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Trying to insert into vector<struct_type> results in "Access Violation" Error...


I want to read data from a txt-file that looks like this:

aaa 4 12.45
bbb 3 7.34
ccc 12 3.45

and store the data in an array of structures. The struct and array are defined like this

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  1. struct proPkaData {
  2.         char Name[4];
  3.         int Index;
  4.         float Pka;
  5.         } Data;
  7. vector<proPkaData> DataArray;
The main program looks something like this:

int i=0;
while (!infile.eof()){

The program compiles and run but immediately gives an error: "Access Violation at address 00401789". I can't figure out the reason for that?

Thanks for the help!
Oct 5 '06 #1
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int i=0;
while (!infile.eof()){
This is because DataArray[i] access data in the vector that already exists but your vector is probably empty.

either set the vector size before you fill it using setsize (???) or write your data like this

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  1. int i=0;
  2. proPkaData data;
  3. while (!infile.eof()){
  4.     infile>>data.Name;
  5.     DataArray.push_back(data);
  6.     i++;
Oct 5 '06 #2
THanks a lot, that worked out fine.

Another problem though is that the last line of the txt-file is being read twice. This seems strange since I'm using

while(!infile.eof() )

as the condition for the loop. Is that something that comes "as a bonus" when using ifstream or why is the line being read twice?
Oct 5 '06 #3

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