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I was sent this code and can't figure out why I keep getting "Incomplete Data type Error

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  1. #include <stdio.h>
  2. #include <getopt.h>
  3. #include <string.h>
  5. int main() 
  6. {
  8.     // Menu dictionary
  9.     int menu_size = 4;
  10.     struct MenuItem menu[4];
  11.     menu[0].description = strdup("Fried Chicken");
  12.     menu[0].price = 200.0;
  13.     menu[1].description = strdup("Baked Chicken");
  14.     menu[1].price = 350.0;
  15.     menu[2].description = strdup("Jerk Chicken");
  16.     menu[2].price = 500.0;
  17.     menu[3].description = strdup("Barbecue Chicken");
  18.     menu[3].price = 750.0;
  20.     // Starting balance
  21.     double starting_balance = 100000.0;
  22.     double balance = 100000.0;
  23.     double chicken_remaining = 425250.0 / 70.0;
  25.     // Initialize variables
  26.     int total_servings = 0;
  27.     int total_orders = 0;
  28.     double total_fried_chicken_sales = 0.0;
  29.     double total_baked_chicken_sales = 0.0;
  30.     double total_jerk_chicken_sales = 0.0;
  31.     double total_bbq_chicken_sales = 0.0;
  32.     char name[100] = "";
  33.     char order_confirmation[2] = "";
  35.     // Loop for taking customer orders
  36.     while (chicken_remaining > 0) {
  37.         // Display menu
  38.         printf("Welcome to Keisha's Delicious Chicken\nToday's Menu\n");
  39.         for (int i = 0; i < menu_size; i++) {
  40.             printf("%d. %s %.2f\n", i + 1, menu[i].description, menu[i].price);
  41.         }
  42.         printf("5. Type in 'close' to exit the program. \n");
  44.         // Take order
  45.         while (1) {
  46.             printf("Enter customer name: ");
  47.             fgets(name, sizeof(name), stdin);
  48.             name[strcspn(name, "\n")] = '\0';
  49.             if (strcmp(name, "close") == 0) {
  50.                 printf("\nTotal orders: %d\n", total_orders);
  51.                 printf("Total servings: %d\n", total_servings);
  52.                 printf("Total Fried Chicken sales: %.2f (%d servings)\n", total_fried_chicken_sales, (int)(total_fried_chicken_sales/200.0));
  53.                 printf("Total Baked Chicken sales: %.2f (%d servings)\n", total_baked_chicken_sales, (int)(total_baked_chicken_sales/350.0));
  54.                 printf("Total Jerk Chicken sales: %.2f (%d servings)\n", total_jerk_chicken_sales, (int)(total_jerk_chicken_sales/500.0));
  55.                 printf("Total Barbecue Chicken sales: %.2f (%d servings)\n", total_bbq_chicken_sales, (int)(total_bbq_chicken_sales/750.0));
  56.                 printf("Current balance: %.2f\n", balance);
  57.                 printf("Chicken remaining: %.2f\n", chicken_remaining);
  58.                 printf("Thank you for choosing Keisha's Delicious Chicken!\n");
  59.                 return 0;
  60.             }
  61.             int choice;
  62.             printf("Enter order number (1-4): ");
  63.             scanf("%d", &choice);
  64.             getchar(); // Consume newline character
  65.             if (choice < 1 || choice > menu_size) {
  66.                 printf("Invalid choice. Please try again.\n");
  67.             } else 
  68.             {
  69.                 // Compute cost of the order
  70.                double order_cost = menu[choice - 1].price;
  71.             }
  72.         }
  73.     }
  74. return 0; 
  75. }
Any help would be appreciated
Apr 29 '23 #1
2 18874
2,426 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Where is struct MenuItem defined? Perhaps you need to include another header file.
May 1 '23 #2
988 Recognized Expert Contributor
Presumably you were able to sort this out.

Will you take a moment to show the rest of us what the solution was?
May 31 '23 #3

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