: Sososou | last post Sep 19 '18 by: turbofish
Hello, guys! I'm here with a quick question. I'll be more than glad if you give me a brief understandable answer about this. This year I enrolled in the university where I'll be learning how to code, starting from Python. Other programing languages will also be taught time by time. What I want to know is, I also want to study Physics so much....
thread by: danradak | last post Sep 12 '18 by: lotreamon
The world of finances and the financial institutions that govern it have had to change and adapt on innumerable occasions in the history of the human civilization. That being said, the world of finances and those same financial institutions always had a way of staying in control and, eventually, coming out on top. Over the last couple of...
thread by: sravan chalikonda | last post Aug 3 '18 by: zmbd
Hi, Am sravan, a graduate in IT. i ever wanted to become a programmer but haven't had the taste of it.. but the world of technology demands logic, and thats what i miss.. i really need help.. let me explain what my experience thought me is 1.most of the programmer are good at math, logic, solving puzzles, cool minded ..then it started...
thread by: GeneNode | last post Jul 27 '18 by: GeneNode
I'm now preparing for my Cisco CCNP RS test.I wanna learn by myself at first. However I think it's not a wise way learn by myself. So i took an online course. The question is: who is now preparing for Cisco tests too. What's ur unique skill to pass the tests? Thanks anyway.
thread by: GeneNode | last post Jul 26 '18 by: GeneNode
Im now preparing for my CCNP RS test. At first i learnt by myself. But i think it will take long for me to pass the exam. I also attend an online course. The course is good. But still, i need more ways to improve myself. Is there anyone else preparing for Cisco tests too? Could u share some tips for me?
thread by: aga4 | last post Jul 10 '18 by: aga4
Hi! I'm looking for Java Developers for NATO and European Union projects. Could you tell me where I could find experts willing to relocate (mostly to Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg)? TIA!
thread by: palak10 | last post Jun 29 '18 by: Jordan Dias
Confused?? Please help!!
thread by: frzana | last post Jun 29 '18 by: palak10
I aspire to do my MCA, so people pls guide me to prepare for my exams.. i hav jus one month for the exams.. on wat criteria if v study, v can complete the preparation of TAMILNADU COMMON ENTERANCE TEST( TANCET) and to appear well in the exam held on may 30th
thread by: robinmore | last post Jun 21 '18 by: Nauticalgent
Beware - this is an eliminator question, designed to shorten the candidate list. Any admission of a weakness or fault will earn you an “A” for honesty, but an “F” for the interview. PASSABLE ANSWER: Disguise a strength as a weakness. Example: “I sometimes push my people too hard. I like to work with a sense of urgency and everyone is not...
thread by: Alex0701 | last post Jun 18 '18 by: Alex0701
excuse me for my bad english, I'm from russia. I need to develop a game in assembler8086. I am student of KOMSOMOLSK-NA-AMURE STATE UNIVERSITY. I have a bad programming teacher. Can you help me with my problem? I drew a drawing for the game,but I can not go further. I need to implement the movement of the ball and its jumps through rectangles. Its...
thread by: danradak | last post May 17 '18 by: nnta
Many business owners believe that technology can negatively impact the overall workplace productivity. According to the 2017 study conducted by Team Office, your employees spend more than 40 minutes every day on the activities that have nothing to do with their job. They spend this time on answering private email, checking their social...

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