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wait in c

hi!! Is there a function in order to wait for a time in milliseconds??
Thanks in advance

Jan 13 '06 #1
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"Pierpaolo" <pi*******@gmai l.com> wrote in message
news:11******** *************@z 14g2000cwz.goog legroups.com...
hi!! Is there a function in order to wait for a time in milliseconds??

See FAQ, Question 19.37
Jan 13 '06 #2

There is no wait_millisecon ds() or wait_mycrosecon ds() function
in the C library or under UNIX/Linux. Windows has the Sleep()
function to wait for milliseconds, but it is not very precise.

Under UNIX/Linux there are signals and the setitimer() function
can be called to issue a signal after an amount of time measured
in seconds and mycroseconds.

If you want to see how this is programmed, look at Seed7

In the file seed7/src/tim_unx.c (found in seed7_05_200601 11.tgz
or a newer version) you find the Seed7 time driver.

The function await_time() uses signals (with sigaction(),
sigsetjmp() and setitimer() or signal(), setjmp() and setitimer() )
to wait for a duration expressed in seconds and mycroseconds.

The whole await_time() function waits for a time (not a duration)
expressed in seconds and mycroseconds. This allows Seed7
to have an await() function which can wait for very small
durations. The example program panic.sd7 waits in 30
millisecond intervals to show a smooth motion of the monsters.

I hope this can help you

Greetings Thomas Mertes

Seed7 Homepage: http://seed7.sourceforge.net
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seed7
Project page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/seed7

Jan 14 '06 #3
th***********@g mx.at writes:
There is no wait_millisecon ds() or wait_mycrosecon ds() function
in the C library or under UNIX/Linux. Windows has the Sleep()
function to wait for milliseconds, but it is not very precise.

There is no wait function of any kind in standard C. UNIX/Linux
solutions can be discussed in comp.unix.progr ammer; Windows solutions
can be discussed in a Windows group, perhaps
comp.os.ms-windows.program mer.win32. Both of those groups are full of
experts who know far more about these solutions than we do here. (In
some cases, they may be the same people.)

The C FAQ covers this issue in question 19.37, including pointers to
system-specific functions that the OP can investigate further.

Going into a lot of detail about system-specific features is generally
discouraged here, for a number of reasons that I won't go into.

Finally, it's important to provide some context when you post a
followup. Please read <http://cfaj.freeshell. org/google/>.

Keith Thompson (The_Other_Keit h) ks***@mib.org <http://www.ghoti.net/~kst>
San Diego Supercomputer Center <*> <http://users.sdsc.edu/~kst>
We must do something. This is something. Therefore, we must do this.
Jan 14 '06 #4
th***********@g mx.at wrote:
There is no wait_millisecon ds() or wait_mycrosecon ds() function
in the C library or under UNIX/Linux.

On most Unix systems, there is always this approach:

select(0, NULL, NULL, NULL, & my_timeval_stru ct);

- Logan
Jan 15 '06 #5

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