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Is there any work out there for MS Access Programmers?

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Having MAJOR issues with my employer atm and about to tell him where he can stick his job except, the only thing I know is MS-Access. Is there still any work out there for MS-Access programmers, do I have a chance at finding something else?
Jul 30 '13 #1
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If you are in the USA
Keep your position until you can find another!
I'll warn you now, I have friends that have been either un-employed or under-employed for the last, say, 6 going on 8 years. They worked in various fields from chemistry to graphic design and the jobs are still VERY scarce - especially if you have been out of work (or not working in the field) for anything more that 6 months or are an older person (read 40+).

HR managers are using software that is kicking out applications from individuals that have been un-employeed, or not employeed within the trade, for more than 6 months or, despite being illegal, are "older" - one has to prove that your age played a factor! CBS News: 5-reasons-companies-wont-hire-you

There was also a survey done by one of the major universities
Companies won’t even look at resumes of the long-term unemployed - Washington Post (Brad Plumer)
Here’s one big reason why America’s unemployment crisis may be here to stay. Thanks to the lasting effects of the recession, there are currently 4.7 million workers who have been out of work for at least 27 weeks. And new research suggests that employers will almost never consider hiring them.
Matthew O’Brien reports on a striking recent experiment by Rand Ghayad of Northeastern University. He sent out 4,800 fake resumes at random for 600 job openings. And what he found is that employers would rather call back someone with no relevant experience who’s only been out of work for a few months than someone with more relevant experience who’s been out of work for longer than six months.

So, even if your Boss is a total PIT* you should be very careful as to when and how you leave the position.
Go refresh your skills, take a few night classes at the local CC or online
Start saving for about 6 months worth of pay - the more you have the better!
Then start carefully submitting your Resume/CV - and remember, most industries are very in-bred so don't be surprised if once you start looking the managment team comes asking.
Jul 30 '13 #2

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Thanks for the honest reply

Whilst this is exactly what I did not want to here, it comes as no surprise. I am in the UK, not the USA, but I am 55 and my skill-set is totally restricted to MS-Access (With some ASP work years ago)

Since now in low-paid job, no savings, guess I am going to have to suck it up and stick with this current job unless I see something juicy. I certainly afford to be unemployed for any length of time.
Jul 31 '13 #3

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Sorry to hear that.
Sometimes, it can be that there is more to the job if one inquires with the boss.
Or, possible create your own potential opportunities
Part of the reason I have the position I have now is because I started learning and doing the testing done by others in the lab - no extra pay. However, when vacations and illness happened, I was positioned to help the company perform these test so that we were not backlogged... in addition to my normal work!.
Is there not something like that in your company? Is there someone there that works SQL or Oracle that would be willing to show you the basics?
Just some thoughts...
Jul 31 '13 #4

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Thanks zmbd. My position is a job for a charity at very low wage. Running Access databases, no-one in this company has any IT skills at all. But, outsiders, analysing our databases, have a patholigical hatred of Microsoft and are insting I move to Linux, Peal, and other software I have no experience of at all. No one in the company is prepared to pay for training for anyone, but the big boss is far more impressed with the tit who hates microsoft, than me with 2o+ years experience in access.

Life sucks sometimes
Jul 31 '13 #5

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The UK job market is not bad for Access and Excel work. Better for Excel work if you have any skills in that area. Honestly though at your level there are few full time jobs. Project work is much more likely. Companies looking to develop bespoke Access and Excel applications but not looking to hire someone on a permanent basis.

Have a look at the jobs currently advertised on the online jobsites. Look at the temporary contract sector as well as full time jobs. That will give you a better idea than anything else about what is out there.

If you are interested in moving to Ireland I can put you in touch with some people. There are very few good Access experts here so they are always looking for good people.
Jul 31 '13 #6

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As for the situation with your boss, unfortunately it is an old story. So many programmers I know are complete tits about MS. As developers we know it's limitations and security issues better than they do. However, it's also the most user friendly, easy to develop and cost effective solution out there for a lot of requirements.

When a client asks me if Access is a good product for their needs I always say it depends what you want to do. Its a product that's really good in some situations and not in others. A lot of those people who complain about it have never used it themselves and only seen really badly designed databases created by people who hadn't a clue what they were doing.

It's just a tool like any other, it can be really good if it's well designed and really bad if it isn't.
Jul 31 '13 #7

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Thanks Mary, so for the delay, been away a few days. Our 'Boss' basicaly says 'you lot sort it out yourself'. We have a new outsider who is anti-MS and convinced the rest of the team that Access is crap, cannot solve our problems and we MUST move to Linux and open-source databases. My boss can't seem to understand that so far, Access has provided 100% of what we need, that I have some 20 years exp in Access, and that I cannot 'pick up a new system' in a couple of weeks and provide the same level of expertise and speed that he needs.

Sorry, personal ranting here.

Sadly, moving to Ireland is not an option as my partner has a new career in London.

I will start looking at the contracts and temp jobs again. After all, a 3 month contract at market rates is better than a years paye where I am at the moment.
Aug 4 '13 #8

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