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C++ experts. need your attention about its progress.

I am the best c++ programmer in the whole wide world. Trust ME!
My reference is Victor Bazarov,Valenti n Samko,Alf P.Steinbach( Me and
Alf actually intern together at Microsoft), and Bjarne Stroustrup (he
actually asked me for help to design C++ ; still unsure why he didn't
give me enought credit - probably a poor design choice to have Russian
name near c++),Branimir Maksimovic,Vlad imir Kouznetsov . Me and Victor
went to the same school in Russia, and I was always better than him. In
Russia, me and Vitya won some programming competitions, so we're good.

Now I am looking for C++ position in the US. My salary requirements
Sign-up bonus: $20,000
Relocaion expenses: $10,000
Annual salary: $180,000
Annual Bonus: %45+
Unlimited sick and paternity days
6 weeks of paid vacation plus travel expenses to Russia.
Other perks will be considered and will increases your chances of
hiring me. MY consideration is highly contingent on above requirements.

Vitka and others - if you know any opening, email or call me (ne
zabivai svoih, druz'ya moi nebesnie....).
Russian folks, don't forget to pass my regards to your family,
especially your lovely grandmothers - I still remember their blinchiki
from Russia. All your grandmas are the best :)
My dream is to work with you all again, just like old times.
Look my resume please.
Andrej Y. Hristoliubov.
Moscow, Russia.
Homepage http://Anhr8yndx.narod.ru/index.htm
I would like to obtain a position of software developer appropriate for

experience and knowledge.
14 years of experience with C++ programming, including 8 years with
Visual C++ and MFC and 4 years with COM/ATL/WTL/ActiveX and IRC, POP3,
IMAP, SMTP, MIME protocols. Developed skills in the utilization of ODBC
and OLE DB to access databases of different types, particularly
ORACLE, DB2 and MS Access. Knowledge of SQL, ActiveX. Application of
the 'Stingray Objective Studio' library and 'Crystal Reports' in my
projects. Using the CVS utility for working in the team. Skills of a
management of a team of the programmers.
Itel Office Software Limited. UK.
From November 2002 - present. Full t ime.

Position Software Developer .

Project: Itel Email Client. See
http://Anhr8yndx.narod.ru/#Itel_Email_client for details.
Operating System : Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 /XP
Development Tools : MS Visual C++ 6.00
Libraries: ATL COM, WTL
Protocols: POP3, SMTP, MIME, IMAP
Project: IOUpdat. See http://Anhr8yndx.narod.ru/#IOUpdate. for details.

Operating System : Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Development Tools : MS Visual C++ 6.00
Libraries: ATL COM, WTL
WebMaster Incorporated. USA.
From April 2001- August 2002. Full time.

Position Software Developer. Team leader

Project: ActiveChat. See http://Anhr8yndx.narod.ru/#IRC_Chat_client for

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Client.
Operating System : Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Development Tools : MS Visual C++ 6.00, CVS, BoundsChecker,
Libraries: ATL COM, WTL
Protocols: IRC
Structu Rise, Moscow, Russia,
From December 2000 - april 2001. Full time.

Position Software Developer

Project: Time Tracker. See http://Anhr8yndx.narod.ru/#Time_Tracker for
Developed Application for tracing the activation and de-actiavation of
selected program and for tracing any keyboard or mouse events on the PC

along with report generation thereof. This report included program
time, user work time sorted by date, document name, application name
etc. The program works in shadow mode. Crystal Report is used for
creating the report. The user can edit any report template to create
a new
report or request the programmer for same.
Operating System : Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Development Tools : MS Visual C++, SQL, MFC, ODBC
Libraries: 'Stingray Objective Studio' and 'Crystal Reports'
MP Orga, Zurich, Switzerland, www.mporga.com

From March 2000-November 2000. Full time.

Position Software Developer

Project: ADS - Applications Development System.
Easy database access tool for not advanced users. Ease of use was the
principal goal of this project. Th e user can create and edit a
database and
create forms for the manipulation of data. The user can use MS Access,

or ORACLE database types. ODBC drivers or DAO are used for connection
to the
Operating System : Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Development Tools : MS Visual C++, SQL, MFC, ODBC, DAO, COM,
Libraries: 'Stingray Objective Studio' and 'Crystal Reports'
Siberian Aerospace Academy, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, www.saa.ru

From 1999-2000 full time

Position Internet administrator

Installing and supporting of the Internet
Baren-Boym Company, Boston, USA http://www.baren-boym.com

From 1999-2000 part time

Position Software Developer

Project: Text Effects. See http://Anhr8yndx.narod.ru/#Text_Effects for
Project: Picture Converter http://www.baren-boym.com/ Choice the
Add Ons item of the Solidworks Tools menu.
Picture Converter is a powerful CAD tool, which will be interesting for

SolidWorks CAD developers. By Picture Converter you can convert any
of the BMP format to a vector form and insert it into your SolidWork
project. The Picture Converter is integrated in SolidWorks environment
can be used separately.
Development Tools : MS Visual C++, COM, InstallShield
Operating System : Windows 95/98/NT/2000
TOL S.A., France,

From 1999-2000 part time

Position Software Developer

Project: TOLtnrs - The Non Regression System
TOLtnrs is a development project of a software destinated to facilitate

non regression tests of TOL programs under MFC VC6. As the main TOL
application is TOLfab program, this TOLfab.exe example is used here.In
first phase we execute TOLfab recording every click of mouse and every
key typed. The recorded seque nce is memorized. In a second phase, the
program is played back with the memorised set of commands. If there is
a difference, it must be explained. Usually in a third phase you need
to redo the first phase
of recording when the test have failed.
Development Tools : MS Visual C++
Operating System : Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Vesta, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

From 1995-1999 full time

Position Software Developer

Participating in the project of automation of clerical work in the bank

sphere. Developing of the client part of the client-server application.

program is used in Central Bank of Russia.
Development Tools : MS Visual C++, ODBC
Operating System : Windows 3.11
Siberian Aerospace Academy, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, www.saa.ru

From 1982-1995 full time

Position Electronic engineer

Automating of a research experiment. Developing the hardware and
fo r management of experiment, measurement of the indications of gauges

processing of results.
EDUCATION: 1976-1982 Siberian Aerospace Academy, Faculty of systems of
automatic control. Electronic engineer.
Russian (native)
Best regards
Andrej Hristoliubov.
P.S I am already getting positive feedback, so if you still interested
in my qualifications hurry soon.

Here is one of numerous responses I get.

Andrej -

I am a project manager in a trading group specializing in swaps
within Morgan Stanley and would like to arrange a phone interview.
Please let me know about your availability and a phone number.

You have a very impressive resume as well as experience, and I am
looking forward to discuss career opportunities in my group.

Kind Regards,

John Grady

Oct 22 '05 #1
3 2731
Andrej Hristoliubov wrote:

Oct 22 '05 #2
Far from april mate
Oct 23 '05 #3
You shouldn't post your resume on this group. Read the FAQ.

FAQ can be found here: http://www.parashift.com/c++-faq-lite/

Oct 23 '05 #4

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