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circular link list in c++

69 New Member
I'm trying to built and array of circular link list but when I read the input file Ijust get a long link list instead of different list and after trying to use Linked_list_Sta ck *obj[arraysize]; I'm getting this errors
newcir.cpp:107: request for member `push' in `obj[i]', which is of
non-aggregate type `Linked_list_St ack*'
newcir.cpp:110: request for member `print_list' in `obj[i]', which is of
non-aggregate type `Linked_list_St ack*'
Oct 20 '06 #1
103 16044
315 Recognized Expert Contributor
I'm trying to built and array of circular link list but when I read the input file Ijust get a long link list instead of different list and after trying to use Linked_list_Sta ck *obj[arraysize]; I'm getting this errors
newcir.cpp:107: request for member `push' in `obj[i]', which is of
non-aggregate type `Linked_list_St ack*'
newcir.cpp:110: request for member `print_list' in `obj[i]', which is of
non-aggregate type `Linked_list_St ack*'
May it be that you try to access the push member with code like
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1.   obj[i].push();

If so: the array contains only pointers to objects, not the objects themselves. So, you have to use
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1.   (*obj[i]).push();
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1.   obj[i]->push();
Oct 20 '06 #2
69 New Member
fix that problem thatnks but still getting only one list I need different list my main is
int main( )
int i;
Linked_list_Sta ck *obj[arraysize];

for(i=0;i<array size;i++)
obj[i] = new Linked_list_Sta ck;
while(!cin.eof( ))
obj[i]->push( );
obj[i]->print_list( );
return 0;
Oct 20 '06 #3
315 Recognized Expert Contributor
Could you please explain a little bit more in detail what you're trying to do?
As far as I understand from your code, you're

- building an array of pointers to elements of type Linked_list_Sta ck

- allocating objects for each of the pointers in the array

- invoking the member function push() of these objects (what is pushed here btw?)

- and finally you invoke the member function print_list (what will/should be printed here?)

Could you explain what should happen if you're program worked correctly?
Oct 20 '06 #4
69 New Member
I im trying to implement a stack-based postfix calculator for sets of nonnegative
integers. The input consists of the following items:
a. n, the number of input sets, on a line by itself.
b. n ordered sets of non-negative integers, each starting on a new line and each terminated by -1. Each set is to be stored as an ordered, singly-linked,circular list with a header.
c. A string containing a postfix expression, on a line by itself, without any spaces. The following
may appear:
U set union (destructive, i.e. the result set will be created using some elements of the operand
sets. Extra elements must be recycled.)
I set intersection (destructive)
- set difference (destructive)
\ symmetric difference (destructive)
= equality test (destructive)
< tests whether the first operand set is properly contained in the second operand set (destructive)
& Boolean and (implementation of TRUE/FALSE is your decision)
| Boolean or
! Boolean not
x where x is a lower-case symbol in the range ‘a’ . . . ‘z’ to indicate that a copy should be made
of an input set. This copy will be an ordered singly-linked circular list with a header. A
pointer to the header of the cloned list is to be pushed to the stack. ‘a’ indicates that the first
input set should be copied, ‘b’ indicates that the second input set should be copied, and so on.
The input will be provided to your program through standard input using a shell redirect.
2. The output is the one item that remains on the stack after processing the entire postfix expression. It
may be a set (e.g. a linked list) or a Boolean value. If it is a set, then print the values separated by
spaces. If it is a Boolean value, then print TRUE or FALSE.

one example input file is
1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 -1
2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 -1
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 -1
0 3 6 9 12 15 18 -1
1 4 7 10 13 16 19 -1
2 5 8 11 14 17 20 -1
abcdefUUUUIabIa cIadIaeIafIUUUU =

what I have done is just the link list my program

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  2. #include <iostream>
  3. #include <fstream>
  4. #include <cstdio>
  6. using namespace std;
  7. int arraysize,num;
  9. class Linked_list_Stack
  10. {
  11. private:
  12. struct node
  13. {
  14. int data;
  15. node *next;
  16. };
  18. node *top;
  19. node *entry;
  20. node *print;
  21. node *bottom;
  22. node *last_entry;
  23. node *second_last_entry;
  25. public:
  26. Linked_list_Stack( );
  27. void pop( );
  28. void push( );
  29. void print_list( );
  30. void show_working( );
  31. };
  33. Linked_list_Stack::Linked_list_Stack ( )
  34. {
  35. top=NULL;
  36. bottom=NULL;
  37. }
  39. void Linked_list_Stack::push( )
  40. {
  42. entry=new node;
  43. if(bottom==NULL)
  44. entry->data=num;
  45. entry->next=NULL;
  46. bottom=entry;
  47. top=entry;
  48. }
  49. else
  50. {
  51. entry->data=num;
  52. entry->next=NULL;
  53. top->next=entry;
  54. top=entry;
  55. }
  56. cout<<"\n\n\t *** "<<num<<" is pushed onto the Stack."<<endl;
  57. }
  59. void Linked_list_Stack::pop( )
  60. {
  61. if(bottom==NULL)
  62. cout<<"\n\n\n\t *** Error : Stack is empty. \n"<<endl;
  63. else
  64. {
  65. for(last_entry=bottom;last_entry->next!=NULL;
  66. last_entry=last_entry->next)
  67. second_last_entry=last_entry;
  68. if(top==bottom)
  69. bottom=NULL;
  71. int poped_element=top->data;
  72. delete top;
  73. top=second_last_entry;
  74. top->next=NULL;
  75. cout<<"\n\n\n\t *** "<<poped_element<<" is poped from the Stack."<<endl;
  76. }
  77. }
  79. void Linked_list_Stack::print_list( )
  80. {
  81. print=bottom;
  83. if(print!=NULL)
  84. cout<<"\n\n\n\n\n\t Values pushed onto Stack are : \n"<<endl;
  86. while(print!=NULL)
  87. {
  88. cout<<print->data;
  89. print=print->next;
  90. }
  91. }
  93. int main( )
  94. {
  95. int i;
  96. cin>>arraysize;
  97. Linked_list_Stack *obj[arraysize];
  99. for(i=0;i<arraysize;i++)
  100. {
  101. obj[i] = new Linked_list_Stack;
  102. while(!cin.eof()) 
  103. cin>>num;
  104. if(num!=-1)
  105. {
  106. obj[i]->push( );
  107. }
  108. }
  109. obj[i]->print_list( );
  110. cout<<endl;
  111. return 0;
  112. }
thanks for helping me
Oct 20 '06 #5
69 New Member
did I scare you off I hope not I need some help mostly with the lists I have some code ready for the operations between the list mean the union and all that
thanks again
Oct 20 '06 #6
315 Recognized Expert Contributor
did I scare you off I hope not I need some help mostly with the lists I have some code ready for the operations between the list mean the union and all that
thanks again
No, you didn't. It was just night time where I live, so I had to get some sleep :-)

Do you need to build the lists/stacks on your own (for instance, since it is part of the assignment)? If not, you may consider to use the "list" and "stack" containers from the C++ standard template library. This would save you a lot of trouble, I guess.
Oct 21 '06 #7
69 New Member
ok that sound good but how do I do that ?
Oct 21 '06 #8
315 Recognized Expert Contributor
ok that sound good but how do I do that ?
Start off with getting a good introductory book / tutorial on C++: the template containers are explained in each of these. It's really worth the effort!

For a quick start, you can also have a look at
http://www.cppreferenc e.com
They explain the usage of containers with easy examples and list all member functions to manipulate them.
Oct 21 '06 #9
69 New Member
in the site you gave me talk a lot about vector can I use the same functions for my list and I'll need to change all my program for some of those functions I dont know I'm confuse
Oct 21 '06 #10

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