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Point in polygon

25 New Member
I am trying to find out whether a point is inside a polygon.I am using vector std c++.

My program till now:
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  1. Polygon.h
  2. class Polygon {
  3. public:
  4. Polygon();
  5. virtual ~Polygon();
  6. virtual bool Inside(Point p);
  7. private:
  8. std::vector<Point> pts;
  10. Polygon.cc
  11. Polygon::Polygon()
  12. {
  13. }
  14. Polygon::~Polygon()
  15. {
  16. }
  17. bool Polygon Inside(Point p)
  18. {
  19. int nvert=pts.size;
  20. }
I liked the ray casting algorithm but I dont know how to do in C++. Could anyone help out?
Jul 17 '12
28 33767
25 New Member
Hello Sir

I am still not able to get sms frm polygonal geofence. As I told you, I tried to make Shape as a base class and Polygon as derived class. I have created a class called DataProcessor.c c

DataProcessor.c c
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  1. void DataProcessor::run()
  2. {
  3. std::vector<Geofence> geofences= DBCon->getGeofences(deviceID);
  4. /*Geofence is a struct in another file by the name DataObjects.h and geofences is a object of Geofence.I am writing the query in DBCon to get geofences which is also working fine and no errors are there.
  5. */
  6. }
  7. void DataProcessor::checkGeofence()
  8. {
  9. if(geofences.empty())
  10. {
  11. return null;
  12. }
  13. else
  14. {
  15. std::vector<Geofence>::iterator it_GF;
  16. std::vector<Geofence> curGeofences;
  17. std::vector<Shape> shapes;
  18. std::vector<Shape>::iterator shapeIt=shapes.begin();
  19. for (; shapeIt != shapes.end(); shapeIt++) 
  20. {
  21. if (shapeIt->isInside(curPosition.position))
  22. {
  23. curGeofences.push_back(*it_GF);
  24. }
  25. }
  26. }
  27. }
/*Shape is a base class and has the formula to calculate distance between two points. I want to assign the value of "geofences" into "shapes". I think that shapes.begin is always empty.
How should I do it? Please help me out.
Aug 8 '12 #11
9,208 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
You are not implementing polymorphism correctly.

If your Shapes class is a base class then your ocde using Shapes objects can only use a Shapes* or a Shapes&.

The Shapes class will define the interface and the derived classes will define the implementation.

Your best course here is to write a small test program so see how this all works. Polymorphism in C++ will require that you study up so I woulds look for articles on the web or perhaps get a textbook and actually implement the polymorphism examples to see them working.

Understanding how a virtual function works will be key in your being able to progress with your geofences project.

AS I see it you have a Shape with a derived class called Polygon which itself may have a derived class Pentagon.

Only the Pentagon class knows how to work with Pentagons.

You create a Pentagon and use it indirectly as a Shape:

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  1. Shape* s = new Pentagon;
  2. Myfunction(s);
Inside MyFunction, which has a Shape* argument you code:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. void MyFunction(Shape* arg)
  2. {
  3.    bool result = arg->isInside();
  4. etc....
When you call MyFunction with a Pentagon, arg->isInside() is a call to Pentagon::isIns ide.

This works because Shape::isInside is a virtual function. The Pentago class overrides Shape::isInside with Pentagon::isIns ide. Then when you access a Pentagon object using as Shaoe* you gt the call to Pentagon::isIns ide.

If you use a Pentagon object as a Shape object, this does not work because a Pentagon object only partly a Shape object. Pentagon has more stuff than Shape. You lose the extra stuff in Pentagon when tu treat it as a Shape. You must treat it as a Shape* or Shape&.
Aug 8 '12 #12
25 New Member
Thanks a lot for your comments. I found out the mistake. I have edited my program and now in the process of compilation.
Aug 9 '12 #13
25 New Member
I think I am making mistake in designing the polygon algorithm. This is the algorithm which I have written. Is it correct?
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  1. class Polygon : public Shape {
  2. public:
  4.     Polygon(points_polygon p);
  5.     Polygon();
  6.     Polygon(const Polygon& orig);
  7.     virtual ~Polygon();
  9.     virtual bool isInside(const Point& p);
  11.     std::vector<Point> points;
  12.     int _ID;
  13.     int _userID;
  14.     std::string _deviceID;
  15.     std::string _name;
  16.     Point _polygon;
  17.     int _side;
  19. };

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Polygon::Polygon(points_polygon p)
  2. {
  3.    _name = p.name;
  4.    _ID = p.ID;
  5.    _side = p.side;
  6.    _userID = p.userID;
  7.    _deviceID = p.deviceID;
  8.    _polygon = p.polygon;
  10. }
  12. Polygon::Polygon() {
  13. }
  15. Polygon::Polygon(const Polygon& orig) {
  16. }
  18. Polygon::~Polygon() {
  19. }
  20. // Function to check whether the point is inside or outside the polygon : concept of ray casting algorithm
  21.  bool Polygon::isInside(const Point& p) {
  22.     int i,j,c=0;
  24.     for(i=0,j=this->points.size()-1;i<this->points.size();j=i++)
  25.     {
  26.         if(((this->points[i].longitude > p.longitude) != (this->points[j].longitude > p.longitude))
  27.        &&(p.latitude < (this->points[j].latitude - points[i].latitude) * 
  28.           (p.longitude - this->points[i].longitude) / 
  29.           (this->points[j].longitude - this->points[i].longitude) + this->points[i].latitude))
  30.             c!=c;
  31.     }
  32.     return c;
  33. }
Aug 9 '12 #14
9,208 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
This code:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. (((this->points[i].longitude > p.longitude) != (this->points[j].longitude > p.longitude))
  2.  &&(p.latitude < (this->points[j].latitude - points[i].latitude) * 
  3. (p.longitude - this->points[i].longitude) / 
  4. (this->points[j].longitude - this->points[i].longitude) + this->points[i].latitude))
  5.  c!=c;
  6. etc...
Is non-readable. Generally, compact code like this means smaller executable programs that run faster. Unfortunuately, the program has to work first.

Break this into sections:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. int A;
  2. int B;
  3. int C;
  4. int D;
  5. int E;
  6.      A = this->points[i].longitude > p.longitude;
  7.      B = this->points[j].longitude > p.longitude;
  8.      C = p.latitude < (this->points[j].latitude - points[i].latitude;
  9.      D = p.longitude - this->points[i].longitude;
  10.      E = this->points[j].longitude - this->points[i].longitude) + this->points[i].latitude;
Using your debugger, verify each of these variables have the correct value.

Change the if statement to use A,B,C,D and E.

I was not able to understand this:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. c!=c;
since that will always be false.

I have no idea if the algorithm is correct. But remember with int calculations there are no fractional parts. 6/100 is zero. So code like X/Y where X is smaller than Y wil always be zero. Just be aware of this.

Also, you have public data members. These should be private. The reason is that should these get screwed up, the functions that did ir are the class member functions whose main job is to guarantee these values are never screwed up. That's a better deal as opposed to having screwed up values and not have anu idea where in the program that happened.
Aug 9 '12 #15
25 New Member
Hello Sir

I did as you told. First made as executable statements and wrote as
((A!=B)&&(C*D/E)); However I found that it does not enter the function at all in the main program DataProcessor.c c(I checked this by giving some statements like hello1, hello2 etc...). Does this mean my algorithm is wrong or there is some problem in calling function in main program? Please help me out.
Aug 13 '12 #16
9,208 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Have you set a breakpoint in your function to verify that it is not called? Your algorithm can't be wrong unless it is actually used to produce a result.

Sometimes a comiler omits code that can never be reached:

if (A is true) do this and return.
if (A is not true) do this and return.
Do some other processsing and return.

The Do some other processing will never be reached so wile it may be in your code, the compile will generally drop it from the compiled code.
Aug 14 '12 #17
25 New Member
I just modified the algorithm in Polygon.cc
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. bool Polygon::isInside(const Point& p)
  2.  {
  3.     int i,j= this->points.size()-1;
  4.     bool oddnodes=false;
  5.     for(i=0;i<this->points.size();i++)
  6.     {
  7.         if((this->points[i].longitude < p.longitude &&this->points[j].longitude>=p.longitude || this->points[j].longitude< p.longitude &&this->points[i].longitude>=p.longitude)&&
  8.                 (this->points[i].latitude<=p.latitude|| this->points[j].latitude<=p.latitude))
  9.         {
  10.             if(this->points[i].latitude+(p.longitude-this->points[i].longitude)/(this->points[j].longitude-this->points[i].longitude)*(this->points[j].latitude-this->points[i].latitude)<p.latitude)
  11.             {
  12.                 oddnodes!=oddnodes;
  14.             }
  15.         }
  16.         j=i;
  17.     }
  18.     return oddnodes;
  19. }
However now I get an error "unable to resolve identifier points", though I have declared
std::vector<Poi nt>points;

Why is this hapening now? I never got this error before.
Aug 14 '12 #18
9,208 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Does polygon.cc #include polygon.h?
Aug 14 '12 #19
9,065 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
weaknessforcats is away for a bit and has asked me to look after this thread.

I have tried compiling your code (as given in this thread) and it compiles without the error you are getting which suggests that you may have failed to properly include the header for Polygon or some other file structural issue.

Is this the only error you are getting? If not lets see them all please.

What compiler are you using? Have you set it to produce all possible warnings.

When I compile the above code I get these warnings

Line 7 that it would be best to use parentheses () to make sure the logic of the if statement happens correctly.

Line 12 the statement has no effect

In oddnodes!=oddno des; != is the comparison operator that produces a boolean result, it does not change the value of its parameters. I believe that you where trying to toggle the value of oddnotes that would be oddnodes = !oddnodes;
Aug 14 '12 #20

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