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Healthy work habits for your llong hours at your tech job

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We are all working more than we should an preserving our health is and should be a big concern. Posture, weight, eyes and even sanity suffer from the excessive workload we are facing on a daily basis. Modern day intellectual workers spend more than 8-12-14 hours a day sitting in front of the screen. We need to do something to prevent losing the most precious thing in our life - our health and wellbeing. No amount of money can buy it. This is a fact and you should accept it. Maybe, just maybe, in the future we will be able to change our bodies like we change our clothes, but until than we have only one. We need to put effort, time and energy in order to preserve it.

Actually, you donít need to do tons of things that can eat up precious hours of your day. You need around 30-35 minutes a day IN TOTAL to improve and maintain you health while working 14+ hours a day

For the posture

The best thing to do is - Workout at least 30 minutes a day, every day. It can be weights, yoga, football or any other sport. Even walking counts.

The good enough thing to do is - Do 20 squats \ 10 push ups \ 10 sit-ups every morning (takes 3-4 minutes) and get yourself a Standing Desk.
By now you spent around 5 minutes of your day

For the weight

The best thing to do is - 5 out of 7 days a week completely remove - sugar (in any form - even liquid); alcohol; flour (in any form); rice; potatoes

The good enough thing to do is - Even if you manage to do it strictly for 2 days, you will see huge improvements in your weight
No additional time of your day is required to accomplish this step.

For the eyes

The best thing to do is - For every hour you spend in front of the screen, close your eyes for just 1 minute. You can set up a quick reminder close your eyes for just 1 minute. If you work 14 hours, you will spend 14 minutes a day to accomplish this.

The good enough thing to do is - Install Night Eye on your browser and enable Night Shift on your computer. Night Eye enables dark mode on any website, thus helping you reduce strain you put on your eyes. Night Shift removes the blue light your screen is emitting.

By now you spent around 19 minutes of your day

For the sanity

The best thing to do is - Meditate for 10 minutes a day, every day. When you do it, it does not matter as long as your persistent. You can use any guided meditation app or just sit and focus on your breath. That is it. If you want to get some guidance, here are some the most popular apps - Headspace, Oak, Calm
The good enough thing to do is - sit in a quite place for couple of minutes and try NOT to think of anything. Let your mind rest just for couple of moments.

By now you spent around 29 minutes of your day
In sum this is the bare minimum of efforts that, in the long run, will improve your health and wellbeing. The only thing is to be consistent and disciplined and not make any excuses.
Aug 14 '18 #1
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P: 4
The number one injury that office workers have are back problems.
I've thrown my back out 2 times, unknowingly, because of my long hours at a desk job. j

What combatted this and made me much healthier?

And I'm not talking about that kind of yoga where you meditate 50% of the class.
That sucks.

I'm talking about the kind that's aerial and wall yoga.
It's a workout.
You're sweating in the first 10 minutes.
It's MUCH HARDER (and hurts) than you think. Especially when they adjust you...
The teachers are pushing you to breathe deeper to go lower into your stretch.

And afterwards, jeezus, does your body love you for it!
You feel limber, a little lighter, and your spine and hips will LOVE YOU FOR THIS mobility action.

I don't care if it's filled with a lot of chicks and it seems like a hipster thing to do.
This is about your spine & hip health.

Have you ever used an umbrella as a make-shift cane because you threw your hips out of whack because of your desk job?

Take the damn yoga.
Nov 19 '18 #2

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