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What programming language using to develop the game?

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Please, sorry my english!
I have a question.
But in the beginning of my experience in programming.
Due to the study of programming takes not much time as we would like. In 2012, I began to learn programming, it was a scripting language for developing scripts one of the games. Then gradually, gradually, I began to learn C ++.
At 6 years old, I lost sight. I use Screen reader to work with the computer.
I want to create a sound game, such as the GTA, but where there is no full graphics. 3D sound is, there is physics, and the graphics do not.
We have an engine sound BGT games, but it is not perfect.
And here's the question:
What programming language is better to learn and use for this purpose?
About kross-platform, I do not plan on any other platform than Windows.
C ++ - the best option, C ++ is fast, flexible, but I encounter problems in signs and stl, yet understanding what it is and how, where required, and so on.
C # - the best option under Windows, but I have read that it is not so much productive due to the garbage collector, and so on. But I do not know what the plan is needed for the game performance and so on. I myself know the language, I did not study until polymorphism, interfaces, and so on.
Python - good language, a simple syntax, but automatic operation with memory. For me, plus, plus you do not need a lot to think about what the design, but I do not like to think about the low-level, but negative for the game because of the performance. Again, I do not know what role performance will play my game.
Variants with Unity, Unreal Engine is not suitable, as there can not be written purely code, and the editor, which can be connected as an editor such as Visual Studio does not voiced. Although, I do not mind more than a game engine as a library, such as the DLL, you just plug it in and have the calling function and the write logic. I'm not sure that it is necessary to write a game engine, but likely.
About the game as we have already said how the GTA, but I at least make a simple field in the beginning, the field is an open play space, where it will be the player, which can be rotated, so he went to was sound and so on.
Approx. Similar games sound is already there. There are even online shooters. Orientation is mainly for 3D sound. The sound quality is not necessarily the best. These games are usually developed on C ++ + DirectSound or Bass / PureBasic. But DirectSound requires a lot of computation greatly.
If you do not talk about performance, I would choose or C # or Python. Rather, C #. But I do not much understand where performance is required, and whether it is necessary in my case.
What can you advise me? Maybe some of the languages ​​C ++ / C # / Python, or any language else?
Thanks in advance!
Feb 19 '17 #1
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Expert Mod 5K+
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Almost every game is generated from a framework designed by the game developer rather then being individually coded. The code for the framework does not need speed. Only the generated game does.

So you can generate your game in C++ compile it and download on the user's machine. If it's a web game then maybe you use HTML.

This approach allows you to build libraries of objects to be used in games.

This is a really big area and you should read up on how this is done.
Feb 19 '17 #2

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Can I use C #, to solve my problem? Or sound the game still need performance?
Feb 19 '17 #3

Expert Mod 5K+
P: 9,197
C# is just a Microsoft object oriented language that competes with Java. Whether that is usable for your game I do not know. However, you will need a C# runtime on your target OS's or your game won't run.

C# is an interpreted language which compiles to an intermediate code which is then interpreted by the C# runtime which compiles it just-int-time to 386 code which is then compiled by the OS. Maybe this is OK. Maybe not. Try your game and see.

What is your game target? Are you running t out of something like Facebook?

I say again, you will need to do research and study to answer your questions.
Feb 21 '17 #4

P: 30
Programming language choice really depends on the game you wish to create. Please tell some more info about the game so it would be more obvoius which language to use.
Sep 25 '17 #5

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