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please...someon e help me to find what wrong with this code and how to make it run..

1 New Member
i need help to find errors in this program and improve its interface.

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

int main()
string InputNumber;
string words1,words2,w ords3,valCheck;

cin >> InputNumber;
cout << endl;

char *number3ptr = &InputNumber[2];
if (*number3ptr == '.')
valCheck= "THY";

char *numberptr = &InputNumber[3];
if (*numberptr == '.')
valCheck= "HUNDRED";

if (valCheck = "THY")

char *number8ptr = &InputNumber[0];
char *number9ptr = &InputNumber[1];

if ( *number8ptr != '1')

if (*number8ptr = '2')
words1 = "TWENTHY";
else if (*number8ptr = '3')
words1 = "THIRTY";
else if (*number8ptr = '4')
words1 = "FOURTY";
else if (*number8ptr = '5')
words1 = "FIFTY";
else if (*number8ptr = '6')
words1 = "SIXTY";
else if (*number8ptr = '7')
words1 = "SEVENTY";
else if (*number8ptr = '8')
words1 = "EIGHTY";
else if (*number8ptr = '9')
words1 = "NINETY";

if ( *number9ptr = '1')
words2 = "ONE";
else if (*number9ptr = '2')
words2 = "TWO";
else if (*number9ptr = '3')
words2 = "THREE";
else if (*number9ptr = '4')
words2 = "FOUR";
else if (*number9ptr = '5')
words2 = "FIVE";
else if (*number9ptr = '6')
words2 = "SIX";
else if (*number9ptr = '7')
words2 = "SEVEN";
else if (*number9ptr = '8')
words2 = "EIGHT";
else if (*number9ptr = '9')
words2 = "NINE";

cout<<words1<<" "<<words2<< " "<<"and"<<" " <<InputNumber.s ubstr(3,2)<<"/"<<100<<end l;



else if (valCheck = "HUNDRED")

char *number1ptr = &InputNumber[0];
if ( *number1ptr = '1')
words1 = "ONE";
else if (*number1ptr = '2')
words1 = "TWO";
else if (*number1ptr = '3')
words1 = "THREE";
else if (*number1ptr = '4')
words1 = "FOUR";
else if (*number1ptr = '5')
words1 = "FIVE";
else if (*number1ptr = '6')
words1 = "SIX";
else if (*number1ptr = '7')
words1 = "SEVEN";
else if (*number1ptr = '8')
words1 = "EIGHT";
else if (*number1ptr = '9')
words1 = "NINE";

char *number4ptr = &InputNumber[1];
char *number5ptr = &InputNumber[2];

if ( *number4ptr = '1')

if (*number5ptr = '0')
words2 = "TEN";
else if (*number5ptr = '1')
words2 = "ELEVEN";
else if (*number5ptr = '2')
words2 = "TWELVE";
else if (*number5ptr = '3')
words2 = "THIRTEEN";
else if (*number5ptr = '4')
words2 = "FOURTEEN";
else if (*number5ptr = '5')
words2 = "FIFTEEN";
else if (*number5ptr = '6')
words2 = "SIXTEEN";
else if (*number5ptr = '7')
words2 = "SEVENTEEN" ;
else if (*number5ptr = '8')
words2 = "EIGHTEEN";
else if (*number5ptr = '9')
words2 = "NINETEEN";

char *number6ptr = &InputNumber[1];
char *number7ptr = &InputNumber[2];

if ( *number6ptr != '1')

if (*number6ptr = '2')
words2 = "TWENTHY";
else if (*number6ptr = '3')
words2 = "THIRTY";
else if (*number6ptr = '4')
words2 = "FOURTY";
else if (*number6ptr = '5')
words2 = "FIFTY";
else if (*number6ptr = '6')
words2 = "SIXTY";
else if (*number6ptr = '7')
words2 = "SEVENTY";
else if (*number6ptr = '8')
words2 = "EIGHTY";
else if (*number6ptr = '9')
words2 = "NINETY";

if ( *number7ptr = '1')
words3 = "ONE";
else if (*number7ptr = '2')
words3 = "TWO";
else if (*number7ptr = '3')
words3 = "THREE";
else if (*number7ptr = '4')
words3 = "FOUR";
else if (*number7ptr = '5')
words3 = "FIVE";
else if (*number7ptr = '6')
words3 = "SIX";
else if (*number7ptr = '7')
words3 = "SEVEN";
else if (*number7ptr = '8')
words3 = "EIGHT";
else if (*number7ptr = '9')
words3 = "NINE";

cout<<words1<<" "<<valCheck <<" "<<words2 << words3 <<" "<<"and"<<" "<<InputNumber. substr(4,2)<<"/"<<100<<end l;

return 0;
Oct 19 '06 #1
1 1243
9,065 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
in lost of you if statements you have

if (valCheck = "THY")

this is an assignment you need

if (valCheck == "THY")

for a comparison
Oct 19 '06 #2

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