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Hereís How AI Will Dominate a Web Developerís Life in 2020

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AI is riding waves of growing interest in web development.How prepared are you?

Machines will be writing codes instead of humans by 2040. Thereís a strong possibility for artificial intelligence to soon replace web developers, a report predicted by a group of members from the US Department of Energyís Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Web development will undergo a paradigm shift in the foreseeable future.A grim situation instills fear for web developers today as artificial intelligence rules the world.

The quest for artificial intelligence has traveled through thick and thin since the 1950s. It was during the late 1990s when neural networks and deep learning were introduced to generate new avenues in AI. Times have changed and technology has grown in ways we cannot even imagine.

While we hear AI disrupting almost every possible industry out there, the web development sector is no different.As stated by Gartner, by 2020, AI will remain to be omnipresent at every sphere of the technology dominion and will certainly make its presence known amongst the top investment priority of the CIOís.

Are we at the infancy of something big?
Let us first talk about facts.
  • Near about 80% of the enterprises are already investing in artificial intelligence, a 2017 report ďState of Artificial Intelligence for EnterprisesĒ by Vanson Bourne. Tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, and Google are already investing in AI.
  • 47% of organizations are already using advanced digital practices along with a well-defined AI strategy says a report by Adobe.
  • Solely AI-enabled tools can generate USD2.9 trillion business value in 2021.

Coding is the language of todayís world. Be it an app that helps you book a cab or a website that helps you purchase an item. Any smart device would need instructions in the form of codes to understand how to function and communicate.

Web developers are in dire need to grasp a combination of skills like NLP (natural language processing), machine learning, and artificial intelligence. If these professionals are stubborn as a mule, their career would become a threat and AI professionals might just take over.

AI-powered robots, programs, and automationís apocalypses are drawing nigh. By 2030, there will be as many as 400 million to 800 million jobs to be lost to technology. With such petrifying statistics, it comes to no surprise why more developers and coders are upskilling.

Currently, there are only 23 million coders across the globe, but within five years the number will see a drastic rise to 28 million, statistics taken from Evans Data Corporation.

Letís see what happens when AI works with web development.

Here are six major spheres on how AI is impacting web development today.

1) Upgrade user experience with chatbots:
Have you heard of AI-concentric chatbots? This chat-bot boosts user experience and engagement taking it to a whole new level. This takes place with the help of stimulating real conversations and adapting to the responses received. This chat-bots have improved visitor participation by assisting, answering queries, and putting up comments.

2) Code generation gets easy:
The best part about AI in web development is the fact where user can easily automate tasks and help find a solution. With the help of AI, the user can create code right from the beginning. This is significant for developers since it helps them build smarter apps and ensures they have enough time to market.

3) Research to be machine centralized:

With the help of AI assistance, research on a subject can easily be minimized, especially in the field of writing where research is considered one of the toughest tasks. Both reading and writing can be an arduous task, but AI is here to the rescue.

4) Personalized store experience
For websites that are already making use of AI, the user gets the opportunity to experience how a personalized store functions. For any organization looking to build such a website can now easily hire web developer with AI skills. AI engineers with web development skills will be preferred by these organizations.

5) Website development made easy:
Gone are those days when you had to run codes through your website and keep checking the look and feel of it. Developing a website just gets better with the help of AI. You will find many web app development companies that have started using artificial intelligence to guide them through decision making Ė layout, design, content, and even designing.

6) Analyze the customerís behavior:
Through machine learning, store and website owners now have the authority to analyze how the customer behaves. Besides this, customization experience such as image recognition and virtual shopping to make them choose the products based on their choice filter can be analyzed e.g. Offshore Software Development Company has helped multiple organizations with their shopping needs.

Wait! 2020 could be a game-changing year for web development.Test your eureka moments and take a creative leap in your web development career.
Jan 6 '20 #1
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P: 3
Nice Info! There is a lot of scope for AI enabled chatboths.
Jan 12 '20 #2

P: 69
That post reads like a pre-line to a product advertisement: "The sky is falling" so "Buy ABC Umbrellas now!"
Jan 20 '20 #3

Expert Mod 5K+
P: 5,390
While i have to agree to only the point that AI will open up different and even new facets in webdevelopment it will still be webdevelopment. AI will certainly not 'dominate' a webdevelopers life - but it might start to change directions of what to develop and what to integrate into webapps. Personalization and conversational userinterfaces will probably become more prominent (since we can probably have better customer recognition, classification and behaviour predictions) - but at some point we even need to not overreact on that AI-hype. Lets break down to what it basically is - its a rule based and somehow self-learning (thus most likely self-improving) system for specific purposes.

Especially for things like code-generation - what should it really help here? If i can specify the problem in a way that it is clearly formally specified - then writing the code for it is the least work to do and an experienced developer will always write better code then any system will be able to. Why is that so? All generated code is hardly well maintainable - and what to do if there is a bug? The code will regenerate itself without that bug? Or if there are new features to integrate? Basically we come back to something called Model-driven-development here - which works for some cases and basically puts the effort into the description of problems and their translation into code. Did it 'dominate' software development? No it didn't (at least not on that code-generation level) - while it might be academically interesting - the real life value just wasn't proven yet and probably never will be. The closest thing that somehow worked seems to be BPM-systems for somehow relatively incomplex and stable (in a sense of not volatile) problems/processes - but each of them have developer interfaces for finetuning the generated processes and/or even to make them work at all.

I am not saying that AI might not be able to help - but i am saying - dont overhype it and expect a 'domination' - it has to be seen yet still where it can help at all and for what value. If i build a system that gets crappy input from another system for example - then of course i can use some kind of textrecognition and whatnot - or i can ask the sender to not send this crap. Technologies still have to solve a problem - instead of just evolving for the sake of just being existent.

AI will be much much more important and useful in other sectors like Traffic, Security, Medicine and such - anything that can use recognition systems with similar objects to recognize. Thats usecases that might bring value to that AI technologies since faster and more reliable recognition of things can lead to faster reactions that mustn't fail.
Jan 21 '20 #4

Expert Mod 2.5K+
P: 3,542
Please note that the original post is direct plagiarism from another site.

Not sure Bytes is the place to post someone else's insights and claim them as your own.

I'm not sure any o' all y'all will have any issues if this thread disappears in the near future......
Jan 21 '20 #5

P: 12
It's not someone else post.It was posted by me on cyfuture and I have shared the same here.
Jan 22 '20 #6

Expert Mod 2.5K+
P: 3,542
Thanks for the clarification.
Jan 22 '20 #7

P: 69
Thank you twinnyfo.
"I'm not sure any o' all y'all will have any issues if this thread disappears in the near future....."
I am new here. I do not even have permission to have a "signature" yet. But, I agree with your statement with adjustment: Leave the post by gits, after he adjusts it to become a stand-alone post (if he will), and delete all the rest of the posts. gits has forced the issue of thinking before jumping to conclusions. His post is a long-awaited thinking response to the hype about AI. AI is simply binary switching like any other program (in my opinion). I like to think first.

Thank you gits.

Jan 28 '20 #8