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Need Help with Box Office Program

am new to c++ and having problems running this program properly. Am suppose to create a data file using Notepad that stores the inputs for the program. Read the data from your input file. Also, instead of writing the output to the screen, write it to a file named BoxOfficeReport.txt.

I created a file with notepad and named it BoxOfficeReport.txt. in it I typed
"A Movie title"

It compiles but when i run it i get something like this
Name of the movie: y(arrow type sybol)B
adult tickets sold: 4270931
children's tickets sold: 0

can anyone help.
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  1. #include <iostream>
  2. #include <iomanip>
  3. #include <fstream>
  5. using namespace std;
  7. int main()
  8.     {
  10.         ifstream inFile;
  11.         const int SIZE = 25;
  12.         char movie[SIZE];    
  14.         int adult = 6;
  15.         int children = 3;
  16.         int gross_profit, net_profit, distributor, aticket, cticket;
  18.                 inFile.open("BoxOfficeReport.txt");
  20.         inFile >> movie;
  21.         cout   << "Name Of The Movie: " << movie << endl;
  23.         inFile >> aticket;
  24.         cout   << "Adult Tickets Sold: " << aticket << endl;
  26.         inFile >> cticket;
  27.         cout   << "Children's Tickets Sold: " << cticket << endl;
  29.         gross_profit = (aticket*adult)+(cticket*children);
  30.         net_profit = gross_profit * .20;
  31.         distributor = gross_profit * .80;
  33.         cout   << "Gross Box Office Profit: " << gross_profit << endl;
  34.         cout   << "Net Box Office Profit: " << net_profit << endl;
  35.         cout   << "Amount Paid to Distributor: " << distributor << endl;
  37.         inFile.close();
  38.         return 0;
  39.     }
Feb 1 '08 #1
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You can't do this:
inFile >> movie;
movie is a char array. The >> operator will stop on the first whitespace character so all you get is A.

You wil; need to use the getline() method to fetch the entire string.

Then it shoud work OK.

You could test this with a movie title that has only one word and see of your code suddenly starts working.
Feb 1 '08 #2

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