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Understanding the margin property.

I have a group of elements inside a grid and want to align them along the
left side of the grid. I also want have this group centered vertically and
the xaml below demonstrates the appearance want to achieve. At runtime I
don't know how many there will be, but there will always be at least 1 which
should be in the exact center of the left side, and I will dynamically and
remove elements to the left side. These elements have a height of "12" so
logic tells me if I want to add another element placed right on top of the
previous one, I should set the new element's top margin to "-12" more than
the previous element's top margin. However, this isn't the case. I need to
work with units of 24 (or rather double the element's height).

This is confusing to me. Can someone please explain why when I have an
element with a height of "12" and I want to move it a distance of "12" up or
down, I need to work with a top margin in units of "24" or double it's


<Window x:Class="DiagramTools.Window3"
Title="Window3" Height="300" Width="300">

<!--MARGIN : Left, Top, Right, Bottom -->

<Grid Margin="40,40,40,40" Background="Cornsilk" Name="myControl" >
<Grid HorizontalAlignment="Left" Width="20"
Margin="-10,10,0,10" Background="LightBlue" Name="LeftConnectorPanel">

<Rectangle Height="12" Width="20" Margin="-10,-72,0,0"
Name="rectangle6" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Stroke="Black" Fill="Purple"
<Rectangle Height="12" Width="20" Margin="-10,-48,0,0"
Name="rectangle4" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Stroke="Black" Fill="Green" />
<Rectangle Height="12" Width="20" Margin="-10,-24,0,0"
Name="rectangle2" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Stroke="Black" Fill="Blue" />
<Rectangle Height="12" Width="20" Margin="-10,0,0,0"
Name="rectangle1" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Stroke="Black" Fill="Red" />
<Rectangle Height="12" Width="20" Margin="-10,24,0,0"
Name="rectangle3" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Stroke="Black" Fill="Blue"
<Rectangle Height="12" Width="20" Margin="-10,48,0,0"
Name="rectangle5" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Stroke="Black" Fill="Green"
<Grid HorizontalAlignment="Right" Width="20" Margin="0,10,-10,
10" Background="LightBlue" Name="RightConnectorPanel">
<!--<Rectangle Height="12" Width="20" Margin="0,-48,-10,0"
Name="rectangle4a" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Stroke="Black" Fill="Green"
<Rectangle Height="12" Width="20" Margin="0,-12,-10,0"
Name="rectangle2a" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Stroke="Black" Fill="Blue"
<Rectangle Height="12" Width="20" Margin="0,12,-10,0"
Name="rectangle1a" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Stroke="Black" Fill="Red"
<!--<Rectangle Height="12" Width="20" Margin="0,24,-10,0"
Name="rectangle3a" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Stroke="Black" Fill="Blue"
<Rectangle Height="12" Width="20" Margin="0,48,-10,0"
Name="rectangle5a" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Stroke="Black" Fill="Green"
<Grid VerticalAlignment="Top" Height="20" Margin="10,-10,10,
0" Background="LightBlue" Name="TopConnectorPanel">
<Rectangle Height="20" Width="12" Margin="0,-10,48,0"
Name="rectangle4b" VerticalAlignment="Top" Stroke="Black" Fill="Green" />
<Rectangle Height="20" Width="12" Margin="0,-10,24,0"
Name="rectangle2b" VerticalAlignment="Top" Stroke="Black" Fill="Blue" />
<Rectangle Height="20" Width="12" Margin="0,-10,0,0"
Name="rectangle1b" VerticalAlignment="Top" Stroke="Black" Fill="Red" />
<Rectangle Height="20" Width="12" Margin="0,-10,-24,0"
Name="rectangle3b" VerticalAlignment="Top" Stroke="Black" Fill="Blue" />
<Rectangle Height="20" Width="12" Margin="0,-10,-48,0"
Name="rectangle5b" VerticalAlignment="Top" Stroke="Black" Fill="Green" />
<Grid VerticalAlignment="Bottom" Height="20"
Margin="10,-10,10, 0" Background="LightBlue" Name="Bottom">
<Rectangle Height="20" Width="12" Margin="0,-10,48,0"
Name="rectangle4c" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" Stroke="Black" Fill="Green"
<Rectangle Height="20" Width="12" Margin="0,-10,24,0"
Name="rectangle2c" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" Stroke="Black" Fill="Blue" />
<Rectangle Height="20" Width="12" Margin="0,-10,0,0"
Name="rectangle1c" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" Stroke="Black" Fill="Red" />
<Rectangle Height="20" Width="12" Margin="0,-10,-24,0"
Name="rectangle3c" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" Stroke="Black" Fill="Blue"
<Rectangle Height="20" Width="12" Margin="0,-10,-48,0"
Name="rectangle5c" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" Stroke="Black" Fill="Green"

Jun 27 '08 #1
1 3449
Hi George,

Firstly, when we place an element in a Grid without setting the
HorizontalAlignment and VerticalAlignment property of the element, this
element will be centered in the Grid both horizontally and vertically by

If we set the Margin property of the element, WPF layout subtracts the
specified margin from the Grid's height and width and then centers the
element in the remaining space.

For example, both the width and height of the Grid are 200 and the width
and height of the child rectangle are 100. The Margin property of the
rectangle is set to "0,10,0,0". Then the left-top corner of the rectangle
will be positioned at the point of {50,55} within the Grid.

This should explain your question.

Hope this helps.
If you have any question, please feel free to let me know.

Linda Liu
Microsoft Online Community Support

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Jun 27 '08 #2

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