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Why is it so difficult to get C++11 answers?

Why is it so difficult to get C++11 answers?

I mean that. It is not a typo.

I have asked various questions on various sites and I received "Visual Studio" C++ stuff. Then I spent hours (sometimes days) reading and researching and then programming almost randomly until I got the worthless (to me) Visual Studio stuff to be converted to usable (to me) C++11 programming code.

I mean converted to C++11 code that begins to approach how Bjarne Stroustrup, in his book "C++11 The C++ Programming Language Fourth Edition" says that it should be. I am a long way from there, but I am trying.

I researched versions of C++ before I started last summer to learn it. I found that beyond C++11, manufacturers (sufficient times to get my attention) did not use those versions. I thereupon choose C++11 as the latest version to learn at this time (Year 2020 AD).

I used to program (yes to you "haters" of it), I did "program" in Visual Basic 6 (sp5). Until recently, I wrote many programs in it that did commercially applicable processes, some were intense engineering programs. In case reading that makes some of you seethe, here is a fact to wrap you mind around: Microsoft STILL USES VBA (!) even in Windows 10! I have rarely seen it reported that anyone writes macros for Microsoft Office (including on Windows 10) in anything other than VBA. And VBA is a compacted version of VB6 (not ".NET").

I decided to go further into C++ and leave Visual Studio (any version) behind. Not that VS6 (VB or VC++) is bad, but that it is time for *me* to move on.

Has Bjarne Stroustrup left most of you so far behind that your mind is satisfied with Microsoft's Visual Studio? Am I rare in that I *want* and am *determined* to learn C++ without a "crutch?"

If I was satisfied with using Visual Studio then I would stay with the still powerful and (even now) exceedingly stable Visual Basic 6 (sp5). I want to learn C++11, which I seem to have found that the majority of industrial manufacturers use now (year 2020 AD).

I can (hopefully) use C++11, with it's advanced multi-threading concurrency and advanced "atomic" capabilities in both 32 bit and 64 bit. And, for you "haters" of 32 bit, here is another migraine headache for you, Intel's newest super chips out now are reported to be directly designed to work with 32 bit. So, C++11 for manufacturing applications, and C++11 for 32 bit and 64 bit.

What C++ programming example sites have I not found that can instruct me in advanced C++11 programming (with working examples)? Note the "working examples" part. I am a beginner, but I am learning this fast.

Please. Show me that it is not that difficult "to get C++11 answers".

Look up rollerbladegirl with bitmaps and double buffering and other questions on the search groups and you will see mostly philosophical and VS crutch answers.

I do not intend to be a crutch programmer.

I imagine that the masses might have been clueless as to what Aristotle, Galileo Galilei, Niels Bohr, and Albert Einstein told them. I will not be clueless of what Bjarne Stroustrup is telling us.

Why is it so difficult to get C++11 answers?
Jan 31 '20 #1
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As for VS C++, I guess you are talking about me, but in my environment, the only C++ compiler is VS, and I can not test it with C++11 coding, As a result, we could only provide what we coded in VS.
However, I intend to point out the VS-specific parts (the parts to be corrected).
--------------------------The following is an aside-------------------
C++ appeared in 1983. C++ has since been updated to C++11-> C++14-> C++17, with C++20 coming in 2020 (updated every three years).
Jan 31 '20 #2
Thank you SioSio.

I do appreciate your answer.

A few years ago I was working on programming an advanced physics application. I went to a college physics professor (PhD in Physics) and asked if the formula that I was inputting was correct. His response was that the formula was correct and that the formula was so advanced that he would put it on the seniors' final test as an extra-credit to see how they would even approach developing the formula. I asked him how to do the math (the calculus) in common math without calculus so that I could program it into my code. I was referred to an in-house (at the college) programmer. I asked the programmer for help, and he gave me ".net" code. I asked him for common ordinary C++ code. He told me that his employer required him to do stuff in ".net". He also told me that he considered this to be a waste of his time but he was being paid so therefore he did it. I did not get my C++ code from that college. I had to program the entire thing in VB6. I did it. I had hoped to begin learning C++ back then, but it did not happen. So, I understand that in some environments, employers do pay for illogical code. Thank you for your attempt to answer my question. I appreciate the helpful intent.

I do not expect that all employers are persuaded to do things via the dark side. I empathize with those that work in such an environment and do not hold it against them.

Why is it so difficult to get C++11 answers? Has been partially answered.

In case I might have totally misunderstood your reply, I apologize for that. If you could use CODE::BLOCKS 17.12 in your environment, you might like that, and it is *free* and I think that I read that it might be available in languages other than English (for whoever is reading this). And, it comes with a compiler minGCC (something like that). Free with compiler.

Sorry. One more thing. I have chosen not to use wxWidgets which many seem to push to be used with codeblocks. Direct experience with it has shown me that codeblocks without using the wxWidgets plugin is far easier and maybe better for learning C++.

Thank you SioSio.
Jan 31 '20 #3

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