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Dev-C++ Error Help

2 New Member
I'm a 14 year old student in Singapore. I am doing a programming for my Research Studies in school, I got the source codes of my programme from my mentor in the National University of Singapore Infocomm Research department. However, when I tried to compile the codes, I get the error message that says: "no matching function for call to `Englingo::addE nglingo(std::ve ctor<int, std::allocator< int> >)' "

The error is in the Englingo.cpp:
#include "Englingo.h "

/*************** *************** *************** *************** ************
* constructor
*************** *************** *************** *************** ************/
Englingo::Engli ngo(Utility *utilPtr)
m_putil = utilPtr;

/*************** *************** *************** *************** ************
* create lingo table from input file
*************** *************** *************** *************** ************/
void Englingo::creat eLingoTbl(void)
ifstream inFile("text\\E nglingo", ios::in);

if (!inFile) {
cout << "file opening error: Englingo file\n";
} else {
while(!inFile.e of()) {
addEnglingo(sca nSMS2(m_putil->readSMS(inFile )));


/*************** *************** *************** *************** ************
* enter a pair of lingo into lingo table
*************** *************** *************** *************** ************/
void Englingo::addEn glingo(vector<i nt>& tokenArray)
vector<int> tokens;

for(int i = 2; i<tokenArray.si ze(); i++) {
tokens.push_bac k(tokenArray[i]);

m_putil->addLingo(token Array[0], m_putil->getCombinedTok en(tokens));

vector<int> Englingo::scanS MS2(const string& message)
vector<int> wordMap;
string aToken;
int indexS=0, indexE=0, pos=0;

// skip space
if (isspace(messag e[pos])) {
while(isspace(m essage[pos]))

// punctuations token except '
} else if ((ispunct(messa ge[pos]))&&(message[pos]!='\'')) {
indexS = pos;
while(ispunct(m essage[pos]))

indexE = pos;
aToken = message.substr( indexS, indexE-indexS);
wordMap.push_ba ck(m_putil->insertVocab(aT oken));

//texts token and ' and unknow chars
else {
indexS = pos;

while(!(isspace (message[pos]))&&!(ispunct(m essage[pos]))
&&(message[pos]!=0)&&(message[pos]!= EOF)||(message[pos]=='\''))

indexE = pos;
aToken = message.substr( indexS, indexE-indexS);
m_putil->toLowerCase(aT oken);
wordMap.push_ba ck(m_putil->insertVocab(aT oken));

return wordMap;

I have also included the Englingo.h and Utility.h needed for this cpp file, as well as the compiler log.

#ifndef ENGLINGO_H
#define ENGLINGO_H

#include <Utility.h>

using namespace std;

class Englingo {


Englingo(Utilit y*);

void createLingoTbl( void);


void addEnglingo(vec tor<int>& tokenArray);
vector<int> scanSMS2(const string& message);

Utility* m_putil;


#ifndef UTILITY_H
#define UTILITY_H

#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include <fstream>
#include <algorithm>

#define MAX_OFFSET 5
using namespace std;

class Utility {


typedef struct {
vector<int> rawSMS;
vector<int> norSMS;
} TextPair;

typedef struct
int rawIndex;
int norIndex;
} IndexPair;

typedef map<string, int> VocabTable;
typedef map<int, int> LingoTable;


string readSMS(ifstrea m& ifs);
void scanSMS(const string& message, vector<int>& tkArray);

int getCombinedToke n(vector<int> tokens);
vector<string> splitStr(const string& str);
vector<int> splitToken(int tokenID);
string trimStr(const string& rawStr);
int toLowerCase(int tokenID);
void toLowerCase(str ing& token);
int getVocabID(stri ng vocab);
string lookupVocab(int vocabID);
int insertVocab(str ing word);
bool compareTokens(i nt rTokenID, int nTokenID);
bool hasMatchToken(c onst Utility::TextPa ir& textPair, Utility::IndexP air low, Utility::IndexP air& high);
void addLingo(int frontID, int lingoID);
vector<int> lookupLingo(int tokenID);
bool hasLingo(const Utility::TextPa ir& textPair, Utility::IndexP air low, vector<int>& lingo);


bool checkFollowedTo kens(const Utility::TextPa ir& textPair, int rIndex, int nIndex, int nBegin);
bool compareNextBoun dary(const Utility::TextPa ir& textPair, int rIndex, int nIndex, int nBegin);
bool compareSimilari ty(const Utility::TextPa ir& textPair, int rIndex, int nIndex, int nBegin);
bool compareLingo(co nst Utility::TextPa ir& textPair, int rIndex, int nBegin);
bool compareLingoTok ens(const Utility::TextPa ir& textPair, const vector<int>& tokens, int nBegin);
bool compareMultiLin goTokens(const Utility::TextPa ir& textPair, vector<int>& tokens, int nBegin);
void copyLingo(vecto r<int>& lingo, const vector<int>& sepTokens);

static int m_wordUID;
VocabTable m_vocabTable;
vector<string> m_vocabList;
LingoTable m_lingoTable;
bool space(char c);
bool notSpace(char c);

Compiler Log:
Compiler: Default compiler
Building Makefile: "E:\Yuki\Resear ch Studies\Trainin g\Makefile.win"
Executing make...
make.exe -f "E:\Yuki\Resear ch Studies\Trainin g\Makefile.win" all
g++.exe -c Englingo.cpp -o Englingo.o -I"E:/Yuki/Dev-Cpp/lib/gcc/mingw32/3.4.2/include" -I"E:/Yuki/Dev-Cpp/include/c++/3.4.2/backward" -I"E:/Yuki/Dev-Cpp/include/c++/3.4.2/mingw32" -I"E:/Yuki/Dev-Cpp/include/c++/3.4.2" -I"E:/Yuki/Dev-Cpp/include" -I"E:/Yuki/Research Studies/Training" -I"E:/Yuki/Research Studies" -D__GNUWIN32__ -W -DWIN32 -DNDEBUG -D_CONSOLE -D_MBCS

Englingo.cpp: In member function `void Englingo::creat eLingoTbl()':
Englingo.cpp:28 : error: no matching function for call to `Englingo::addE nglingo(std::ve ctor<int, std::allocator< int> >)'
Englingo.h:18: note: candidates are: void Englingo::addEn glingo(std::vec tor<int, std::allocator< int> >&)

Englingo.cpp: In member function `void Englingo::addEn glingo(std::vec tor<int, std::allocator< int> >&)':
Englingo.cpp:45 : warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions

make.exe: *** [Englingo.o] Error 1

Execution terminated

Can anyone help me please?
May 24 '06 #1
2 7478
9,065 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
The problem is here

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. void Englingo::createLingoTbl(void)
  2. {
  3.     ifstream inFile("text\\Englingo", ios::in);
  5.     if (!inFile) {
  6.         cout << "file opening error: Englingo file\n";
  7.     } else {
  8.         while(!inFile.eof()) {
  9.             addEnglingo(scanSMS2(m_putil->readSMS(inFile)));
  10.         }
  11.     }
  13.     inFile.close();
  14. }
scanSMS2 returns type vector<int> but addEnglingo expects type vector<int> & in theory this seems ok but in practice it doesn't work properly (at least not with my compiler) I think because the return value of scanSMS2 is just on the stack but not a declared variable. I think this will work if you change this function to

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. void Englingo::createLingoTbl(void)
  2. {
  3.     ifstream inFile("text\\Englingo", ios::in);
  5.     if (!inFile) {
  6.         cout << "file opening error: Englingo file\n";
  7.     } else {
  8.         while(!inFile.eof()) {
  9.             vector<int> temp = scanSMS2(m_putil->readSMS(inFile));
  10.             addEnglingo(temp);
  11.         }
  12.     }
  14.     inFile.close();
  15. }
although I am not 100% sure what has caused the problem in the first place.
May 24 '06 #2
2 New Member
yep, it solved the problem. Thanx!
May 24 '06 #3

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