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No d3dx9.h? -What The Heck?-

161 New Member
Ok, I am trying to create a window using this book called "Introducti on To 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0c A shader Approach." By Frank D Luna. I used that hole script on page 98 to where it starts talking about Direct X debuging on one hole script. I got Visual Studios C++, DirectX, DirectX SDK. So whats going on?

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  1. #include <d3dx8.h>
  2. #include <iostream.h>
  4. using namespace std;
  6. class HelloD3DApp : public D3DApp
  7. {
  8. public:
  9.     HelloD3DApp(HINSTANCE hInstance, std::string winCaption, D3DDEVTYPE devType, DWORD, requestedVP);
  10.     -HelloD3DApp();
  12.     bool checkDeviceCaps();
  13.     void onLostDevice();
  14.     void updateScene(float dt);
  15.     void drawScene();
  17. private:
  19.     ID3DXFont* mFont;
  20. };
  22. int WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE, prevInstance, PSTR cmdLine, int showCmd)
  23. (
  24.     //Enable run-time memory check for debug builds.
  27. #endif
  29. HelloApp app(hInstance);
  30. gd3dApp = &app;
  32.  return gd3dApp->run();
  33. }
  35. HelloD3DApp::HelloD3DApp(HINSTANCE, hInstance, std::string winCaption, D3DDEVTYPE devType, DWORD requestedVP): D3DApp(hInstance, winCaption, devType, requestedVP)
  36. {
  37.     srand(time_t(0));
  39.     //Check the memory and make sure their are no errors other wise then make a error and shutdown.
  40.     if(!checkDeviceCaps())
  41.     {
  42.     MessageBox(0, "CheckDeviceCaps() Failed", 0, 0);
  43.     PostQuitMessage(0);
  44.     }
  45.     D3DXFONT_DESC fontDesc;
  46.     fontDesc.Height = 80;
  47.     fontDesc.Width = 40;
  48.     fontDesc.MipLevels = 0;
  49.     fontDesc.Italic = true;
  50.     fontDesc.CharSet = DEFAULT_CHARSET;
  51.     fontDesc.OutputPrecision = OUT_DEFAULT_PRECIS;
  52.     fontDesc.Quality = DEFAULT_QUALITY;
  53.     fontDesc.PitchAndFamily = DEFAULT_PITCH | FF_DONTCARE;
  54.     _tcscpy(fontDesc.FaceName, _T("Times New Roman"));
  56.     HR(D3DXCreateFontIndirect(gd3dDevice, &fontDesc, &mFont));
  57. }
  59. HelloD3DApp::~HelloD3DApp()
  60. {
  61. releaseCOM(mFont);
  62. }
  64. #define ReleaseCOM(x) { if(x){x->Release();x = 0;}}
  66. bool HelloD3DApp::checkDeviceCaps()
  67. {
  68.     //Nothing to check
  69.     return true;
  70. }
  72. void HelloD3DApp::updateScene(float dt)
  73. {
  75. }
  77. void HelloD3DApp::onLostDevice()
  79. {
  80.     HR(mFont->OnLostDevice());
  81. }
  83. void HelloD3DApp::onResetDevice()
  84. {
  85. HR(mFont->OnResetDevice());
  86. }
  88. void HelloD3DApp::drawScene()
  89. {
  90.     HR(gd3dDevice->Clear(0, 0, D3DCLEAR_TARGET | D3DCLEAR_ZBUFFER, D3DCOLOR_xRGB(225, 225, 255), 1.0f, 0);
  92.     RECT formatRect;
  93.     GetClientRect(mMainWnd, &formatRect);
  94.     HR(gd3dDevice->BeginScene());
  96.     mFont->DrawText(0, _T("Hello Direct3D"), -1, &formatRect, DT_CENTER | DT_VCENTER, D3DCOLORXRGB(rand() % 256, rand() % 256));
  98.     HR(gd3dDevice->EndScene());
  99.     HR(gd3dDevice->Present(0,0,0,0));
  100. }
Jun 16 '07 #1
7 16755
9,208 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
What was your question?

If you have trouble with Windows code, start reading "Programmin g Windows" by Charles Petzold for the background.
Jun 17 '07 #2
161 New Member
The compiler is telling me it can't find d3dx9.h. Even the windows.h file. Is there something else I must download to continue my DirectX project? I have been playing around with it, but so far it keeps showing the same error that it can't find it.
Jun 17 '07 #3
15 New Member
The catch is the compiler doesn't necessarily *know* where the Windows and DirectX headers are at. While you didn't specify what compiler you use, there should be a set of options for your current project along the lines of "Additional Include Directories" (VC2005) or similar. Tell it the location of said headers in there. What I prefer to do (and this also makes your code a bit more release-friendly) is copy the main folders of any and all APIs used in my program into my working directory, keeping the dir structure, obviously. Anyhow all you have to do at that point is put the directory your header resides in before the name and you're golden. Even works for libraries too. If you're more visual, here's how my DX9 renderer class works/looks:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. #pragma once
  3. #include "Renderer.h"
  5. // DirectX stuff
  6. #include "DirectX\d3d9.h"
  7. #pragma comment (lib, "DirectX/libs/d3d9.lib")
  9. class CRendererDX9 : public Renderer...
  10. yada yada yada
I remember this kind of problem really used to drive me nuts before I started using that little trick.
Jun 17 '07 #4
161 New Member
I'm using the 2005 version. I thought there was something I had to download, but then I'll try that and see what happens.
Jun 17 '07 #5
Is there somewhere I can download all the necessary include files (all the ones referenced by d3dx9.h) in a small (not 400mb) package???

Oct 18 '10 #6
Your best bet would be the sdks. If you dont want to dl a 400mb file. I dont have anything i cant help with
Oct 19 '10 #7
246 New Member
Your best bet is to find the headers and download them directly, and place them in your project folder if you don't want to download a large installer...

But your probably better off doing the installer, and setting up your compiler to look into a SDK header include folder so you don't have to remember to copy/paste a header file into your project every time you need one.

Food for thought.
Oct 19 '10 #8

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