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Let the games begain

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to katrina's_proo.
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12:38 pm (12 minutes ago)

This one is for you Donald Trump...
from Craig Somerford <us***>
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to Donald Trump <el***>
date Nov 14, 2006 12:36 PM
subject This one is for you Donald Trump...
Competition makes hears grow faster Inbox
Craig Somerford
to Harvard, webmarketing, New, Google, Go, me, (bcc:Beijing),
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12:31 pm (3 minutes ago)
14 nov 2006


24 oct 2006
Thank You
Craig Oral Somerford GOOD LUCK Andrea
Let the games begain Forward to Start"Good Luck Andrea"

Thank you Google Corp For your Barter with 2barter

You can also use all the Barters you can find

" Working in Faith "

A Christan Entrepreneur

B The Trumps tars Entrepreneur

Project New Orleans And rebuilding her to perfection

figurative beat (someone or something) by saying or doing something
better : if the fetus is human life, that trumps any argument about
the freedom of competition lets play
Andrea Lake
Competition makes what ?
read this
"CLICK"hearsay |ˈhi(ə)rˌsā| noun information received from other
people that one cannot adequately substantiate; rumor : according to
hearsay, Bob had managed to break his arm. • Law the report of
person's words by a witness, usually disallowed as evidence in a court
of law : everything they had told him would have been ruled out as
hearsay | [as adj. ] hearsay evidence.

hearsay noun that's all hearsay, and I don't care to listen to such
tripe rumor, gossip, tittle-tattle, idle talk; stories, tales;
informal the grapevine, scuttlebutt, loose lips.

" Working in Faith "
For you New Orleans "CLICK"
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First tool needed profided by Google Inbox
from Craig Somerford <us*** hide details 12:49 pm
(0 minutes ago)
to Donald Trump <el***>
cc News Paper Direct <pr**********>
Local CBS News New Orleans <sb******>,
Craig O. S. <cs********>
date Nov 14, 2006 12:49 PM
subject First tool needed profided by Google
First tool needed First tool needed provided by Google

14 nov 2006
24 oct 2006
Google news <>,
Letters to the Editor <>,
Harvard <>

Local CBS News New Orleans <>,
Matthew Lunders <>,
lvargas <>
date Nov 13, 2006 11:17 AM
subject Gott segnen dich Monica Happy anniversary Tomorrow
three years I LOVE YOU.

" Working in Faith "

Gott segnen dich " are as we say " GOD
Bless You

" Have Cow Will Travel

From: U S Contractors Offering Service A Non-profit
Date: Nov 13, 2006 10:38 AM
Subject: " Have cow will Travel"
To: uscosoct24 <us******>

have cow will travel Inbox
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Craig Somerford to Natural, me, (bcc:Katie)
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13 nov 2006

24 oct 2006
Thank You
Craig Oral Somerford

" Working in Faith "

Craig Somerford to me
show details 9:25 am (1 hour ago)

13 2006
-- Faith with out works is dead but "Working
in Faith watch this "
24 oct 2006
Thank You
Craig Oral Somerford

" Working in Faith "
Breaking down all walls of doubt
First things first and one might ask them self's what then is first.
The answer to that is quite simple when you look for some kind of
blessing that mother nature left behind .
For we all know that GOD is from LOVE the true Light for with out this
light we all would be left in darkness. but you no what HE made that
to.You should be as sure of that as you are your Monday blues.And by
the way who buttered your bread on this beautiful Monday New York
Start your Day all over again it's a moral law an absolute principle
defining the criteria of right action or you can wallow around in your
felling of why me and feel shitty all day either way a day vertical is
better then one horizontal Os get over your shitty day all ready.

Let me show you what is in the Bible that shines light on Blessings
that came from are biggest storm to hit our shores sense we had
settled here to call North America our home.

Habakkuk 19 ; 20
19 Woe to him who says to wood, 'Awake!'
To silent stone, 'Arise! It shall teach!'
Behold, it is overlaid with gold and silver,
Yet in it there is no breath at all.
20 " But the LORD is in His holy temple.
Let all the earth keep silence before Him."

Monumental memories
look down at your feet and vision all of those Little Paper weight
pen holders there is more then needed
Look again at just how much mother nature left behind not only paper
weight bur what about recycles tables foot stools coffee tables there
is enough down by your feet to build the whole darn gulf coast think
about it and with whats left over well just

Siding of all the distorted houses keep whats good and rebuild whats
bad then walla you have more value then before Hello feel better now i
Hope so. No walla walla it is the New New Orleans...
Also with a involving mutual assistance in working toward a common
goal : every member has clearly defined tasks in a cooperative
enterprise. · willing to be of assistance : they have been extremely
considerate, polite, and cooperative. · (of a farm, business, etc.)
owned and run jointly by its members, with profits or benefits shared
among them. noun a farm, business, or other organization that is owned
and run jointly by its members, who share the profits or benefits.
DERIVATIVES cooperatively adverb cooperativeness noun ORIGIN early
17th cent.: from late Latin cooperativus, from Latin cooperat- 'worked
together,' from the verb cooperari (see cooperate ). action we could
do this faster then ever recorded any one have a stop watch if you do
Start it now

Let me show you just a few places i found last night the start of
Monday around 12:02 are so

Here is my email i shot out to these guys last night why every one was
dreading there Monday blues they felt like having today to

14 nov 2006 Three Years now hope to see ya soon in GOD'S Speed I love
24 oct 2006
Thank You
For being my Wife
Monica Somerford
This is your Anniversary Gift
Your Loving Husband Craig
"New Orleans"

Nov 14 '06 #1
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