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" Interviewing Seminar LEADERS; How did I do that ? Faith that's HOW... "

" Interviewing Seminar LEADERS; How did I do that ? Faith that's HOW...
" Inbox
Craig Somerford
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04 nov 2006 Believe it john 16 : 7


" Interviewing Seminar LEADERS; How did I do that ? Faith that's
HOW... "

The world's No.1
service for finding
old friends "CLICK" http://www.who-remembers-me.com/affiliates.html

04 nov 2006
--http://almedauniversity.org/ " Please tell a friend "
24 oct 2006
Thank You
Craig Oral Somerford

" Working in Faith "
NO is a word that does not need to WIN

Seeing New York with no Money and while at the same time become a
Powerful Man through climactic Means and having a wonderful ending

" When in Rome do as the Romans do "

Make Allot of MONEY...

The truth is; that the per family Debt in our Country is exceeding
93,0000.00 Dollars.
How further in the red do we have to get before the Media runs my
I thank they need a jump start.
When I told them I gave the Internet to GOD they said to them self's
weird guy and hung up on me.
With out as much as a thank you for your email.
Remember this one thing that i am fixing to tell you NO is not in my
vocabulary and it does not means N ew O rleans New Orleans will get
http://2Barter.net this Non-profit helping and in doing so will make
many wonder and say to them self's this one thing.

Hind Sight is 20/20 he did give it to GOD

This is part of what was written to them ENJOY the read if you will...

Christians Offering Solutions
Stopping the war - 2012, we know it as 6 b.c. Babylon, today's Iraq,
has proof saying that water had run through it. Tablets collected
proves this. Today's South Eastern Iraq has no drinking water, the US
hit their water plant during the war and it has been shut down. People
in Southern Iraq have been forced to drink contaminated water with
frogs and feces in it. Civilians in Iraq, dying as a result of this

Solution - We, the United States should give them safe drinking water.
Let's look back to Aug.29, 2005 water has now run through New Orleans,
La. We still have big problems in our own country.

Answer #1 - Las Vegas, has said on the media networks to, "Think
BIG!". Why not, have the casinos sponsor the first flight out to South
Eastern Iraq and give good drinking water, to the innocent victims of
this attack. We should count our blessings, certainly we don't want
bad karma, to hit our valley do we? Think....our valley could be
next... from both sides we have water concerns. Say an earthquake or
terrorist take out the Hoover Dam and flood our valley just like New
Orleans. We also have to take note of the Pacific Ocean, an earthquake
could compromise California and create a natural disaster, we just
don't know.

Answer #2 - The U.S. should collect the uncontaminated wood from the
storms and deliver it to the victims of Pakistan's earthquake as an
offering of goodwill.
This will show that a Democratic society works better when approached
in a humanitarian way, rather than by force. By doing this, the
insurgence should scatter like flies and the killing should subside.
We will be able to save lives in the Holy land and our soldiers could
start coming home. Lets just think about doing onto other countries as
we would have them do onto ours. Everyone who lives on faith should,
just do it... and watch the blessings come our way. I have to revert
to Habakkuk 2:2, this explains what is going on and then we can
rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast area like never before. I see
2006 as a scary year for all of us if we do not pursue this vision.

What do we have to gain? - Everything. What do we have to lose?
Everything. Maybe even our own country due to natural disasters or
terrorist attacks I am a practicing man of faith and feel very
strongly that this will help achieve world peace. Amen...

Habakkuk 2:2,

To help support this effort
Craig Oral. Somerford
Christian Entrepreneur " Working in Faith " for a better tomorrow

Since my arriving in New York I hooked up with Google and The Apple
And we have been Bartering together so if you will look at the
Blessings that have came out of it " SHEOL as i make my bed in SHEOL
thou art with me "

It's true there are Blessings in Barters view video to see the truth
you can see HELL be washed right off a Boat LIVE as it happens
Shotting took place in the Virgin Islands of St thomas in Red Hook...
please view the truth http://2Barter.net
after seeing and wondering show a friend and tell him
Thank you
Craig O. S.

Nov 4 '06 #1
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