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How to fix "syntax error before numeric constant " error message?

3 New Member
I am taking my first programing course in college... and I am completely lost on this assignment. I am not sure what is wrong with my current code. Any help will be appreciate it... thanks!

I keep on getting the follow error messages when I try to compile it.

test.c:3: error: syntax error before numeric constant
test.c: In function `main':
test.c:18: error: `next_day' undeclared (first use in this function)
test.c:18: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
test.c:18: error: for each function it appears in.)
test.c: In function `find_next_day' :
test.c:25: error: parameter name omitted
test.c:29: error: syntax error before "day"
test.c:32: error: break statement not within loop or switch
test.c:33: error: case label not within a switch statement
test.c:53: error: syntax error before "return"

My code is the following:
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  2.  #include <stdio.h>
  4. enum day {sun=1, mon, tue, wed, thur, fri, sat};
  6. typedef enum day day;
  8. day find_next_day (day);
  10. int main(void)
  11. {
  12.     day x, next_day;
  14.     printf("\nEnter a day. ");
  15.     scanf("%d", &x);
  17.     find_next_day (x);
  19.     printf ("%d", next_day);
  21.     return 0;
  22. }
  26. day find_next_day (day)
  27. {    
  28.     day next_day;
  30.     switch (day) {
  31.     case sun:
  32.         next_day = mon;
  33.         break;
  34.     case mon:
  35.         next_day = tue;
  36.         break;
  37.     case tue:
  38.         next_day = sun;
  39.         break; 
  40.     case wed:
  41.         next_day = thur;
  42.         break;
  43.     case thur:
  44.         next_day = fri;
  45.         break;
  46.     case fri:
  47.         next_day = sat;
  48.         break; 
  49.     case sat:
  50.         next_day = sun;
  51.         break;
  52.     }
  54.     return next_day;
  56. }
Any help will be appreciated! Thanks.
Mar 18 '11 #1
3 13112
9,065 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
You didn't get those errors from the code you posted so I suggest you either post the errors that match the code or post the code that matches the errors.
Mar 18 '11 #2
3 New Member
Sorry. I rewrote the code with some changes. Now the only error message I am getting is:

testing.c:4: error: syntax error before numeric constant

My code is:
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  1. #include <stdio.h>
  4. enum day {sun, mon, tue, wed, thur, fri, sat};
  7. typedef enum day Day;
  10. Day find_next_day (Day day);
  12. int main(void)
  13. {
  14.    int error;
  15.    Day x, next_day;
  17.     do {
  18.          printf("\n Please enter an integer for the starting day.  ");
  19.          scanf("%d", &x);
  20.          if (error = ( x> 6 || x < 0))
  21.              printf ("\n ERROR: The value must be within the range of 0 to 6.");
  22.          } while (error);
  23. /*The above should make sure the user enters a legit value*/
  25.    next_day = find_next_day (x);
  27.    printf ("%d", next_day);
  29.    return 0;
  30. }
  34. Day find_next_day (Day day) 
  35. /* I tried to take out the Switch and simplify it...*/
  36. {
  38.     return ((Day) (((int) day +1) %7));
  40. }
Mar 18 '11 #3
2,426 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Lines 10, 34, and 38 use "day" as a variable, but that name has already been declared as an enum name on line 4.

Your error message points at line 4. I don't see anything wrong with that line.
Mar 18 '11 #4

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