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Problem with converting older C struct to VS C 7.1

I'm in trouble here... I need to get this program working to proceed with my application.

The program is very complex, it works fine on a 10 year old system written in IBM C/2. I am showing only what I think yu may need here, please let me know if you need anything else. I am converting it to VS 7.1 (C not C++). All my source is named .C.
No compile errors, but it throws an exception at runtime. Here is the structure and the code trying to write a pointer into it. (all defined as ptrs).
Just can't seem to get a handle on why it worked in the old environment but fails now.
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  1. // Struct
  3. typedef struct line
  4. {
  5.     UCHAR *index,                      // pointer to product ( in valid.file )
  6.      lineNum,                          // line # of the family
  7.      famCount;                         // number of family members
  9. }
  10. LINE;
  12. typedef struct win
  13. {
  14.     UCHAR *firstRecord,                // first record in file
  15.      *lastRecord,                      // last record in file
  16.      *currentRecord;                   // pointer to current record
  18.     LINE list[FAM_MAX + 1],            // product family info
  19.      *currentFamily,                   // pointer to current ( new ) family info
  20.      *lastFamily,                      // pointer to last ( previous ) family info
  21.      *defaultFamily,                   // default product family pointer
  22.      *prepriceFamily;                  // default preprice family pointer
  24.     UCHAR *ppfirstRecord,              // first record in pre-price validation file
  25.      *pplastRecord,                    // last record in pre-price validation file
  26.      *ppcurrentRecord;                 // pointer to current record in validation file
  28. }
  29. WINDOW;
  31. // Code to write a pointer ( I verified it is a good pointer vale) to the struct.
  33. window->currentFamily->index = filePtr;
Thanks very much for any help you can provide. I am a fairly new C programmer.
Dec 24 '07 #1
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window->currentFamily->index = filePtr;
If window is null or uninitialized -> Crash
If currentFamily is null or uninitialized -> Crash

index is the same type as filePtr?? Yes? Otherwise, the code probab;y won't compile.

Now you say an exception is thrown at run time. The code you show is not going to throw an exception. Bad pointers don't do that, they just crash the program.

How do you know you have an exception condtion?? Is this C?? C doesn't have exceptions. C++ does but this code coude be either C or C++.

Maybe you could post the error.
Dec 24 '07 #2
Thanks so very much for looking at this, it is a big problem for my customer..
OK, when I run this program the message I get is:
'etspt.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close, we are sorry for any inconveinience'

then I click debug and get:
'an exception 'unhandled win32 exception has occured in etspt.exe.

etspt.exe is the main code with this code I am having problems with running as a DLL.

As far as I can tell this struct does not get initialzed, it is all pointer oriented. Yes the type being assigned is a pointer too.
Also, If i change the code to:
window->currentRecord = filePtr;

it does not get an execution error.

This all works fine inthe existing older C program.

Dec 24 '07 #3

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