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inverse of 3X3 matrix

hi i want a c program to find the inverse of 3X3 matrix
i need it
anyoone reply
Jul 18 '06 #1
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Here is some visual basic code that does something similar, see if you can convert and adapt it.

Can you describe the process of inverting a matrix?

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  1. Private Function InternalMatrixSolve(ByRef r1() As Double, ByRef r2() As Double, ByVal size%)
  2.     Dim Matrix(2, 2) As Double
  3.     Dim Vector(2) As Double
  5.     Rem Set up the normalised matrix and vector
  7.     For y% = 0 To 2
  8.         For x% = 0 To 2
  9.             Matrix(y%, x%) = 0
  10.             For r% = 1 To size
  11.                 Matrix(y%, x%) = Matrix(y%, x%) + ((r1(r%) ^ y%) * (r1(r%) ^ x%))
  12.             Next
  13.         Next
  15.         Vector(y%) = 0
  16.         For r% = 1 To size
  17.             Vector(y%) = Vector(y%) + ((r1(r%) ^ y%) * r2(r%))
  18.         Next
  19.     Next
  21.     For y% = 0 To 2
  23.         Rem Get a 1 on the diagonal by dividing through the current line by the diagnoal cell
  24.         Divisor# = Matrix(y%, y%)
  26.         If Divisor# = 0 Then
  27.             InternalMatrixSolve = "MATHS ERROR"
  28.             Exit Function
  29.         End If
  31.         For x% = y% To 2
  32.             Matrix(y%, x%) = Matrix(y%, x%) / Divisor#
  33.         Next
  35.         Vector(y%) = Vector(y%) / Divisor#
  37.         Rem get 0s below the current diagonal by taking away multiples of the current line
  38.         For y2% = y% + 1 To 2
  39.             Multiplier# = Matrix(y2%, y%)
  40.             For x% = y% To 2
  41.                 Matrix(y2%, x%) = Matrix(y2%, x%) - (Matrix(y%, x%) * Multiplier#)
  42.             Next
  44.             Vector(y2%) = Vector(y2%) - (Vector(y%) * Multiplier#)
  45.         Next
  46.     Next
  48.     Rem we now have 1s on the diagnoal and )s below the diagonal
  49.     Rem need to get 0s above the diagonal
  51.     For y% = 2 To 0 Step -1
  53.         Rem get 0s above the current diagonal by taking away multiples of the current line
  54.         For y2% = y% - 1 To 0 Step -1
  55.             Multiplier# = Matrix(y2%, y%)
  56.             For x% = y% To 2
  57.                 Matrix(y2%, x%) = Matrix(y2%, x%) - (Matrix(y%, x%) * Multiplier#)
  58.             Next
  60.             Vector(y2%) = Vector(y2%) - (Vector(y%) * Multiplier#)
  61.         Next
  62.     Next
  64.     InternalMatrixSolve = Vector
  65. End Function
Jul 18 '06 #2

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