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How to Become a Web Developer with No Experience?

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So you wish to become a web developer. The one dilemma? You are a complete newbie with no experience of working in the industry. You have taken a lot of courses and spent hours on building projects. But regardless of these efforts, your resume stands blank under the 'experience' section.

Shifting to an absolute new field is never easy. You wonder if you are ready to start? If you would ever land a good job? Trust me, never let these doubts come in your way. It's not that difficult as it seems to be if you are well prepared before making the leap.

These guiding steps will help you to make a smooth transition and become a web developer-

1. Get precise about the job role
The clearer you are, the more efficient a plan you’ll be able to develop. Narrow down your choices to
Front End developer
Back End Developer
Full Stack Developer
While there is some advantage in being 'Jack of all Trades', but most companies look to hire for a specific role.

You can choose a job role as per your interest. Do you like designing interfaces? Go for front end ! Or you prefer to write codes and maintain databases? Go for backend!
Figure out your likes and dislikes and choose one.

2. Look for jobs and companies you wish to work with
When it comes to companies, sites like Glassdoor and Angellist have made it easier to spy on companies. You can get an idea of salaries they offer for the particular job position. Also, read reviews from current and former employees about the work environment.

Another tactic is to look at people on LinkedIn who actually work in the positions you desire.

3. Spot the requisite skills
Now that you have figured out the job role and the companies, it's time to figure out what they look for? The skills and experience they demand before hiring an aspirant? What are technologies they work on?

Every company and every job role has a different technology stack. Figuring that out will help you focus on learning the only skills required.

4. Fill in the skill gap
Now you know where you lack and where you are ahead. There might be some skills that you have already acquired. But if you need to stand out among everyone, make sure you conquer each skill/tool required for your dream job. Enroll in a learning platform for professional support.
5. Put yourself out there
Companies aren't going to stumble upon you in your bedroom. You need to put yourself out there. Make a killer portfolio. Include all your skills, projects and achievements. And start applying to your target companies.

Next steps
You are all set to become a Web developer and just need to ace the interview. Once you've landed the job, wow them with your hard work and keep climbing the ladder to bigger and better things!
Nov 23 '18 #1
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P: 1
This is merely scratching the surface when it comes to learning web development, there's a lot more to learn and do. I like the approach of learning and then working on projects. This might sound simple, a lot of beginners miss out on this. This article will be very helpful for beginners.
Nov 24 '18 #2

P: 4
I would say that's the hardest part about going into ANY industry or finding new jobs or clients - which is having case studies to back up your talent AND the patience to build up that portfolio. Beyond that, if they see that you know how to get them results with your methods, everything else is an afterthought.
Dec 2 '18 #3

P: 6
Web Development is a growing career option. You cannot just learn something and start working in a company. You need to keep teaching yourself all the new changes, technologies and stuff.
Jan 9 '19 #4