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deletion of user defined <list>

myset is a user defined class. I am trying to delete the element using "remove" but it gives an error

for (list<myset>::iterator i=a[v].begin(); i!=a[v].end(); i++)
{ cout << *i << " ";

Please help. Thanks in advance
Jul 5 '21 #1
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myset is a user defined class. I am trying to delete the element using "remove" but it gives an error

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  1. for (list<myset>::iterator i=a[v].begin(); i!=a[v].end(); i++)
  2. { cout << *i << " ";
  3. k.remove(*i);}
Please help. Thanks in advance
- What error?
- What's a[v]?
- What's with the usage of *i?
- What's k?
- 'remove()' removes all the elements in the list container that are equal to the value passed in the argument. But it probably needs an operator== implementation to know how to compare the two objects.
Jul 6 '21 #2
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you should try this

/ C++ code to demonstrate the working of erase()

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  1. #include<iostream>
  2. #include<list> // for list operations
  3. using namespace std;
  5. int main()
  6. {
  7.     // initializing list of integers
  8.     list<int> list1={10,15,20,25,30,35};
  10.     // declaring list iterators
  11.     list<int>::iterator it = list1.begin();
  12.     list<int>::iterator it1 = list1.begin();
  14.     // incrementing the positions of iterators
  15.     advance(it,2);
  16.     advance(it1,5);
  18.     // printing original list
  19.     cout << "The original list is : ";
  20.     for (list<int>::iterator i=list1.begin(); i!=list1.end(); i++)
  21.        cout << *i << " ";
  23.     cout << endl;
  25.     // using erase() to erase single element
  26.     // erases 20
  27.     list1.erase(it);
  29.     // list after deletion 1 element
  30.     cout << "The list after deleting 1 element using erase() : ";
  31.     for (list<int>::iterator i=list1.begin(); i!=list1.end(); i++)
  32.        cout << *i << " ";
  34.     cout << endl;
  36.     it = list1.begin();
  38.     // incrementing the positions of iterators
  39.     advance(it,2);
  41.     // using erase() to erase multiple elements
  42.     // erases 25,30
  43.     list1.erase(it,it1);
  45.     // list after deletion of multiple elements
  46.     cout << "The list after deleting multiple elements using erase() : ";
  47.     for (list<int>::iterator i=list1.begin(); i!=list1.end(); i++)
  48.        cout << *i << " ";
  50.     cout << endl;
  53. }
Jul 7 '21 #3

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