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C before C++?

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I am a ladder logic programmer and I want to learn a programming language that I can use for both work and play. I learned that C is a good option as it is widely used. I've been on my way trying to learn. I recently stumbled across differing opinions about C and C++ and now I wonder if I've chosen my route correctly.

Should I continue with C before jumping in to C++?

Some of the things I would like to do with these programming skills:
1) Write computer based apps
2) Write apps for phones and pads
3) Write board level apps used in control automation equipment.

Thanks for your input.


Oct 27 '15 #1
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C is a language that currently is not widely used. C++ is a language that is used a lot and it has a lot more cababilities than C. However, it is a big language and it is considered more difficult than C.

There's no bad thing in going into C before C++. You will basically learn a lot(and I mean a lot) of useful things that not only apply in C++ but in other languages as well. However, it is not a language that can offer you many job oppotunities and also it is a difficult language to develop any application other than terminal, command-line applications or very low-level applications(like programming drivers) but you can program that kind of applications very effectively and without the need to learn a big language. C will also help you have a better understanding about memory, but this is something that C++ can do also. C++ on the other hand can help you develop pretty much anything. From server applications to phone applications. It is much more rich than C.

It is not necessary to learn C before C++ and if your goal is to learn C++ and don't want to spend anytime in other languages, then you can as well do so. C++ is based on ideas from C, and motorcycles are based on ideas of bikes. However, you don't have to know how to ride a bike to learn how to ride a motorcycle, the same way you don't have to learn C to understand everything that you will ever need in C++. You can understand them without C as well. Personally, I had as my goal to learn C++, but decided to learn C first because of the educational things that provides and for its bautiful abruptness and power included in such a small language.

Hoped it helped. If you become more specific in what you want, maybe I can help more! :)
Oct 27 '15 #2

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Both C and C++ are structured programming languages where C++ has fixes for a lot of the weaknesses in C. C++ also has some object-oriented features which you don't need to use if you aren't doing OO programming.

Some C programmers don't like C++ because they can't be sloppy.
Oct 27 '15 #3

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Your ladder logic background probably predisposes you towards procedural (rather than object oriented) programming. C is intrinsically procedural. C++ can be used procedurally if you obey certain design and coding restrictions.

On the other hand, proponents of objected oriented code often suggest that OO programming can be quicker and more successful.

These are general statements that may be of questionable applicability in your particular case.
Oct 27 '15 #4

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