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Problems Compiling enum.h from ENUM++


I downloaded and tried the ENUM++ code from CUJ


but can't even get it to compile (see following). I
have also downloaded and installed the boost library.
This is using gcc under FC3.

Any ideas on what's wrong?


#include "enum.h"
int main(int argc, char **argv)
return 0;

cd /home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/
make -f enumpp.mak TARGET=native PLATFORM=linux
DSPROOT_DIR=/home/yates/modetest/ ATSIGN=
enumpp.mak:101: no file name for `include'
Building Component (enumpp) for Application enumpp
In file included from
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/StreamUDT.h: In function
`std::basic_ost ream<_CharT, _Traits>&
KEA::stream_ins erter(std::basi c_ostream<_Char T, _Traits>&, const
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/StreamUDT.h:96: error: expected
`;' before "prepost"
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/StreamUDT.h:97: error: `prepost'
undeclared (first use this function)
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/StreamUDT.h:97: error: (Each
undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it
appears in.)
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/StreamUDT.h: In function
`std::basic_ist ream<_CharT, _Traits>&
KEA::stream_ext ractor(std::bas ic_istream<_Cha rT, _Traits>&, UDT&)':
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/StreamUDT.h:151 : error: expected
`;' before "prepost"
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/StreamUDT.h:152 : error:
`prepost' undeclared (first use this function)
In file included from
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h: At global scope:
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h:257: error: ISO C++
forbids declaration of `value_type' with no type
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h:257: error:
`::value_type' is not a valid declarator
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h:257: error: expected `;'
before "value_type "
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h:264: error: ISO C++
forbids declaration of `result_type' with no type
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h:264: error: expected `;'
before "operator"
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h:334: error: expected `;'
before '}' token
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h:338: error: ISO C++
forbids declaration of `result_type' with no type
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h:338: error: expected `;'
before "operator"
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h:344: error: expected `;'
before '}' token
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h:387: error: ISO C++
forbids declaration of `size_type' with no type
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h:387: error: `::size_type'
is not a valid declarator
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h:387: error: expected `;'
before "max_length "
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h:393: error: expected `;'
before "inline"
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h: In member function
`std::_Ios_Iost ate KEA::_EnumSuper <_enumType, EnumSub,
N>::get_stream( std::basic_istr eam<_CharT2, _Traits2>&)':
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h:761: error: expected
primary-expression before "const"
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h:761: error: expected `;'
before "const"
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h:768: error:
`start_position ' undeclared (first use this function)
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h: At global scope:
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h:789: error: expected
constructor, destructor, or type conversion before "_EnumSuper "
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h:789: error: expected `;'
before "_EnumSuper "
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h:805: error: expected
init-declarator before '&' token
/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/enum.h:805: error: expected `;'
before '&' token
make: *** [/home/yates/modetest/host/app/modetest/nativelinux/enumpp.o]
Error 1

Compilation exited abnormally with code 2 at Fri Jan 6 11:41:16

Jan 7 '06 #1
1 2447
On 6 Jan 2006 08:45:41 -0800 in comp.lang.c++, "Randy"
<ya***@ieee.org > wrote,

I downloaded and tried the ENUM++ code from CUJ


OK, I looked at the article. I did not find the link to download
the header, and so I still haven't tried it. Perhaps you can make
it easy for people to help you by pointing out the download URL (all
of them needed to replicate your problem) as well. You are asking
your readers to do too much digging.

Based on the general nature of the errors you posted, my guess is
that "enum.h" assumes some prior includes that the author probably
didn't even think much about. See if you can figure out where
"prepost" is supposed to be defined. Try #include <iostream> prior
to "enum.h" just to see if it makes any difference at all.
Jan 7 '06 #2

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