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CreateFile Windows COM1

73 New Member
Trying to open COM1 in XP using CreateFile and I keep getting INVALID_HANDLE_ VALUE.

here is the code I am using:

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  1. HANDLE serialhCom = CreateFile("COM1",            
  2.                        GENERIC_READ | GENERIC_WRITE,
  3.                        0,                    
  4.                        NULL,                 
  5.                        OPEN_EXISTING,        
  6.                        FILE_FLAG_OVERLAPPED, 
  7.                        NULL);                
  10.      if (serialhCom != INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) 
  11.      {
  12.        SetupComm(serialhCom, inLen, outLen);
  13.        serialSetTimeouts(serialhCom, MAXDWORD, 0, 0, 0, 0);
  14.      }
  15.      else
  16.      {
  17.        printf ("Could not open COM1\n");
  18.      }
I used GetLastError to get more details. and I received error # 123?

I have searched Google and looked at MSDN and could not info to help me solve the problem. There are dozens of articles explaining CreateFile and how one should use it, but no real substance. I have checked my device manager and my COM1 is active with no conflicts. I have checked my registry and have confirmed my COM1 in memory.

Please advise.

Nov 3 '08 #1
11 29624
2,426 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Try adding a colon to the filename: "COM1:".
Nov 3 '08 #2
73 New Member
no good. I have even tried (recommended by some) ""////.//COM1" :(
Nov 3 '08 #3
9,065 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Error 123... you can look up error code in winerror.h where you would find

// MessageText:
// The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax
// is incorrect.
#define ERROR_INVALID_N AME 123L // dderror
You may have tried "////.//COM1" but did you try it with the correct slash "\\\\.\\COM 1"?

Actually I have to say that "COM1" has always worked for me I assume you computer has a COM1?
Nov 3 '08 #4
9,065 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Oh and 1 final thought, COM1 isn't already in use by some other program is it? Only one process can have access to the COM port at a time (in fact I would question if you can have more than 1 handle open to the COM port).
Nov 3 '08 #5
73 New Member

I tried the following:

1. char str[8];
//port was passed in through the function parameter
sprintf(str, "COM%d", port);

// "str" was used as the first parameter in CreateFile
2. "COM1"
3. "com1"
4. "COM1:"
5. "\\\\.\\COM 1"

and finally....

6. "TEXT("COM1 ") which is the one that finally went through and did not give me an "INVALID_HANDLE _VALUE".

All of these methods (2,3,4,5) were found on google. The first method was working on Borland C and did not have any problems. I moved the same file which compiled on my other machine to the new computer that has Visual Studio 2008 and that's when the problem started.

I havent tried to see if my program spits anything out of the serial port yet, but at least I am passing through the section which was failing before.

I do have COM1 and no other program uses it. I have tried COM1 on windows Terminal software and it does communicate with my other computer.

Nov 3 '08 #6
73 New Member
just for kicks:

I tried to open COM1 with 2 different handles and the error code for that is "5"

Nov 3 '08 #7
9,065 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
and finally....

6. "TEXT("COM1 ")
Damn, sorry yes that would be required to turn it into a mu;tibyte string which is now the default for windows.
Nov 3 '08 #8
73 New Member
I am not sure what that is? (multibyte)

Oh and by the way, it works. I am getting data out of COM1.

My question now is, how do I make this dynamic. Can I pass a var to TEXT()?
It doesn't look like I can because it takes in a "quote"

How can I do this?

Nov 4 '08 #9
2 New Member
I have the same question:

Does anyone know how to generate the output of TEXT("COM1") in a dynamic way?

Mar 18 '09 #10

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