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dijkstras algorithm

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  1. #include<stdio.h>
  3. int main()
  4. {
  5.     int a,b,w,v,e,i;
  6.     int g[20][20],visited[20],d[20],p[20];
  7.     printf("enter the number of vertices");
  8.     scanf("%d",&v);
  9.     printf("enter the number of edges");
  10.     scanf("%d",&e);
  11.     for(i=1;i<=v;i++)
  12.     {
  13.         for(int j=1;j<=v;j++)
  14.         {
  15.             g[i][j]=0;
  16.         }
  17.     }
  18.     for(i=1;i<=e;i++)
  19.     {
  20.         printf("enter edge info");
  21.         scanf("%d",&a);
  22.         scanf("%d",&b);
  23.         printf("enter weight of the edge");
  24.         scanf("%d",&w);
  25.         g[a][b]=g[b][a]=w;
  26.     }
  27.     void calldij()
  28.       {
  29.         for(i=1;i<=v;i++)
  30.         {
  31.             p[i]=visited[i]=0;
  32.         }
  33.         for(i=1;i<=v;i++)
  34.         {
  35.             d[i]=32767;
  36.         }
  37.         dij();
  38.       }
  40.     void dij()
  41.     {
  42.         int current,source,dest;
  43.         printf("enter source and destination vertex");
  44.         scanf("%d",&source);
  45.         scanf("%d",&dest);
  47.         current=source;
  48.         visited[current]=1;
  49.         d[current]=0;
  50.         while(current!=dest)
  51.         {
  52.             int dc=d[current];
  53.             for(i=1;i<=v;i++)
  54.             {
  55.                 if((g[current][i]!=0) && (visited[i]!=1))
  56.                 {
  57.                 if((g[current][i]+dc)<(d[i]))
  58.                  {
  59.                     d[i]=(g[current][i]+dc);
  60.                     p[i]=current;
  61.                  }
  62.                 }
  63.             }
  64.             int min=32767;
  65.             for(i=1;i<=v;i++)
  66.             {
  67.                 if((visited[i]!=1) && (d[i]<min))
  68.                 {
  69.                     min=d[i];
  70.                     current=i;
  71.                 }
  72.             }
  73.             visited[current]=1;
  74.         }
  75.         printf("shortest distance= %d",d[dest]);
  76.     }
  77.     return 0;
  79. }
Error on 2nd line of the function dij() and calldij() (declaration syntax error)
Please revert as soon as possible. URGENT!
Dec 20 '09 #1
5 2293
9,065 Expert Mod 8TB
You can not declare functions inside functions in C/C++
Dec 20 '09 #2
100 100+
Also, dij() need to come before calldij() because calldij() is calling dij(), or you can pre-define it.
Dec 20 '09 #3
113 100+
The structure of this program should be as following:

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  1. #include<stdio.h>
  3. void calldij (void);
  4. void dij (void);
  6. int main (void)
  7. {
  8. }
  10. void calldij (void)
  11. {
  12. }
  14. void dij (void)
  15. {
  16. }
Dec 20 '09 #4
yes i understood my mistake ..dijakstras algorithm is working properly now ..but i have to perform simuation of routing protocol .dijakstras also is jst a part of link state routing ..can u plzz suggest me some site where i can understand the concept to print the tables (routing tables ) at each hop .URGENT
Dec 24 '09 #5
113 100+
There is a forum for algorithms in this site. See at the top and right of this very page and you will see it. Post your question there!
Dec 25 '09 #6

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