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Call to SaveFileDialog on W2K Hungs app with FirstChanceException if debugged,,...


i have a situation here: i have a application with a form
on which you can click on a button and it will open
you a savedialog where you enter a path and save some
filestream context to a file on disk. The call to the ShowDialog
work on Windows XP and Vista seamless. But if called on
Windows 2000 the applications gui stops responding, but before
it, you can see the form losing its focus as it would be the normal
case while the save dialog opens. Here the apps stops responding
and ui is freezed. No SaveFileDialog, no Error Message. I made a
debugger attaching to it, that give me this callstack, but why does
it fail, i dont understand this here:

Stack Frames at EIP: 0x77E9BCB1 - PID: 1108 TID: 1288
0x77E9BCB1: KERNEL32.DLL:RaiseException + 0x0056
0x77D28324: RPCRT4.DLL!RpcRaiseException + 0x001D
0x77D86F9C: RPCRT4.DLL!NdrStubCall2 + 0x0B12
0x77D6998B: RPCRT4.DLL!NdrServerMarshall + 0x1812
0x7CFEE7C6: SHELL32.DLL!Ordinal172 + 0x0563
0x7CFEE83D: SHELL32.DLL!Ordinal172 + 0x05DA
0x7D03E57B: SHELL32.DLL!Ordinal690 + 0x36B4
0x7D03E67F: SHELL32.DLL!Ordinal690 + 0x37B8
0x76B04BDF: comdlg32.dll!PrintDlgA + 0x2825
0x76B06BAF: comdlg32.dll!GetOpenFileNameA + 0x0707
0x76B250F8: comdlg32.dll!PrintDlgExW + 0x68BC
0x77E2A454: USER32.DLL!SetWindowPlacement + 0x004E
0x76B0579C: comdlg32.dll!PrintDlgA + 0x33E2
0x76B0466D: comdlg32.dll!PrintDlgA + 0x22B3
0x77E2A454: USER32.DLL!SetWindowPlacement + 0x004E
0x77E18CD3: USER32.DLL!CharPrevW + 0x03F3
0x77E062FA: USER32.DLL!IsWindowVisible + 0x0595
0x77E19DA0: USER32.DLL!CharPrevW + 0x14C0
0x77E34300: USER32.DLL!CheckRadioButton + 0x0116
0x77E28D37: USER32.DLL!DialogBoxIndirectParamAorW + 0x0034
0x77E2ED7C: USER32.DLL!DialogBoxIndirectParamW + 0x0019
0x76B05324: comdlg32.dll!PrintDlgA + 0x2F6A
0x76B09841: comdlg32.dll!GetSaveFileNameA + 0x001C
0x76B0EDE3: comdlg32.dll!GetSaveFileNameW + 0x0048
0x77E2A454: USER32.DLL!SetWindowPlacement + 0x004E
0x77E04605: USER32.DLL!TranslateMessageEx + 0x0605
0x77E0A7F2: USER32.DLL!DispatchMessageW + 0x000B
0x3000FF70: COREAPP~1.EXE!InitializeComponent + 0x053D
0x3000FF70: COREAPP~1.EXE!InitializeComponent + 0x053D
0x3000B7C1: COREAPP~1.EXE!PingRemoteHost + 0x0027
0x79E7C81E: MSCORWKS.DLL!LogHelp_TerminateOnAssert + 0x3506
0x79E7C783: MSCORWKS.DLL!LogHelp_TerminateOnAssert + 0x346B
0x79E7C90D: MSCORWKS.DLL!LogHelp_TerminateOnAssert + 0x35F5
0x79EEF830: MSCORWKS.DLL!GetCLRFunction + 0xC77C
0x79EF01DA: MSCORWKS.DLL!GetCLRFunction + 0xD126
0x79FB9793: MSCORWKS.DLL!_CorExeMain + 0x014C
0x79FB96DF: MSCORWKS.DLL!_CorExeMain + 0x0098
0x7900B1B3: MSCOREE.DLL!_CorExeMain + 0x0030
0x77E989D5: KERNEL32.DLL:ProcessIdToSessionId + 0x017D

I am a bit confused about the callstacks history by seeing calls like
because i dont call them. So it seems its a internal flow of calls that the
routes to the windows api native interface. Am i rigt or wrong by guessing
this? Why
does the SaveFIleDialog, even if its wrapped by managed code call this
function. I dont
see any sense for it,...Is this the same for a plain Windows API call? But
the main
question is: why does the ui hung here even if there ia a
kernel32:raiseexception. There
is no dialog or error displayed? why?

system is windows 2000 pro, target runtime is 2.0 .net, acces rights are
Jun 27 '08 #1
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