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C# vs. C++

I don't want to start a war but why would I choose one over the other?
First and foremost I need to keep in mind marketability of the skill and
the future of the language.

I'm getting the feeling I'll be moving from VB to one or the other. I
have some say on which but perhaps not the final decision. I have used
C and C++ a little bit years ago. I have no experience in C#. I don't
expect it to be that difficult but I hate remembering the idiosyncrasies
of too many languages so I'd like to pick one C# or C++ and make the
right choice.
Jun 27 '08
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"Andre Kaufmann" <an************ *********@t-online.deha scritto nel
messaggio news:eA******** ******@TK2MSFTN GP04.phx.gbl...
RFOG wrote:
>En 21/06/2008 06:39:43, MC <fo************ **@www.ai.uga.e du.slash.mc>

And actually it is impssible to buid an OS in Java or in a .NET languge.

What about Singularity and Cosmos ?
I think that those are *experimental* stuff, not commercial OSes, available
in shops to buy.

The "real" things (Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X OSes) are written in C
and/or C++.

Jun 27 '08 #41
Giovanni Dicanio wrote:
"Andre Kaufmann" <an************ *********@t-online.deha scritto nel
messaggio news:eA******** ******@TK2MSFTN GP04.phx.gbl...
RFOG wrote:
>En 21/06/2008 06:39:43, MC
<fo************ **@www.ai.uga.e du.slash.mc escribió:
And actually it is impssible to buid an OS in Java or in a .NET
What about Singularity and Cosmos ?

I think that those are experimental stuff, not commercial OSes,
available in shops to buy.
But it is possible, and it could well be that it is done, also
commercially, one day.

Rudy Velthuis http://rvelthuis.de

"The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing
without work." -- Emile Zola (1840-1902)
Jun 27 '08 #42
Arne Vajhøj wrote:
Rudy Velthuis wrote:
It could. And I am sure it will.
But new mainstream OS's are rather rare. I think the newest
must be Linux from 1991.
I would call Linux from 1991 experimental too. At least I remember it to
be a huge experiment to get it up and started ;-).
Jun 27 '08 #43
Daniel James <wa*********@no spam.aaisp.orgw rote:
In article news:<#U******* *******@TK2MSFT NGP03.phx.gbl>, Hendrik
Schober wrote:
>IMO these to paragraphs contradict each other. C makes it a lot
easier to write bad, crashing code, than C++ does.

No, if you really /want/ bad, crashing, code you can write it just as
easily in C++ as in C (it might be a bit harder in C#, but you can
still do it).
I wasn't talking about Macchiavelli.
("C++ tries to guard against Murphy, not Machiavelli.")

Sp******@gmx.de is never read
I'm HSchober at gmx dot de
"I guess at some point idealism meets human nature and
explodes." Daniel Orner
Jun 27 '08 #44
In article news:<87******* *************** ************@mi crosoft.com>,
Alvin Bruney [ASP.NET MVP] wrote:
Why is it more powerful and more flexible? I thought you could write
'unsafe' code in C#.
Don't confuse flexibility with lack of safety -- you can have the one
without the other.

Why is C++ more powerful than C#? Because you can do more things with
it, in more ways. C# is designed to support the "Object Oriented"
paradigm (or, more strictly, to provide a plugin replacement for Java
-- which is an almost religiously 'pure' OO language) but C++ is a
multi-paradigm language -- it can "do OOP", but it can be used to
implement other designs as well.

The single most glaringly obvious example of what I mean is that you
can't do template metaprogramming in C#, but there are others.


Jun 27 '08 #45
In article news:<48******* *************** *@news.sunsite. dk>, Arne
Vajhøj wrote:
But new mainstream OS's are rather rare. I think the newest
must be Linux from 1991.
Symbian OS is newer -- first released (as EPOC32) in 1997.

It is written in C++, albeit using a rather odd dialect (forced upon it
in part by the quality of the GNU cross-compilation toolchain for ARM
at the time it was written, and partly by certain in-house coding
styles at Psion).

Jun 27 '08 #46
In article news:<48******* *************** *@news.sunsite. dk>, Arne
Vajhøj wrote:
If you teach C++ to 50 students, then you may get 10 great
programmers and 40 that swear never to try and program again.
I'd call that a positive result! Certainly better than getting 50
mediocre programmers.

Jun 27 '08 #47
In article news:<Lo******* *************** ********@earthl ink.com>,
Michael D. Ober wrote:
Huh? Our entire telecommunicati ons industry is written in C and C++
and C++ is still the way to go for embedded systems.
Not quite ... Ericsson's telephone exchange software is written in
Haskell, for example. They claim that it could not be written to run so
efficiently in C or C++.

Jun 27 '08 #48
Arne Vajhøj wrote:
Cholo Lennon wrote:
>"Arne Vajhøj" <ar**@vajhoej.d kescribió en el mensaje
news:48******* *************** *@news.sunsite. dk...
>>Nick wrote:
Curious. I wouldn't see C# as fundamentally better for writing
Object-oriented code. I see the two languages as essentially the
same but C# has removed the need for explicit memory management
and a few other house keeping issues
More access levels, interfaces and delegates seems
to me to be features that makes good OOP easier.

Just some clarification: In C++ you have interfaces (abstract
classes) and delegates (std::tr1::func tion or boost::function )

C# also has abstract classes and even though abstract classes can
be used instead of interfaces, then interfaces especially when
combined with the only inherit from one class but implement
multiple interfaces rules really guide users towards good
OOP style.
It's a point of view...
TR1 is fine, but strictly speaking it is not C++ yet (it may
be in 2009 rumors say).
Well, some compilers are distributing partial tr1 implementations and function
is included. BTW boost::function (in which std::tr1::funct ion is based) has many
years and is widely used in modern C++ code / production code.

Cholo Lennon

Jun 27 '08 #49
Arne Vajhøj wrote:
Hendrik Schober wrote:
>MC <fo************ **@www.ai.uga.e du.slash.mcwrot e:
That is a good point. Object-oriented programming wasn't mature when C++ came into use. There is a lot of bad C++ code in the
world, and C++ makes it easy to write bad code and create programs that crash.

I think C will outlive C++. C is going to continue to be a good language for small routines where performance is paramount. For
such things, I find myself writing "C-barely-plus-plus," which is C with slight use of the C++ extensions. [...]

IMO these to paragraphs contradict each other. C makes it a lot
easier to write bad, crashing code, than C++ does.

Since C++ support practically all of C then ...
...if C++ wouldn't do so much to make it easy to write
better, safer code, my above statement wouldn't make
sense. Yes. Your point?
Jun 27 '08 #50

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