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boost::pool_allocator: can't find my errors

hell-o !~

i faced weird problem during usage boost::pool_allocator.
after i've changed:
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  1. typedef boost::shared_ptr< param > ParamPtr;
  2. typedef std::vector< ParamPtr > ParamPtrVector;
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  1. typedef boost::shared_ptr< param > ParamPtr;
  2. typedef std::vector< ParamPtr, boost::pool_allocator<ParamPtr> > ParamPtrVector;
smth goes wrong:
Segmentation fault: 11 (core dumped)
before that i didn't get any sever errors...

i've found out where it breaks in my code:
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  1. class UsersFunction : public Function {
  2.     boost::shared_ptr< Statement > _pStmtPtr; //body of function   
  3. public:
  4.     UsersFunction(const Function::FunctionHeader &header, const boost::shared_ptr< Statement > &pStmtPtr = boost::shared_ptr<Statement>())
  5.             : Function(header),
  6.             _pStmtPtr(pStmtPtr) {} HERE !!!
  7.     //...
  8. };
  10. //parent class
  11. class Function {
  12.     Value _result;
  13. public:
  14.     struct FunctionHeader {
  15.         std::string _name;
  16.         Value::E_TYPE _returnType;
  17.         std::size_t _argsCount;
  18.         ParamPtrVector _params;
  19.         FunctionHeader(const std::string &name, const Value::E_TYPE returnType, const std::size_t argsCount, const ParamPtrVector &params)
  20.                 :_name(name), _returnType(returnType), _argsCount(argsCount), _params(params) {}
  22.         //...
  23.     };
  24. protected:
  25.     FunctionHeader _header;
  26. protected:
  27.     Function(const FunctionHeader &header)
  28.             :_header(header),
  29.             _result(header.getType()) {}
  30.     ~Function() {}
  31.     Function &operator=(const Function &other) {
  32.         if (this != &other) {
  33.             _header = other._header;
  34.         }
  35.         return *this;
  36.     }
  37. public:
  39.     //...
  40. };
smth goes wrong in boost simple_segregated_storage.hpp function:
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  1. //boost/simple_segregated_storage.hpp file
  2. template <typename SizeType>
  3. void * simple_segregated_storage<SizeType>::segregate(
  4.     void * const block,
  5.     const size_type sz,
  6.     const size_type partition_sz,
  7.     void * const end)
  8. {
  9.   // Get pointer to last valid chunk, preventing overflow on size calculations
  10.   //  The division followed by the multiplication just makes sure that
  11.   //    old == block + partition_sz * i, for some integer i, even if the
  12.   //    block size (sz) is not a multiple of the partition size.
  13.   char * old = static_cast<char *>(block)
  14.       + ((sz - partition_sz) / partition_sz) * partition_sz;
  16.   // Set it to point to the end
  17.   nextof(old) = end;
  19.   // Handle border case where sz == partition_sz (i.e., we're handling an array
  20.   //  of 1 element)
  21.   if (old == block)
  22.     return block;
  24.   // Iterate backwards, building a singly-linked list of pointers
  25.   for (char * iter = old - partition_sz; iter != block;
  26.       old = iter, iter -= partition_sz)
  27.     nextof(iter) = old;   HERE !!!
  29.   // Point the first pointer, too
  30.   nextof(block) = old;
  32.   return block;
  33. }
here is my stack on this moment:
iter = 0x282ffff8 <error reading address 0x282ffff8: Bad address>
0x0805b0f8 boost::simple_segregated_storage<unsigned int>::segregate
0x0805b158 boost::simple_segregated_storage<unsigned int>::add_block
0x0805b352 boost::simple_segregated_storage<unsigned int>::add_ordered_block
0x0805b3cc boost::simple_segregated_storage<unsigned int>::ordered_free_n
0x0805b443 boost::pool<boost::default_user_allocator_new_dele te>::ordered_free
0x0807c04c boost::singleton_pool<boost::pool_allocator_tag,8, boost::default_user_allocator_new_delete,boost::de tail::pool::pthred_mutex,32>::ordered_free
0x0807c078 boost::pool_allocator<boost::shared_ptr<param>,boo st::default_user_allocator_new_delete,boost::detai ls::pool:pthread_mutex,32::deallocate
0x0807c09e std::_Vector_base<boost::shared_ptr<param>,boost:: pool_allocator<boost::shared_ptr<param>,boost::def ault_user_allocator_new_delete,boost::details::poo l::pthread_mutex,32> >::_M_deallocate
0x0807c3a6 ~_Vector_base
0x0807c562 ~vector
0x0807c5a5 ~FunctionHeader
0x0806f170 Syntaxer::FunctionsDeclarations
0x0806fe17 Syntaxer::run
0x0804a796 main
what is wrong with my code and where's my fault? thanks.
Aug 17 '08 #1
0 1771

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