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timer in milliseconds


can anybody give me a piece of code , or a hint , how i can recieve the
time i need for connect() to another host in milliseconds.

My problem is i want test the performance of ipsec, so i need the
time in milliseconds, how long it takes to connect to another host
over ipsec.

1) i tried clock() but clock() don't work, because connect() don't use
cpu time like sleep(), so i always get 0 milliseconds, but the
connect takes about 2 seconds (i test this with a sniffer) .

is the any way to get the time in milliseconds ????

thanks a lot and best regards, stefan
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Nov 13 '05
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"Randy Howard" <ra**********@F OOmegapathdslBA R.net> wrote in message
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Certainly it us up to the user to understand the system in use.

I have used rdtsc on a SMP system, without considering the problems that it might cause. As well as I remember it, it worked fine, but I can see that it could cause problems.

The problem is that the tsc data is not synched between CPUs, meaning that
your results are only accurate as long as your process (or thread) is
pinned to a specific CPU. That's usually not the case (nor ideal).

I have a post to comp.sys.intel to see if anyone there knows. I know TSC
is zero at reset, and if all leave reset at the same time, they may be
synchronized. I will see if anyone answers there.

The one time I did it on a four way SMP machine was in Java, using a JVM
native method, which means C. I took a simple C program, compiled it
with -S, modified the result with an RDTSC instruction, assembled it, and it
pretty much worked. I didn't need nanosecond resolution, but millisecond
may not have been good enough. There are enough problems with the way Java
native method calls not to worry too much about the SMP problem.

I will see what they say on comp.sys.intel, though. I have a dual 350MHz P2
system at home, but I never tried it on that one.

-- glen
Nov 13 '05 #11
In article <hyAnb.51086$Tr 4.105803@attbi_ s03>, ga*@ugcs.caltec h.edu
The problem is that the tsc data is not synched between CPUs, meaning that
your results are only accurate as long as your process (or thread) is
pinned to a specific CPU. That's usually not the case (nor ideal).

I have a post to comp.sys.intel to see if anyone there knows. I know TSC
is zero at reset, and if all leave reset at the same time, they may be
synchronized. I will see if anyone answers there.

Been there done that. The folks I asked at Intel admit that is the case.
It's probably documented as such formally. I believe it was discussed
recently on the threading forum at Intel's website and verified as
unreliable" by Intel employees there. It has certainly been discussed in
plenty of places. Please let me know if you get a different answer, but I
have seen it give erratic results (I.e. negative tsc differences inside of
wraparound times) due to TSC skew between processors. You may need to
have a lot of dynamic load on the box such that the scheduler is moving
processes around between CPUs before it becomes obvious.

Randy Howard _o
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