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check 2 D array columns then rows for duplicates

41 New Member
Hi I am stuck on checking if a 2D array has duplicates.

I have to write a function to check if a column has duplicates and then another function to check if the rows have duplicates from a file.

How would I go about this... I have the array reading a file correctly is it just the check for duplicates that I am stuck on... :)
Mar 2 '09 #1
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2,426 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
What is your definition of a "duplicate" ?
> Two cells that have the same value?
> Identical rows?
> Identical columns?
... or something else?
Mar 2 '09 #2
41 New Member
a row that contains more than the same character once...


123456789 has no duplicates
123456799 has a duplicate

I am stuck on how to check a 2D array for duplicates. But I need to write one function to check the columns for any duplicates and another function to check the rows. If I get help to do at least one of them then I will work on the other myself..

below is my program currently.

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  1. int loadFile(char data[9][9]) 
  2.  ifstream infile; 
  3.    string filename; 
  4.    float list = 0; 
  5.    cout << "Enter file name " << endl; 
  6.    cin >> filename; 
  7.    infile.open(filename.c_str()); 
  8.    if (infile.fail()) 
  9.    { 
  10.       cout << "File not found " << endl; 
  11.       return EXIT_FAILURE; 
  12.    } 
  13.    for(int i=0;i<9;i++) 
  14.      for(int j=0;j<9;j++) 
  15.        infile >> data[i][j]; 
  16.    return EXIT_SUCCESS; 
  18. int displayFile(char data[9][9]) 
  19.     for(int i=0;i<9;i++) 
  20.      { 
  21.      for(int j=0;j<9;j++) 
  22.        cout << data[i][j] << " "; 
  23.      cout << endl; 
  24.      } 
  25. }
Mar 2 '09 #3
2,426 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
A "duplicate" is ...
So you want to be able to check each row and each column for duplicate entries.

Consider your example rows. Start with the first character ("1") and compare it to each character to its right. If no matches, then take the second character ("2") and compare it to each character to its right. And so on. That's a general solution.

However, the specifics of your problem might allow for a simplification. If the permissible values in the array are restricted to a small range (for example, 1 to 9) then you can check off each permissible value as you scan the row or column. You have a duplicate if any permissible value has more than one check mark.
Mar 2 '09 #4
41 New Member
thanks for that.. I understand that is what I have to do but when I try to write the function I must be getting the coding wrong.. because it wont work.... I was thinking of creating a temp variable but that wont work either as I need to know if there is a duplicate in the whole row eg.

123426 // 2 is in that row twice but if I had a temp to check the array it wouldnt pick it up unless it was right after it...??

for now we can assume the column max is 9 and row max is 9 (in total 81 characters)...

I think what I am confused about is how to check it...

How woud I write the function for check cols... Am I kind of on the right track??? Do I need to implement a copy of the array???

int checkCols(char data[9][9]) //not complete
float checkCols = 0;
for(int i=0;i<9;i++)
for(int j=0;j<9;j++)

if (data[i][j] == checkCols) // i know this is wrong but I know I need to compare this with something once I have the code above sorted.

cout << endl;
Mar 2 '09 #5
2,426 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
I suggest you take a look at Arrays Revealed.

For example, this function definition isn't right:
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  1. int checkCols(char data[9][9]) {...}
Mar 2 '09 #6
41 New Member
what do you mean?? Do you mean I should have int checkCols(char data[8][8])??

I'm confused...

I am just finding this really hard because anytime I try to sort this array it goes back to the top of my program and says that float list; is not being used....

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. #include <iostream> 
  2. #include <string> 
  3. #include <fstream> 
  5. using namespace std; 
  7. void printMenu();
  8. int loadFile(char data[9][9]);
  9. int displayFile(char data[9][9]);
  10. //int checkCols(char data[9][9]);
  11. void bubbleSort(char data [9][9]);
  12. void ShowArray(char data [9][9]);
  14. int main() 
  16.  char choice = '*';
  17.      while (choice != 'Q')
  21.      {
  22.          char data[9][9];
  23.          printMenu();
  24.          cin >> choice; 
  25.          switch (toupper(choice))
  26.          {
  27.                 case 'L' :  loadFile(data); 
  28.                            break;
  29.                 case 'D' : displayFile(data); 
  30.                            break;
  31.                 case 'R' :  // complete this
  32.                 case 'C' :  bubbleSort(data);
  33.                             ShowArray(data);
  34.                            break;
  35.                 case 'M' :  // complete this
  36.                 case 'Q' : break;
  37.                 default :  cout << "Invalid option " << endl; cin.ignore(100,'\n');
  38.          }
  40.      }     
  42.     return 0;
  46.  system("pause");
  48. void printMenu()
  49. {
  50.      cout << "\n\tSudoku Checker " << endl << endl;
  51.      cout << "\t L\t Load file " << endl;
  52.      cout << "\t D\t Display " << endl;
  53.      cout << "\t C \t Check columns " << endl;
  54.      cout << "\t R \t Check rows " << endl;
  55.      cout << "\t M \t Check minigrids" << endl;
  56.      cout << "\t Q\t Quit " << endl;
  57.      cout << " Rows and columns are labelled from 0 to 8 " << endl;
  58.      cout << endl;
  59. }
  60. int loadFile(char data[9][9]) 
  61.  ifstream infile; 
  62.    string filename; 
  63.    float list = 0; 
  64.    cout << "Enter file name " << endl; 
  65.    cin >> filename; 
  66.    infile.open(filename.c_str()); 
  67.    if (infile.fail()) 
  68.    { 
  69.       cout << "File not found " << endl; 
  70.       return EXIT_FAILURE; 
  71.    } 
  72.    for(int i=0;i<9;i++) 
  73.      for(int j=0;j<9;j++) 
  74.        infile >> data[i][j]; 
  75.    return EXIT_SUCCESS; 
  77. int displayFile(char data[9][9]) 
  78.     for(int i=0;i<9;i++) 
  79.      { 
  80.      for(int j=0;j<9;j++) 
  81.        cout << data[i][j] << " "; 
  82.      cout << endl; 
  83.      } 
  84. }
Mar 2 '09 #7
41 New Member
can someone pls help?? I am stuck :(
Mar 2 '09 #8
2,426 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Follow the link provided in message #4.
Mar 3 '09 #9
41 New Member
I did read it but it hasnt helped. I do understand the concept of arrays it is the finding duplicate files that is confusing me... the task is...
* each column is checked for duplicate values. If a column contains a duplicate value then the message "column "c " is incorrect " is displayed. If all columns are correct then the message "All columns are correct " is displayed.
Mar 3 '09 #10

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