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Available C++ Libraries FAQ

Archive-name: C++-faq/libraries/part1
Comp-lang-c++-archive-name: C++-faq/libraries/part1

Available C++ Libraries FAQ

Dos and don'ts - (Mostly don'ts)

- Do not reply to the posting of this list in the newsgroup, quoting the entire
text. I get an average of one mail like this per month, which I have to pay to download.
- Do not send me mail asking for help with your programming - unless you are
willing to pay my normal daily rate for consultancy. Free advice is
available from Usenet newsgroups like comp.lang.c++.
- Do not send me mail asking if there is a library to do a particular task. All
the libraries I know about are in this list.
- I do not actually have copies of the libraries in the list. I do not
evaluate the libraries in the list, I just collect together information
sent in by the authors or others. So it's no use asking me how good a
particular library is, or, indeed, anything about them that isn't already
in the list.
- If you want me to include your library in the list, send in a
submission. Do not just send in a URL, and expect me to pay to connect to the Internet,
download your Web page(s) and summarise them. That's your job.

Due to the increasing size of this list, and problems with updating the
automatic poster at rtfm.mit.edu, the full list is now only available on
the Web (at "http://www.trumphurst.com/cpplibs/" and

Only this pointer is now submitted to comp.lang.c++ and
news.answers, and is available for public ftp (along with all the other
Usenet FAQ lists) at rtfm.mit.edu (, in file

Rtfm.mit.edu also has a mail server - send a mail message containing
"usenet-by-group/comp.answers/C++-faq/libraries/part1" to
ma*********@rtfm.mit.edu. If you want to find out more about the mail
server, send a message to it containing "help".

Marshall Cline's C++ FAQ should also be available from rtfm - the files
are called _posting_#1_4, _posting_#2_4, _posting_#3_4 and _posting_#4_4,
and they are in directory pub/usenet-by-group/comp.lang.c++/. Marshall
tells me that rtfm often has an old copy, and that the latest copy is
always available on his <a href="http://www.parashift.com/c++-faq-lite/">Web page.

Please mail comments, criticisms, additions and amendments to me at
cp*****@trumphurst.com. However, please DO NOT mail me with requests for
assistance in finding files mentioned in the list. I am unable to provide
such a service. Definite information such as "file xyz is no longer at
site xxx" IS welcome - even better if you can tell me an alternative site
where it can be found. If you are new to the Internet, try to find out
about tools such as archie, whois, www, gopher etc. I recommend the
newsgroups "news.announce.newusers" and "news.answers" for starters. See
also the Web "roadmap" to such services listed below.

Web version of the list http://www.trumphurst.com/cpplibs/
A Web form to add your submission to the list http://www.trumphurst.com/cppsub.html
Mail a submission to the list cp*****@trumphurst.com
C++ directory at rtfm ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet-by-group/comp.lang.c++/
Newsgroup for C++ learners alt.comp.lang.learn.c-c++
Main C++ newsgroup comp.lang.c++
Trumphurst Home Page http://www.trumphurst.com/
Nikki Locke, Trumphurst Ltd. PC & Unix consultancy & programming
ni***@trumphurst.com http://www.trumphurst.com/
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