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OOP the inheritence, classes, and fuctions,

P: 2
Problem Statement:
Consider the following part of class diagram in continuation of previous assignments.
Class Diagram

The distance from the sun for all the planets is calculated as the distance from the Earth to the Sun (the AU), where AU is the unit of distance and 1 AU = 150,000,000 km
Following table shows distance of planets from the Sun in AU.
Planet Distance from the sun
Mercury 0.38 AU
Venus 0.723 AU
Earth 1.000 AU
Mars 1.524 AU
Jupiter 5.204 AU
Saturn 9.582 AU

Distance of planet from sun in Kilometer (KM) can be calculated by multiplying distance with the value of AU. For example, If you want to calculate the distance of earth from sun in KM then;
Distance = 1*150,000,00 = 150,000,000

Tasks you have to do:
1. Keeping in view the above given class diagram and scenario, you have to write code for the below mentioned classes and implement their relationship with each other.
2. As Cal_Distance() function will implement the same formula for all inner and outer planets, so you are required to implement this function in Planet class only.
3. You are also required to calculate the distance of Mercury from Sun in Kilometers.
4. 1. Class Planet:
Name: string
Radius: double
Distance: double
Print: void
Cal_Distance: double
2. Class Inner_Planet:
Print: void
Cal_Distance: double
3. Class Mercury:
Print: void
Cal_Distance: double
Important points:
Your program should be able to create an object for Mercury class having a Name, Radius and Distance without creating an explicit object of Planet class.
All Planet attributes should be directly accessible to Inner_Planet and Mercury and should not be accessible publically.
Definition of both functions, Print() and Cal_Distance(), should be included in Planet class. Override these functions in Inner_Planet and Mercury classes.
Display the values of attributes and calculated distance as shown in sample output.
1. Radius of Mercury is 2440 KM.
2. Use Member Initialization list where needed.
3. You main function should look like this;

Sample Output:
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2 Replies

P: 2
Please help to solve this question.
Jan 11 '17 #2

Expert Mod 5K+
P: 9,731
What you need to do is start by implementing your Planet according to the specifications given to you and then attempt to implement the next planet class.

Then when or if you have a problem or question post your question here along with a code snippet of what you are having problems with.

It is unfair to ask the experts here to do your homework for you.

We will give you help with things that you encounter while you are developing your giving you information about what an error message means and how to correct it or supplying help if you don't understand how to use a particular class or function within a library that is commonly known etc etc

Until then, happy coding
Jan 11 '17 #3

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