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DAMAGE: after Normal block (#45)

Hi all,

I just joined this group and am new to VC++. I wrote the code following
the next para in C++ and used VC++ 6.0 Enterprise Edition to build and

I had the following error message because of an exception that gets
thrown when I call delete [] ipAddress; in the destructor -
~TrapDestinatio n () :

"DAMAGE: after Normal block (#45)"

// ~~~~~~~~~~~
// plugIn.h
// ~~~~~~~~~~~
#include <memory>
#include <iostream>
#include <exception>
#include <assert.h>
using namespace std;

typedef char* pchar;

class TrapDestination {
pchar ipAddress;
int port;
pchar communityName;
int snmpVersion;
pchar templateFileNam e;
void (*old_unexpecte d) ();

TrapDestination () : ipAddress (NULL), communityName (NULL),
templateFileNam e (NULL) { //old_unexpected =
set_unexpected( ::my_unexpected *);
~TrapDestinatio n () throw () {
cout << "TrapDestinatio n Destructor" << endl;
if (ipAddress)
delete [] ipAddress;
if (communityName)
delete [] communityName;
if (templateFileNa me)
delete [] templateFileNam e;

//set_unexpected( old_unexpecte*d ); // restore org
if (uncaught_excep tion())
cout << "uncaught_excep tion() is TRUE" << endl;

cout << "uncaught_excep tion() is FALSE" <<

char *getIPAddress () throw () { return ipAddress; }
int getPort () throw () { return port; }
char *getcommunityNa me () throw () { return communityName; }
int getsnmpVersion () throw () { return snmpVersion; }
char *gettemplateFil eName () throw () { return
templateFileNam e; }

void setIPAddress (char *ipAddr="") throw () {
ipAddress = (pchar) new char(strlen (ipAddr) + 1);
if (ipAddress)
strcpy (ipAddress, ipAddr);

void setPort (int aPort=162) { port = aPort; }

void setcommunityNam e (char *aCommunityName ="public") {
communityName = (pchar) new char (strlen
(aCommunityName ) + 1);
if (communityName)
strcpy (communityName, aCommunityName) ;

void setsnmpVersion (int snmpVer=2) { snmpVersion = snmpVer; }

void settemplateFile Name (char *templFileName= "") {
templateFileNam e = (pchar) new char (strlen
(templFileName) + 1);
if (templateFileNa me)
strcpy (templateFileNa me, templFileName);

class SnmpTrapGen {
char *ipAddress;
int port;
char *community;
int snmpVersion;
SnmpTrapGen (char *ipAddress=NULL , int port=162, char
*community="pub lic", int snmpVersion=2){
~SnmpTrapGen () {
if (ipAddress)
delete [] ipAddress;
if (community)
delete [] community;

sendTrap (char *alertToSend);
char *getIPAddress () { return ipAddress; }
int getPort () { return port; }
char *getcommunity () { return community; }
int getsnmpVersion () { return snmpVersion; }

void setIPAddress (char *ipAddr="") {
ipAddress = new char (strlen (ipAddr) + 1);
if (ipAddress)
strcpy (ipAddress, ipAddr);
void setPort (int aPort=162) { port = aPort; }
void setcommunity (char *aCommunity="pu blic") {
community = new char (strlen (aCommunity) + 1);
if (community)
strcpy (community, aCommunity);
void setsnmpVersion (int snmpVer=2) { snmpVersion = snmpVer; }

// ~~~~~~~~~~~~
// plugIn.cpp
// ~~~~~~~~~~~~

#include "net-snmp\net-snmp-config.h"
#include "net-snmp\net-snmp-includes.h"
#include "plugIn.h"

void local_terminato r() {
cout << "terminate called local_terminato r !!!" << endl;

void (*old_terminate )();

void my_unexpected () {
// This cannot return - instead it can either call std::terminate( ) or
throw an exception

cout << "Am in my_unexpected " << endl;

int main (int argc, char **argv) {
try {
TrapDestination td;

old_terminate = set_terminate(l ocal_terminator *);
td.setIPAddress ("" );
td.setcommunity Name ();
td.settemplateF ileName ("tempname") ;
cout << "IP address = " << td.getIPAddress () << endl;
printf ("communityN ame = %s.\n", td.getcommunity Name
printf ("templateFileN ame = %s.\n",
td.gettemplateF ileName ());
return 0;
} catch (bad_exception const &) {
printf("Caught bad_exception\n "); // though such an
exception was
never thrown
return 0;
} catch (...) {
cout << "Inside main's catch all" << endl;
return 0;
Any light on :

1. Why is delete causing this exception to be thrown could be helpful.
2. What the solution for this is.

will be great!

Just to add, an earlier post similar to this scenario had a response
that while allocating space for a string using new, make sure you add 1
for the '\0'. However I have taken care of doing that in my code and
yet I have this exception when it hits the delete.

I really need help from an expert.

Thank you,
Meghavvarnam Satish

Jul 23 '05
11 4479
Meghavvarnam wrote:
When we declare, we use auto_ptr. As you might already know, auto_ptr
is a mechanism that provides ownership to take care of releasing the
memory that we allocate with a new.

However, while calling new, specifically for an inbuilt type, we
specify the size of memory that we request with in square brackets.

And once the memory is allocated, we could use it like an array. We
could index into it too.
That would be wrong. 'auto_ptr' destroys the object using 'delete'.
If you allocate it using 'new[]', you _have_to_ use 'delete[]' and not
'delete'. So, 'auto_ptr' is not a suitable mechanism here.

Jul 23 '05 #11
Meghavvarnam wrote:
Apologies for the confusion in my previous post. Am pasting the above
piece of code that works again. Have reformatted it.

Please note the usage of the member function get () to get the address
of an auto_ptr variable.

Your code has undefined behaviour. If it happens to work on your
system, it's no indication that it's correct.

Jul 23 '05 #12

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