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circular link list in c++

69 New Member
I'm trying to built and array of circular link list but when I read the input file Ijust get a long link list instead of different list and after trying to use Linked_list_Sta ck *obj[arraysize]; I'm getting this errors
newcir.cpp:107: request for member `push' in `obj[i]', which is of
non-aggregate type `Linked_list_St ack*'
newcir.cpp:110: request for member `print_list' in `obj[i]', which is of
non-aggregate type `Linked_list_St ack*'
Oct 20 '06
103 16031
315 Recognized Expert Contributor
how do I do this? pointers are not my good subjets lol
But you had it already (almost):

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. struct headernode{
  2.         char x;
  3.         listNodeType *next;
  4. }; 
Replace listNodeType by ListNodeClass. Note that you have to change all access to a list, since you have an array of header structs now...
Oct 23 '06 #61
69 New Member
going in circles here cant make it work with those pointers another way to do that?
Oct 23 '06 #62
315 Recognized Expert Contributor
going in circles here cant make it work with those pointers another way to do that?
Since the vector has a constant number of elements, you could establish some mapping:

a is 0
b is 1
c is 2 and so on.

If you need set b, you know its the second (index 1) in your vector. But do not change the vector then or you will run in trouble ;-)

Alternatively, you could extend your nodes by another member. Instead of storing the identifier in a header you can store it in every node of the list. This is somewhat ugly, but you can go on with your current design ...
Oct 23 '06 #63
69 New Member
I dont know nothing is working
Oct 23 '06 #64
69 New Member
class ListNodeClass
ItemType Info;
ListNodeClass * Next;
// First, the constructor:
ListNodeClass(c onst ItemType & Item, ListNodeClass * NextPtr = NULL):
Info(Item), Next(NextPtr)
void GetInfo(ItemTyp e & TheInfo) const;
friend class ListClass; // very convenient to allow this

struct headernode
char x;
ListClass *next;

class ListClass
ListNodePtr GetNode(const ItemType & Item,
ListNodePtr NextPtr = NULL);
void FreeNode(ListNo dePtr NodePtr);
void ClearList();
// Next 3 are sometimes made into protected fields:
ListNodePtr Front, Rear;
int Count;
// constructor:
// destructor:
int NumItems() const;
bool Empty() const;
void InsertRear(cons t ItemType & Item);
void printing();
ItemType RemoveFront();
ListNodePtr Find(const ItemType & Item) const;

int main()
int i,m;
char postfix[80];
char listname = 'a';

ListClass ListA[arraysize],*L;
for( i = 0; i <arraysize; i++ )
while(cin>>numb er && number!=-1)
ListA[i].InsertRear(num ber);
cout<<ListA[i].NumItems()<<" ";
return 0;

this is almost what I have now and but cant make it work dont know why?and I have tried everyway you told me what I'm doing wrong
Oct 23 '06 #65
315 Recognized Expert Contributor
this is almost what I have now and but cant make it work dont know why?and I have tried everyway you told me what I'm doing wrong
I have now used your code for a slim version. It's implementing a singly-linked, non-circular(!) list. All you can currently do is adding elements and print the content of the Info member.

Use this as a starting point. Extend the list with all features you need (circularity, removing nodes, ...).

Hope this is helpful :)

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. #include <iostream>
  2. #include <string>
  4. using namespace std;
  6. #define ItemType int
  8. // the definition of a list node
  9. class ListNodeClass
  10. {
  11. public:
  12.     // the data of a node
  13.     ItemType Info;
  15.     // the pointer to the next node
  16.     ListNodeClass *Next;
  17. };
  20. // the definition of a list (header!)
  21. class ListClass
  22. {
  23. private:
  24.         // entry to the list
  25.     ListNodeClass *Front;
  27.     // number of elements
  28.     int Count;           
  30.     // the ID to identify the set
  31.         char ID;  
  33.     void FreeNode( ListNodeClass* );
  35. public:
  36.     ListClass( char id ) : Front(0), Count(0), ID(id) {}
  38.     void InsertFront( ListNodeClass& );
  39.     void InsertRear( ListNodeClass& );
  41.     void RemoveFront();
  43.     void ClearList();
  44.     int NumItems() const { return Count; }
  45.     bool Empty() const;
  46.     void Printing();
  48.     ListNodeClass* Find(const ItemType & Item) const;
  50. };
  52. void ListClass::InsertFront( ListNodeClass& node ) {
  54.     node.Next = Front;
  55.     Front = &node;    
  56.     Count++;
  57. }
  59. void ListClass::Printing() {
  61.     ListNodeClass *ptr = Front;
  63.     cout << "This is set " << ID << " (" << Count << " elements): ";
  65.     while( ptr!=NULL ) {
  67.         cout << ptr->Info << " ";
  68.         ptr = ptr->Next;
  69.     }
  71.     cout << endl;
  72. }
  74. int main( void )
  75. {
  76.     ListNodeClass *node;
  78.     // list a
  79.     ListClass list_a( 'a' );
  81.     node = new ListNodeClass;
  82.     node->Info = 21;
  83.     list_a.InsertFront( *node );
  85.     node = new ListNodeClass;
  86.     node->Info = 33;
  87.     list_a.InsertFront( *node );
  89.     list_a.Printing();
  91.     // list b
  92.     ListClass list_b( 'b' );
  94.     node = new ListNodeClass;
  95.     node->Info = 3;
  96.     list_b.InsertFront( *node );
  98.     node = new ListNodeClass;
  99.     node->Info = 2;
  100.     list_b.InsertFront( *node );
  102.     node = new ListNodeClass;
  103.     node->Info = 1;
  104.     list_b.InsertFront( *node );
  106.     list_b.Printing();
  108.     return 0;
  109. }
Oct 23 '06 #66
69 New Member
thanks gonna try that
Oct 23 '06 #67
69 New Member
looks like we were trying the same thing
I add 1 to the arraysize and try to put the letter in the first node but getting like 9 10 11 12 13 14 instead of a b c d e f how can I fix that? this is what I did

char listname = 97;

ListClass ListA[arraysize+1];

for( i = 1; i <arraysize+1; i++ )
while(cin>>numb er && number!=-1)
ListA[0].InsertRear((in t)listname++);
ListA[i].InsertRear(num ber);
cout<<ListA[i].NumItems()<<" ";
but getting
1st column the number of elemets of every cirlist
2nd is supose to be the a b c d e f
after that is every list
10 9 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19
10 10 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
20 11 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
7 12 0 3 6 9 12 15 18
7 13 1 4 7 10 13 16 19
7 14 2 5 8 11 14 17 20
Oct 23 '06 #68
69 New Member
I try 'a' instead of 97 and got the same also
Oct 23 '06 #69
315 Recognized Expert Contributor
I try 'a' instead of 97 and got the same also
You try to store the list's identifier in a list element? Why? That's what the header struct (ListClass) is for. It stores the number of elements and the ID. The list nodes should only store the 'data' (Info member) and the 'Next' node pointer. When printing the list, you get the ID and the number of elements from the ListClass and the data from the ListNodeClass. Please have a look on the code I posted.

Or did I get you wrong?
Oct 24 '06 #70

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