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Error: glibc detected and Invalid pointer

hello all i have a code which looks fine when reviewed but when the application has a long run say for example of 2 days it gets exit, because of glibc error and the sample code is as follows:
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  1. while (1)
  2.          {
  4.              if((kfp = kd_open(kd_filename, READ, NULL , INIT_YES))== NULL) {
  5.                  printf("%s: File not found ...\n", kd_filename);
  6.                  if (!forceflag) {
  7.                      sleep(5);
  8.                  }
  9.                  else {
  10.                      exit(0);
  11.                  }
  12.              }
  13.             else
  14.              {
  15.                  kd_fileid.capture_session_start_epoch_second = kfp->header.file_id.capture_session_start_epoch_second;
  16.                  kd_fileid.file_sequence_counter = kfp->header.file_id.file_sequence_counter;
  17.  if ( (kfp->header.file_type & END_FILE)== END_FILE )
  18.                      kd_end_flag = 1;
  19.                  else
  20.                      kd_end_flag = 0;
  22.                  for(i=0;i<kfp->header.total_packet_count;i++)
  23.                  {
  24.                      if((err=kd_read_next_packet(kfp,(PACKET_t *)kd_row))>0)
  25.                      {
  26.                          pktCount++;
  27.                          pktlen = sizeof(PACKET_HEADER_t) + ((PACKET_t *)kd_row)->kph.kipd.ip_description_str        ing_len + ((PACKET_t *)kd_row)->kph.kipd.ip_packet_len ;
  28.                          send_packets_to_card(kd_row, pktlen);
  29.                      }
  30.                      else
  31.                      {
  32.                          printf("-->%d\n",((PACKET_t *)kd_row)->kph.kipd.ip_packet_len);
  33.                          printf("Error in  File:%d\n",err);
  34.                          break;
  35.                      }
  36.                  }
  37.                  kd_close(kfp, CAPTURE_END);
  39.                  if (!forceflag) {
  40.                      if ( (kd_fileid.file_sequence_counter % max_kd_files_per_dir) == 0 ) {
  41.                          dircnt += 1;
  42.                      }
  43.                      kd_fileid.file_sequence_counter += 1;
  44.                      memset((void *)kd_filename, 0, 1024);
  45.                      memset((void *)dir_fname, 0, 512);
  46.                      getdfname(kd_fid, dircnt, kd_fileid.file_sequence_counter, dir_fname);
  47.                      getfilename(kbasedir, dir_fname, kd_filename);
  48.                  }
  49.                  if (kd_end_flag){
  50.                      memcpy(kd_row, FLUSH_SESSION_STR, sizeof(FLUSH_SESSION_STR));
  51.                      printf("Sending Flush sessions command to card\n");
  52.                      send_cntl_cmds_to_card(FLUSH_SESSIONS, FLUSH_SESSION_STR, sizeof(FLUSH_SESSION_STR));
  53.                      return 0;
  54.                  }
  55.              }
  56.              if (forceflag) {
  57.                  break;
  58.              }
  59.          }
  60.          free(kd_row);
  61.          return 0;
  62. }
when the kd_read_next_packet function returns it returns -2 indicating an error condition.Hence the message"Error in file:-2"gets printed and after this i get the message of *** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer: 0x0000000000515df0 ***
This will always be in infinite loop the pointer kfp is created on stack.Does the above error suggest that it is due to corruption of pointer kfp or kd_row.these two pointers do not have any problems they are malloced kfp returns a pointer to a file structure which is fine.
May 16 '07 #1
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1,251 Expert 1GB
Good luck with that. ;)

I've only looked at your code briefly, so I知 not going to comment on its correctness (might not be enough there anyway), however, if you wish to hire me, I値l look in to it further as I知 a contractor.

The problem may be coming from any number of places. In the code you are working on is only one of them (I知 assuming that this is part of a larger system of threads and/or interrupt handlers), but I知 not going to even look at this further without a contract and design schematics (if you have any).

May 16 '07 #2

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