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Storing Data in Binary Field using ADODB

Hello everyone,

I am trying to store data in a binary field of an SQL-Server table using
So far, I have managed to store a record but not any data in the binary
I only get exceptions on various part. I have tried both AppendChunk and
using a stream object.
Unfortunately all the examples I can find in the Net and on the Microsoft
are in VB and don't translate easily into C++.

Does anyone have an example where this is done in C++??
Here is my code if you want to check it it's pretty messy because I've been
trying all kinds of things:
#include <ctime>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <string.h>

#import "C:\Programme\Gemeinsame Dateien\System\ado\msado15.dll"
rename("EOF", "ADOEOF")

using namespace std;

#include <windows.h>

const AnzMesswerte = 50;
typedef struct {
unsigned int ZeitStempel;
short Uoc, Isc, Umpp, UdcIst, UausIst, Uiso, Iiso, Tin, Tk, Tmod[5];
short UGenIst[AnzMesswerte];
short IGenIst[AnzMesswerte];
unsigned int ZeitStempelEnde;
} SatzStruct;

typedef struct {
unsigned int sec;
unsigned short us, ms;
} ExakteZeit;

#define MaxRetries 10
#define SatzSize sizeof(Satz)
short retries = 0;
unsigned int temp_int;
unsigned int *int_ptr;
unsigned int sec, usec, usec2;
bool err = false;
ExakteZeit Zeit;
SatzStruct Satz;

ADODB::_ConnectionPtr connection;
ADODB::_RecordsetPtr recordset;
ADODB::_StreamPtr mstream;
_variant_t varChunk;
void ConnectDB(void) {

hr = connection.CreateInstance(__uuidof(ADODB::Connecti on));
if (FAILED(hr)) throw _com_error(hr);
hr = recordset.CreateInstance(__uuidof(ADODB::Recordset ));
if (FAILED(hr)) throw _com_error(hr);
connection->CursorLocation = ADODB::adUseClient;
connection->Open(L"Provider=sqloledb;Data Source=localhost;"
L"Initial Catalog=Modulmessdaten;User Id=sa;Password=<Passwort>;", L"",
L"", ADODB::adConnectUnspecified);
recordset->Open(L"Messdaten", connection.GetInterfacePtr(),
ADODB::adOpenDynamic, ADODB::adLockOptimistic, ADODB::adCmdTable);
std::cerr << "Connect to database Exception";

void DatensatzSchreiben(short ModulNr) {

try {


std::cerr << "Update Exception";

int main() {
int i=1;
string l;
cout << "Connecting to database\n";

hr = mstream.CreateInstance(__uuidof(ADODB::Stream));
if (FAILED(hr)) throw _com_error(hr);
mstream->Type = ADODB::adTypeBinary;

UCHAR chData;
SAFEARRAYBOUND rgsabound[1];
rgsabound[0].lLbound = 0;
rgsabound[0].cElements = AnzMesswerte;
psa = SafeArrayCreate(VT_UI2,1,rgsabound);
long index1 = 0;

://Copy the data only into Field.
for(long index=0;index<=(AnzMesswerte-1);index++)
//Take BYTE by BYTE and advance Memory Location
chData = Satz.UGenIst[index];
hr = SafeArrayPutElement(psa,&index1,&chData);

varChunk.vt = VT_ARRAY|VT_UI2;
varChunk.parray = psa;


return 0;

Jul 23 '05 #1
0 2429

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