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circular link list in c++

69 New Member
I'm trying to built and array of circular link list but when I read the input file Ijust get a long link list instead of different list and after trying to use Linked_list_Sta ck *obj[arraysize]; I'm getting this errors
newcir.cpp:107: request for member `push' in `obj[i]', which is of
non-aggregate type `Linked_list_St ack*'
newcir.cpp:110: request for member `print_list' in `obj[i]', which is of
non-aggregate type `Linked_list_St ack*'
Oct 20 '06
103 16044
69 New Member
for example I have the class

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  2. class list
  3. {
  4. public:
  5. node* begin() const;
  6. node* end() const;
  7. int size() const;
  8. bool empty() const;
  9. void insert(node* p, const data_type& d);
  10. void erase(node*& p);
  11. list();
  12. list (const list& l);
  13. ~list();
  14. list& operator= (const list& l);
  15. private:
  16. void free_list();
  17. node* head;
  18. #define tail NULL
  19. };
then I need to implement some code from the site you gave me for every function I have in this class? and what about the ones that dont have an implementation they dont need implementation because I'm adding #include <list> ?
see I'm really confuse
Oct 21 '06 #11
315 Recognized Expert Contributor
in the site you gave me talk a lot about vector can I use the same functions for my list and I'll need to change all my program for some of those functions I dont know I'm confuse
The question was if you _have_ to implement the containers (i.e. data structures such as list or stack) on your own or if you may want to use the built-in classes.

It is nothing wrong with implementing and using one's own data structures, as long as you have a good reason to do so.

Using the STL containers was just a proposal that may save you some time now (since you don't need to worry about how to implement and debug your data structures) and later (as you know about STL containers next time you have to do some coding).

I am sorry if I confused you :)
Oct 21 '06 #12
69 New Member
I want to save some time and learn to use the stl but getting confuse here
Oct 21 '06 #13
315 Recognized Expert Contributor
I want to save some time and learn to use the stl but getting confuse here
Upps, sorry didn't see your last post ... that's why I replied to an old posting by you ...

You don't have to implement the member functions of the STL list, it's already done. The STL list contains all functions you typically need for a list, such as inserting elements, finding elements, removing elements and the like. The same holds true for the stack container.
Look at the "Constructo rs" to see how objects of these classes can be created.

In addition, there are some (generic) algorithms, such as copy, sort, rotate and many more that support operations on STL containers. See the "Algorithms " section on the site I mentioned.
Oct 21 '06 #14
69 New Member
then if the fuction are in the stl I dont need to include then in my class? if I include then means I need to implement them?

do I need just to work in main and call for all those functions when I need them?
Oct 21 '06 #15
315 Recognized Expert Contributor
then if the fuction are in the stl I dont need to include then in my class? if I include then means I need to implement them?

do I need just to work in main and call for all those functions when I need them?
Yes, you just include the header. I attach a simple example that uses the STL list container and an STL algorithm:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. #include <iostream>
  2. #include <list>
  4. using namespace std;
  6. int main( void )
  7. {
  8.     // define a list that holds ints
  9.     list<int> i_list;
  11.     // add new elements at the end of the list (list member function)
  12.     i_list.push_back( 1 );
  13.     i_list.push_back( 2 );
  14.     i_list.push_back( 3 );
  15.     i_list.push_back( 4 );
  17.     // traverse the list and print out the elements
  18.     list<int>::iterator iter;
  19.     for( iter=i_list.begin(); iter!=i_list.end(); iter++ ) {
  21.         cout << *iter << endl;
  22.     }
  24.     // reverse the list (generic STL algorithm)
  25.     reverse( i_list.begin(), i_list.end() );
  27.     // traverse the list and print out the elements (again)
  28.     for( iter=i_list.begin(); iter!=i_list.end(); iter++ ) {
  30.         cout << *iter << endl;
  31.     }
  33.     return 0;
  34. }
Oct 21 '06 #16
69 New Member
then yes this way save a lot time .
I trying to make various containers using an array like

list<int> i_list[arraysize];

and use a for loop like this

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  2. for(i=0;i<arraysize;i++)
  3. {
  4. while(!cin.eof())
  5. {
  6. cin>>num;
  7. if(num!=-1)
  8. {
  9. i_list[i].push_back( num );
  10. }
  11. else
  12. return 0;
  13. }
  15. and printing out like this
  17. for(i=0;i<arraysize;i++)
  18. {
  19. // traverse the list and print out the elements
  20. list<int>::iterator iter;
  21. for( iter=i_list[i].begin(); iter!=i_list[i].end(); iter++ )
  22. {
  23. cout << *iter << endl;
  24. }
I'm not getting errors just blank
Oct 21 '06 #17
69 New Member
opps was not readding the size of the array now I got
-bash-2.05b$ a.out < hw2file1.txt
how can I rewrite the while loop so it stops every -1 and keep going with the array of containers ?
Oct 21 '06 #18
69 New Member
I got it working the list
I guess you when home? ok thanks

do you think this is gonna work as circular list or I need an extra funtion just to make every list a circular lis you know making the end point to the head ?
Oct 21 '06 #19
315 Recognized Expert Contributor
I got it working the list
I guess you when home? ok thanks

do you think this is gonna work as circular list or I need an extra funtion just to make every list a circular lis you know making the end point to the head ?
Do you really need a circular list?
Oct 21 '06 #20

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