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How to read from file descriptors.

Hello all,

Hello all,
iam working on some project in which i need to open a file descriptor and send it to the streambuf,
which can be done like this

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  1. ifstream f(fd);
  2. streambuf * buf2=f.rdbuf();
but main problem is that they are casting to

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  1. ifstream f((const char *)fd)
  2. streambuf * buf2=f.rdbuf();
because of which the file is not getting opened ,if i remove that leads to error there are using some conventions

there are many ways are also there like

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  1. File *ptr=fdopen(fd);
which is successfull and returning the value.
but i want the the output to be given in streambuf which other parts of my project is using,
can u tell me is there any way to convert the file pointer to the streambuf or is there anyway of reading the file so that the output will result in the streambuf

please help me.
Nov 25 '07 #1
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This compiles:
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  1. char* fd = "hello";
  2. ifstream f((const char *)fd);
  3. streambuf * buf2=f.rdbuf();
I guess I don't see your problem.

However, you should avoid the C file system: fopen, fread, etc.... C++ uses inheritance with the streams and by using the C file system you lose all the advantages of C++ streams and go back to the file handling of 1972.

As a general rule, avoid C in C++.
Nov 25 '07 #2
Hello thank u for reply ,
but as my question is here file descriptor not the character array,
ifstream s((char *)fd);
here the fd returns interger value, so is there anyway of getting the contents of fd so that they can be stored in the streambufer, please help me.
Nov 26 '07 #3
9,208 Expert Mod 8TB
ifstream s((char *)fd);
here the fd returns interger value, so is there anyway of getting the contents of fd so that they can be stored in the streambufer, please help me.
fd is a function??

fd is a function that returns an int??

Maybe you better show me what fd is. In my example fd was a C-string containing the disc file name to open.
Nov 26 '07 #4

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