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C# vs. C++

I don't want to start a war but why would I choose one over the other?
First and foremost I need to keep in mind marketability of the skill and
the future of the language.

I'm getting the feeling I'll be moving from VB to one or the other. I
have some say on which but perhaps not the final decision. I have used
C and C++ a little bit years ago. I have no experience in C#. I don't
expect it to be that difficult but I hate remembering the idiosyncrasies
of too many languages so I'd like to pick one C# or C++ and make the
right choice.
Jun 27 '08
151 4083
Ben Voigt [C++ MVP] wrote:
>>extensibility SDK and licensing Visual Studio runtime components,
not just the .NET framework.
Since the core of the Visual Studio IDE (now) can be hosted / used for
free I don't think the runtime components have to be licenced.

"for free" is assuredly not the same as "not licensed".
Agreed, but reading "licensed" in combination with Visual Studio for me
implies that I have to pay for the license.
Jul 18 '08 #151
Actually one can host the .Net designer in an application. It is rather
complicated and not well documented, at least as of VS2003. I hosted the
..Net 1.1 design time in an application, but I learned it through an online
example. It involved implementing many interfaces and seemed a bit half
baked, at least as a library that was meant for use in other applications.
My guess is that it was designed for VisualStudio, but then exposed to the
public as an afterthought. I haven't tried it in later versions. For what I
needed to do at the time it was great, I just wish it was a bit more
designed as a general purpose component.

"Ben Voigt [C++ MVP]" <rb*@nospam.nospamwrote in message
Andre Kaufmann wrote:
>Ben Voigt [C++ MVP] wrote:
>>Giovanni Dicanio wrote:
"Kenneth Porter" <sh*************@sewingwitch.comha scritto nel
messaggio news:Xn**************************@
C# doesn't have. Visual Studio has, in the Forms Designer, a RAD

I think the WinForms designer is part of the .NET framework and can be
hosted in other applications too.

The .NET framework includes support for including design-time support for
user controls, but not the design environment itself. I think the design
environment can be hosted, but you'd be using the Visual Studio
extensibility SDK and licensing Visual Studio runtime components, not just
the .NET framework.
>>environment which is rather prone to crashing (i.e. less than "very

The C++ one is quite bad but I don't have that impression regarding
the C# (managed languages) one.

I've had the C# designer (VS2005) crash numerous times. The fact that the
crash dialog for Visual Studio isn't actually modal (a serendipitous bug I
suspect) is the only thing that's saved by solution from total uselessness
on multiple occasions (i.e. I was able to close the faulting designer
window and save the solution before letting the crash window exit Visual
Studio, otherwise merely opening the solution produced a crash)


Oct 4 '08 #152

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