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sample technical questions in C++

pls get me some tech questions on c/c++/java
Aug 3 '06 #1
2 5765
1. What is the output of printf(”%d”)
2. What will happen if I say delete this
3. Difference between “C structure” and “C++ structure”.
4. Diffrence between a “assignment operator” and a “copy constructor”
5. What is the difference between “overloading” and “overridding”?
6. Explain the need for “Virtual Destructor”.
7. Can we have “Virtual Constructors”?
8. What are the different types of polymorphism?
9. What are Virtual Functions? How to implement virtual functions in “C”
10. What are the different types of Storage classes?
11. What is Namespace?
12. What are the types of STL containers?.
13. Difference between “vector” and “array”?
14. How to write a program such that it will delete itself after exectution?
15. Can we generate a C++ source code from the binary file?
16. What are inline functions?
17. What is “strstream” ?
18. Explain “passing by value”, “passing by pointer” and “passing by reference”
19. Have you heard of “mutable” keyword?
20. What is a “RTTI”?
21. Is there something that I can do in C and not in C++?
22. What is the difference between “calloc” and “malloc”?
23. What will happen if I allocate memory using “new” and free it using “free” or allocate sing “calloc” and free it using “delete”?
24. Difference between “printf” and “sprintf”.
25. What is “map” in STL?
26. When shall I use Multiple Inheritance?
27. Explain working of printf.
28. Talk sometiming about profiling?
29. How many lines of code you have written for a single program?
30. How to write Multithreaded applications using C++?
31. Write any small program that will compile in “C” but not in “C++”
32. What is Memory Alignment?
33. Why preincrement operator is faster than postincrement?
34. What are the techniques you use for debugging?
35. How to reduce a final size of executable?
36. Give 2 examples of a code optimization.
May 14 '07 #2
1,251 Expert 1GB
You got quite a list there.

Perhaps you should continue with stating your answers and we can help in evaluating them.

May 14 '07 #3

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