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how to remove line breaks/an enter in a string

How can I remove a line break/enter from a piece of text.

Thx in advance
Jul 2 '08 #1
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Richard wrote:
How can I remove a line break/enter from a piece of text.

Thx in advance

Lookup "regular expressions"
Jul 2 '08 #2
Richard presented the following explanation :
How can I remove a line break/enter from a piece of text.

Thx in advance
string s = @"a string
with linebreak";
s = s.Replace(Environment.NewLine, "");

Hans Kesting
Jul 2 '08 #3
On Jul 2, 4:02*am, Neo Morpheous <bluebp...@ursa-major.comwrote:
Richard wrote:
How can I remove a line break/enter from a piece of text.
Thx in advance

Lookup "regular expressions"

I do not think that Regex will do any good here. a simple
String.Replace is enough.
You can look for Environment.NewLine.

A tricky situation happens though if the file was originated in a
system with a different NewLine sequence, you will replace nothing but
the text still do not look like you intented.

IMHO you should look for char# 13 and 10 and remove them.
Jul 2 '08 #4
On Wed, 02 Jul 2008 07:42:56 -0700, Ignacio Machin ( .NET/ C# MVP ) wrote:
IMHO you should look for char# 13 and 10 and remove them.
that should be characters \r and \n

I have worked with ebcdic before and it was one of my pet hates, for
example in c 0x20 is a space instead of simply using ' '. Made porting

Jul 4 '08 #5

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