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C++ STL list memory issues

1 New Member
This is for all those STL-heads out there, this mught be trivial for you but I am a noob with the STL. I am having to implement a system in which I wil have many (thousands) of containers, I have been noticing that once you delete an element from a list memory is not released until program termination.

for the sake of argument lets say that the code looks like:

#include <iostream>
#include <list>

using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char *argv[]){
list<int> tList;

for (int i=1; i<=500000; i++){
tList.push_back (i);
cout << "i: " << i << endl;

cout << "tList.fron t(): " << tList.front() << endl;
cout << "tList.back (): " << tList.back() << endl;

list<int>::iter ator Iter;
Iter = tList.begin();

// According to myself this is where I delete all elements in the list
tList.erase(Ite r, tList.end());

cout << "tList.fron t(): " << tList.front() << endl;
cout << "tList.back (): " << tList.back() << endl;

//hold for input
int c;

c = getchar();
if(c == EOF) break;
} while(c != '\n');


but after looking at memory, all the memory taken up by the initialization is still allocated, Is there a way of releasing this memory?
Jul 21 '06 #1
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// According to myself this is where I delete all elements in the list
tList.erase(Ite r, tList.end());

The help for erase specifically says that no reallocation takes place (so that other pointers and iterators remain valid). If you want to clear you list why no use


If you only want to remove a few elements then having removed the unwanted elements use

tList.resize( ... );

Jul 22 '06 #2
1 New Member
I too have a problem with the allocation of memory when using list.

#define pi 3.1415926535897 932384626433832 795028841971693 9937510
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <cmath>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <list>
#include <deque>
#include "rkstep.h"
#include "norm.h"
#include "rkdrive.h"

using namespace std;

void func(double x, double* y, double* f)
f[0] = y[1];
f[1] = -y[0];

int main()
int ny = 2;

double x = 0.0;
double y[] = {0.0,2.0};
double h = 0.001;
double eps=0.001;
double acc=0.001;

double b = 20.0;
double y1[ny];
double dy[ny];

rkstep(&func,x, y,ny,h,y1,dy);

list<double> xlist;
xlist.push_back (x);

list<double*> ylist;
ylist.push_back (y);

rkdrive(&func,& xlist,&ylist,ny ,b,acc,eps,h);

list<double*>:: iterator j;
list<double>::i terator i;

ofstream test1("test.dat ",ios::out) ;
for(i=xlist.beg in(),j=ylist.be gin(); j!=ylist.end(); i++, j++)
test1 << *i << " " << **j << "\n";
return 0;

where rkstep is a function who will change x and y then in rkdrive one numer is added to the xlist using the push_back, while the ylist gets an array added in the end so ylist is now a list of arrays.
Now in the for loop I want to return the values of xlist and ylist. This also works for 1999 out of 2000 entrances. but for the last one I get a random number indicating that the allocation of memory for the list is not done correctly.
How can I avoid this problem?

May 12 '10 #3

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