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Help with a loop that's suppose to remove all non-digits

25 New Member

I'm having a problem explaining why this loop does what it does.

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  1. string isbn = "--0---13-6--15--250-3";
  3.     // Go through isbn, remove any non digits
  4.     for ( int x = 0 ; x < 10 ; x++)
  5.     {
  6.         if (!isdigit(isbn[x]))
  7.             isbn = isbn.erase(x, 1);
  8.     }
  10.     cout << isbn << endl;
output is -0-136-15-250-3

Why doesn't it remove the other dashes?

May 7 '09 #1
12 2039
687 Contributor
Because x is incremented even if current character is erased. If character after it is the dash, it remains in string.
May 7 '09 #2
11,448 Recognized Expert MVP

Don't increment x when you've just removed a non-digit.

kind regards,

May 7 '09 #3
25 New Member
Thanks to both of you for the explanation and solution!

I made my new loop:
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  1. string isbn = "0-13-613950-X";
  3.     // Go through isbn, remove any non digits
  4.     int x = 0;
  5.     while (x < 10)
  6.     {
  7.         if (isbn[x] == 88 || isdigit(isbn[x]))
  8.             x++;
  9.         else
  10.             isbn = isbn.erase(x, 1);
  11.     }    
  12.     cout << isbn << endl;
May 7 '09 #4
11,448 Recognized Expert MVP
What is that '88' supposed to mean? Never use magic numbers in your code; use the symbolic character values, such as 'X'.

kind regards,


ps. your loop condition is wobbly at best.
May 7 '09 #5
25 New Member
advice noted!

any suggestions on how to make it better? I noticed when I entered a number such as 0-13-613950------X, the program would just halt or possibly be in a infinite loop.


nevermind the last part of it, only occurs when my string has less than 10 digits
May 7 '09 #6
25 New Member
Now I'm wondering how I would process the the string if there were less than 10 digits. Seems like I would have to remove all the things I don't want then get the size of the new string, but seems like I would need to know the size of the string with all the things I don't want from the beginning.
May 7 '09 #7
11,448 Recognized Expert MVP
While x is less than the length of the string ...

kind regards,

May 7 '09 #8
25 New Member
wow its late, I just get caught up in for loops too much and never really think of while loops. Anyways, I decided to scrap the for and while loops and use a recursive method.

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  1. string remove(const string &s)
  2. {
  3.     if (s.size() != 0)
  4.     {
  5.         if (s.size() == 1)
  6.         {
  7.             if(isdigit(s[0]) || s[0] == 'X' || s[0] == 'x')
  8.                 return s;
  9.             else
  10.                 return "";
  11.         }
  12.         else
  13.         {
  14.             if (isdigit(s[0]) || s[0] == 'X' || s[0] == 'x')
  15.                 return s.substr(0,1) + remove(s.substr(1));    
  16.             else
  17.                 return remove(s.substr(1));
  18.         }    
  19.     }
  20.     return "No String";
  21. }
May 7 '09 #9
11,448 Recognized Expert MVP
You can do better than that: twice that complicated if-condition isn't needed.

kind regards,

May 7 '09 #10

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