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Bjarne Stroustrup has new C++ text coming out ...

Bjarne Stroustrup has a new text coming out called "Programming:
Principles and Practice Using C++" (ISBN: 0321543726), due to be
published in December of this year.

Some of the features of this new text include:

*Its history: The text was developed in the author's introductory
programming course at Texas A&M and has been used successfully by
hundreds of students.

*An untraditional approach for an introductory programming text: It
leaves out many common topics, including discrete math and hardware,
and instead focuses on programming and how to develop software.

*A full range of supplements, including drills, exercises, and

This test was clearly designed to be used as an introductory C++ text
in colleges and universites. As a C++ college instructor, I am
looking forward to getting my evaluation copy and creating my own
impression of this new text. I cover topics such as Exception
Handling, Operator Overloading, as well as C programming topics such
as pointers, C-style strings (char *), some of the C string
manipulation functions, etc in my courses. None of the these topics
are explicitily listed in the table of contents below. I guess that I
will have to wait to read the actual text to find out how well these
topics are covered. As well, the success or failure of this text will
also have a lot to do with the quality of the exercises (and
solutions) provided with the text.
Table of Contents:

Chapter 0: Notes to the Reader

Part I: The Basics
Chapter 1: Computers, People, and Programming
Chapter 2: Hello, World!
Chapter 3: Objects, Types, and Values
Chapter 4: Computation
Chapter 5: Errors
Chapter 6: Writing a Program
Chapter 7: Completing a Program
Chapter 8: Technicalities: Functions, Etc.
Chapter 9: Technicalities: Classes, Etc.

Part II: Input and Output
Chapter 10: Input and Output Streams
Chapter 11: File Streams and String Streams
Chapter 12: Graphs
Chapter 13: Graph Classes
Chapter 14: Graph Class Design
Chapter 15: Graphing Functions
Chapter 16: Graphical User Interfaces

Part III: Data and Algorithms
Chapter 17: Vectors: Memory Management
Chapter 18: Vectors: Arrays
Chapter 19: Vectors: Exceptions and Templates
Chapter 20: STL: Containers, Iterators, and Algorithms
Chapter 21: STL: Maps and Algorithms

Part IV: Broadening the View

Chapter 22: Ideals and History
Chapter 23: Text Manipulation
Chapter 24: Numerics
Chapter 25: Embedded Systems Programming
Chapter 26: Testing
Chapter 27: The C Programming Language

Appendix A: Language Summary
Appendix B: Standard-Library Summary
Appendix C: Getting Started with Visual Studio
Appendix D: Installing FLTK
Appendix E: GUI Implementation


Oct 19 '08 #1
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blangela wrote:
Bjarne Stroustrup has a new text coming out called "Programming:
Principles and Practice Using C++" (ISBN: 0321543726), due to be
published in December of this year.
I was at boostcon where he discussed his ideas about C++ instruction,
which this book is supposed to implement. He discussed something about
basically creating 3 different versions of the language and library:
beginner, intermediate, professional...or something like that. He
seemed to have mimicked this through some headers and such. In other
words, the beginner level of this book may very well depend on the
existence of his header setup, which I'm sure he describes or provides.

His hope is that people will come up with a package sort of setup for
C++ development that will make entry into the language easier for
beginners. They won't have to get the compiler, an IDE, pick a GUI
library, pick a networking library, etc... It'll just plug and play.
Oct 20 '08 #2

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