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C++ Word automation Extract text

Sub: C++ Word automation Extract text


I want extact text form a word document using a visual c++ programme.

I have see a lot of documentation. and my analysis is that I must use a
"word automation".

I have foud a lot of exemple to use it but I need your precious help to
use it properly.

I init my automation

CLSID clsid;
CLSIDFromProgID(L"Word.Application", &clsid);

IUnknown* pUnk;
HRESULT hr = ::CoCreateInstance( clsid, NULL, CLSCTX_LOCAL_SERVER,
IID_IUnknown, (void**) &pUnk);
if (FAILED(hr))
OutputDebugString("Error in creating Word application instance\n");
return -1;

hr = pUnk->QueryInterface(IID_IDispatch, (void**)&m_pDispApp);

DISPPARAMS dp = { NULL, NULL, 0, 0 };
LPOLESTR szDoc = L"Documents";
IDispatch* pDocuments = NULL;
VARIANT varRetVal;
hr = m_pDispApp->GetIDsOfNames(IID_NULL, &szDoc, 1,
hr = m_pDispApp->Invoke(dispID, IID_NULL, LOCALE_SYSTEM_DEFAULT,
if (!SUCCEEDED(hr))
return -1;

m_pDocuments = varRetVal.pdispVal;
I open a word document

VARIANT varRetVal;
EXCEPINFO excepInfo; // this variable contains exception info if any
Invoke call fails
varg.vt = VT_BSTR;
varg.bstrVal = _bstr_t(strFilePath); // this is the MS-word document
filename, must be changed to a valid filename that

exists on disk
DISPPARAMS dpOpen = { &varg, NULL, 1, 0 };
DISPID dispOpenID;
LPOLESTR szOpenDoc = L"Open";
HRESULT hr = m_pDocuments->GetIDsOfNames(IID_NULL, &szOpenDoc, 1,
hr = m_pDocuments->Invoke(dispOpenID, IID_NULL, LOCALE_SYSTEM_DEFAULT,
DISPATCH_METHOD, &dpOpen, &varRetVal, &excepInfo,

if (FAILED(hr))
OutputDebugString("Error opening the document\n");
return -1;

a ms word programme open, <b>i dont want to see the MS Word application
to open</b>

How to read the word file w/o having the MSWord interface poping up ?
2. if the document is used, then, i see a message box that asks me to
chose between read-only, notifiy ..

I always have to open it as readonly (how can do this ?)
3. I have found how to save a doc document in txt file

VARIANT vNeuerName, vSpeichernFormat;
vNeuerName.vt = VT_BSTR;
vNeuerName.bstrVal = SysAllocString(L"C:\\delete\\docneu.txt");
vSpeichernFormat.vt = VT_I4;
vSpeichernFormat.lVal = 2;


IDispatch* pDocument = varRetVal.pdispVal;
DISPPARAMS dpSave = { NULL, NULL, 0, 0 };
DISPID dispSaveID;
LPOLESTR szSaveDoc = L"SaveAs";

hr = pDocument->GetIDsOfNames(IID_NULL, &szSaveDoc, 1,
hr = pDocument->Invoke(dispSaveID, IID_NULL, LOCALE_SYSTEM_DEFAULT,
DISPATCH_METHOD, &dpSave, &varRetVal, NULL, NULL);

But this code is invalid. Why ?

4. I only have to read the text from the .doc file and I would like to
avoid saving it in a other file
(how can do it ?)

Many Thank you for your help.

Visual C++ programmer.

Oct 3 '05 #1
1 11511
mi********@gmail.com wrote:
Sub: C++ Word automation Extract text


I want extact text form a word document using a visual c++ programme.


This is off-topic in this newsgroup, which is concerned with standard
C++ only. Try a Microsoft-specific group like

Cheers! --M

Oct 3 '05 #2

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